15 Great Bathroom Painting Ideas for Your Home

Many people say that color adds style, character and ambiance to one’s room, right? It says that most of the homeowners choose the best bathroom paint colors that will suite their style and attitude. Aside from that we also consider some factors like the color must provide a relaxing effect and cool effect to the client’s eyes. Most of the time we tend to set some guidelines to consider in setting up the mood in our bathroom. We tend to mix and match the color of the paint we used in the bathroom in order to achieve the desire of the members of the family.

Well it is really true that painting our bathroom with the appropriate color is one of the most important factors in deciding the right theme for the bathroom. Whether we redecorate or customize our bathroom, painting plays the most crucial role in the designer’s part. Since the bathroom color paint can make the small bathroom larger or even bring down a tall ceiling, meaning it has the power to transform the perceived size and shape of our bathroom. Well why don’t you check the 15 Exceptional Bathroom Painting Ideas that we have collected below.


smooth texture design

Pladur Parquet

The smooth texture of the blue tub complements with the blue painted wall in this bathroom that mirror its professionalism.

Suite 01

floral accent painting

Fap Ceramiche

The floral accent is perfect to mix and match with the light pink color of paint used in the walls.


beige palette bathroom


The beige palette used in this bathroom is enough to highlight the modern fixture used here as well as the modern mirror.


light brown bathroom painting

The light brown paint used for the cabinet below the powder room and bath tub here.

Sfolesia I

elegant bathroom color

Take a look at how the designer combines the tiles and attractive color of the paint in this bathroom.

Sfolesia II

green bathroom

Olesya Kubiv

From light to darker shade of green is effective to make this bathroom looks more bigger than its usual size.


beige bathroom color

Diego Reales

Proper lighting and light beige color of the paints utilized by the designer so to create a more relaxing area in this room.

Team Che

yellow bath design

Stephen Scoggins

White color of the fixture is best to partner with light yellow paints in the walls that made this bathroom looks so luxurious.


red bath painting

Red paints that used by the designer together with the plain white color of the floor and fixtures create a unique ambiance.


relaxing bathroom design

The different textures of the fixtures as well as the wall tiles are enough to make this simple bathroom become more traditional.

Laufen II

bathroom lighting


The lightning applied perfectly blends with the apple green painted walls in this bathroom.

Evolution II

nice sink design

The white concept of this bathroom mirrors the simple character of the owner.


yellow wash room


The yellow painted wall in this bathroom underlines the modern theme.


blue wash room

This may be a small bathroom but the white and sky blue color of the paint in the wall shows that the space is enough to have a relaxing place.


maroon bathroom theme


The maroon color of the paint in the walls as well as the white and maroon cabinet here shows how the designer achieves the true elegance.

Indeed the bathroom is considered a private room in the house and with that it means that it also needs the special attention to possibly show the character of the owner. The uniqueness of the bathroom also relies on the kind of paint in it. Today we are fortunate since we can find a lot of reference where we can search for a right color in our bathroom. It is not easy to decide the best color that would fit a bathroom concept. But with design inspirations like the ones above, you will find it easier to revamp your bathroom. Need to paint your kitchen? You can check into our collection of pictures with kitchen paint ideas.