15 Ideas in Remodeling Your Bathroom

Are you having a hard time thinking on how you can redesign your bathroom? Well, it is quite true that it’s not easy planning or even deciding on what to do in order to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. If you are a homeowner and you are tired of the old looks of your bathroom, then this article is just right for you.

When we consider remodeling our bathroom we need to learn the factors to consider in achieving the ideal look that we have in mind. We must think that in remodeling our bathroom, we need to change everything. We may change not just the wall tiles but the fixtures as well. It is said that the best technique to make your bathroom stand out is to replace your fixtures. But then, why don’t we check the images of the 16 Remodelling Bathroom Ideas below. Scroll down and let’s analyze what’s best for your home.


beige bathroom

Arch Interiors

Take a look at the latest fixtures used by the designer in this beige bathroom together with the LED lights installed in the sides of the mirror.

Soaking Bath

unique modern Soaking Bath

Decorator Showcase

Here is the unique modern wall design of this bathroom perfectly matched with the circles in the chandelier placed here.

Master Bath

rough texture Bathroom

Ron Nathan Interiors

The tiles used in the walls and floors has a unique design that shows a rough texture compared to the glass elements used in the shower area.

Elkins Bath

large bathroom

Stimmel Design

Take a look at the exceptional shower area in this large bathroom as it allows the natural light to enter the bathroom.

Contemporary Bath

elegant bathroom

A combination of white and brown color results into an elegant bathroom through its wall tiles and lightings.

Eantonov I

bath design


Here is one proof that lighting is very much important in making the bathroom shine among the others.

Urban Bath

small bathroom design

This may be a small bathroom but the white paint used here makes this large enough to provide comfort.


luxurious design

Interiors by Designab

The luxurious design of this classy and modern bathroom is truly impressive.

Beachy Bath

marble bathroom tiles

Arch Interiors

The glass and marble tiles used here make this bathroom pleasing to the eye.

Contemporary Bath

Contemporary Bathroom elements

Bathroom by Design

The green leaves seen from the window of this bathroom complements with the wall tiles used near the wash basin.

Andersson Gray Bath

wooden bathroom materials

Katarina Anderson

The wooden materials perfectly match with the bricks and latest fixtures in this bathroom.


beige bathroom


The chandelier and the other lights installed in this beige bathroom create a livelier feeling here.

Window Bath

Wooden cabinets

Drury Designs

Wooden cabinets coupled with mosaic tiles used in the tub enhances the look of this bathroom.

Eantonov II

Candle lights bath

Candle lights and the other accessories set in this bathroom make it appear more relaxing.

Urban Oasis

color contrast

Vern Yip

A bright and dark contrast of colors is displayed in this bathroom that makes this look more modern.

The above bathroom designs can give you ideas on what to do with your bathroom remodeling. We may realize that we need to be very careful in choosing the kinds of fixtures, colors, lightings, wall tiles, floor tiles and accessories that will match your chosen theme. Certainly, there is a fairly large amount of money that you need to spend in remodeling your bathroom. You can also check on bathroom painting ideas to give you inspiration on what to paint your bathroom as you redesign it.