22 Eclectic Ideas of Bathroom Wall Decor

Basically, in decorating bathrooms, the rules and options of decor apply same as what you do to your other rooms. Is this so? You might be asking if there is really a need for decorating since it’s only a bathrooms after all. For you to experience a vibrant and relaxing mood that you get to experience as well in your other rooms, you can add cool decors to the walls of the bathroom.

Doing an amazing touch with the walls of your bathroom is just a simple project and will not cost you too much for there are many available cheap decors that can perfectly complete its appeal. Of course to make it happen, essentially, you need to first choose the perfect wall paint – a tip of advice: choose vibrant paints – to achieve a relaxing atmosphere. After which, that’s the time you’ll look for decors, accessories or wallpapers that will be used as an accent to the walls to avoid dullness. And soon after you have finished you will surely experience an overwhelming effect on your space.

wall decor bathroom

1. North Albany

flocked wallpaper bathroom wall decor

Powel Construction

Displaying a wonderful art inside the bathroom can add warmth and style at the same time.

2. Hyde Park Renovation

wallpaper bathroom

Tom Stringer

Adding wallpapers to the walls would also be an interesting decor offering a warm and fresh look.

3. Glam Pop Art

big owl bathroom wall ideas

Stephanie Lake Design

If you want to be unique, then try to think outside the box like this awesome design!

4. Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

candle holder bathroom decor ideas

Room Resolutions

A candle decor hanged in the wall can also be a cute wall decor idea.

5. Boston Townhouse

art work bathroom wall decor

Kati Curtis Design

Use those old art works to fill in the widest vacant wall inside your bathroom to add sense.

6. Busy Family Farmhouse

decorative accessories bathroom

Elizabeth Dinkel Design

There a lot of salvage materials that you can use to decorate the walls of your bathroom.

7. Tuscan Powder

custom iron work bathroom wall decor

Rejoy Interiors

The custom iron hangs the frames of the most beautiful places in their areas.

8. Modern Miami Home

marble walls cape bathroom wall ideas

Dkor Interiors

Creating an abstract wall art is a very clever wall decor giving a modern appeal.

9. Boy’s Bathroom

plates bathroom wall decor ideas

Peace Design

I guess this idea of decorating would only fit for boys.

10. Ramble House

paper wall treatment bathroom ideas

Kathryn Long

Who says that old newspapers and magazines have no longer a purpose for your homes?

11. Eclectic Bathroom

vintage albums bathroom wall ideas

Paul Mckean Architecture

If you are a collector of vintage albums then it’s time to display it.

12. Sacred Place to Bathe

green plants bathroom wall decor


It would really look refreshing when green plants are incorporated inside the bathroom.

13. Contemporary Bathroom

lighting fixtures bathroom decor ideas


But of course you can add eclectic design of lighting fixtures to the wall that will surely be perfect decor.

14. Hockeytown USA

ceramic flowers wall decor ideas

Xstyles Bath

There a lot of available accessories you can buy in the market that can complete your bathroom decor.

15. Powder Bath

colorful decor bathroom wall ideas

Jaffa Group Design Build

When you add exciting color inside the bathrooms the aura is getting livelier.

16. Atlanta Christmas Show House

painting wall decor ideas

Sheila Rich Interiors

Display any paintings you have and highlight it with perfect wall sconces.

17. Project Clarkson

eclectic mirror decor ideas

Royal Home Improvement

Choose a gorgeous paint for your wall and accent it with frames and a beautiful mirror.

18. Belsize Park House

wall mounted shelves bathroom wall

Helene Dabrowski

Decorating it with wall mounted block shelves is a very unique idea and makes the area clean.

19. Greenwich Loft Studio

square tiles bathroom wall design

Turett Collaborative Architects

Using colourful tiles as wall decor is a clever way of decorating your bathroom.

20. Pierre and Simone

wooden decor bathroom wall ideas

Gabriel Holland Interior Design

Any antique wooden piece can also be considered a perfect wall decor.

21. Lawrence Park

graffiti art decor ideas

Black General Contracting

Surely your teenage boy who loves art and graffiti will love this wall decor.

22. Bespoke Kingston

tree wallpaper bathroom wall

Casey and Fox

Think of clever ways on how you could add an attitude to any wallpaper you will be using.

It may not be that easy to decorate but remember the importance it brings inside your bathrooms. Don’t take this space for granted thinking that it’s only a bathroom – after all it serves as an intimate place to relax and feel fresh. Never forget that there are also other things you need to consider in terms of decorating your bathrooms.