20 Gorgeous Bathrooms with Silver Accents

When we talk of our homes, we usually brag about the new LED television set we have current purchased or a new addition to our existing property; but once in a while, there are people who tells us that they renovated their bathrooms and we can’t help but ask about the new tub they have or the accent wall they used or the tile colors they have chosen.

This list that we will be showcasing is one that will intrigue you with the small things that we will be noticing inside the lovely spaces. The 20 Gorgeous Bathrooms with Silver Accents is a short list compared to the many bathrooms we can check online and compare with our existing bathroom – go check out the list and be inspired!

bathrooms silver accents

1. Asian Bath in California

Danenberg Design

Danenberg Design

The colors and textures used in this bathroom is quite fun and interesting; the colors used here are pretty awesome too!

2. Bellingham from The Waterstone Collection

Waterstone Collection


When I saw this bathroom, I got confused what the topic was, but this is surely one great bathroom to have!

3. Chicago Bathroom

Chicago Bathroom

KannCept Design, Inc.

I like the color used to pair with all the white and browns in this bathroom.

4. Cleeves House

Cleeves House

Alexander James Interiors

Silver decor is displayed in this all marble bathroom!

5. Douglass

Chr Dauer

Chr DAUER Architects

The cute pendant lighting in this space sure is cute – it looks fascinating since it is parallel with the horizontal mirror!

6. Hidden Hills

James John

James John Jetel

If you do not find this bathroom breath-taking, I don’t know what will.

7. Horse Country Style

Horse Country

Stephen T. Terhune, Architect

The large bathing area in this large bathroom sure is fancy; the vanity area is quite a stunning sight too!

8. House in Wimbeldon

Stephen Fletcher

Stephen Fletcher Architects

I sure love the silver-ish tub in this bathroom!

9. Larmar

Tim Barber

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture & Interior Design

Great tile work; lovely work done on the entire space, plus the vanity is just beautiful!

10. Los Altos Residence

Design Discoveries

Design Discoveries

One large mirror sure created a larger view and vibe to this bathroom!

11. Martelange

Leicht USA

Leicht USA

Notice the silver animal head on the far end of the wall? Pretty cool, right? Plus the color of this space is just beautiful.

12. Master Bath Remodel

Built Rite

Built-Rite Remodeling LLC

Silver tidbits here and there – this bathroom is really simple but classy.

13. Mill Valley, CA

Valley CA

Urrutia Design

Look at the accent chair beside the vanity area – cute and a bit Asian.

14. Mission Revival

Mission Revival

Clarum Homes

Sconces with a hint of silver in them, real simple, clean and pretty.

15. Modern Craftsman Residence

Modern Craftsman

Pulp Design Studios

Nice looking tub and bathroom in general – note the seemly lighting fixtures and marble flooring.

16. Pine Valley

Dave Fox

Columbus Ohio Design | Dave Fox

I would love to have this space in my house because I actually have a small area that I can actually turn into this one!

17. Seattle Traditional Bathroom

Conard Romano

Conard Romano Architects

One heavenly bathroom coming right up!

18. Tangerine in the Desert

H3K Design

H3K Design

Just take my money and go get me this lovely bathroom from H3K Design!

19. The Vicarage – Georgian Grade II

The Vicarage

The Design Practice by UBER

The drop-dead black marble as the accent wall is just stunning! Can’t take my eyes off it; it sure is the best asset in this bathroom!

20. Traditional Home in the US

RDM General

RDM General Contractors

Another slightly silver tub! Please give one of these!

Whether you are here to check on new inspiration you can use for that next renovation or addition that you have been planning for a while now, I am sure that you will find something that will definitely interest you and ask if we have any more spaces which you can use as inspiration. There are more things you can see here in Home Design Lover, just search away!