20 Exceptional and Stylish White Bathroom Designs

In planning your dream home, you must also consider the color of the paint you will use. At the same time you might as well choose the best color of your bathroom that will suit to the concept of your house. Well, the best color that usually stands out is white. The effect white defines a more refreshing and clean environment. Also you will be given more freedom to be creative in placing different kinds of accessories. Definitely, the white bathroom creates a calm and relaxing private area.

We may say that using white for the bathroom is a traditional. But today, we will be presenting to you the different kinds of contemporary white bathroom designs. Certainly, you may be amazed of the different designs and styles utilized to make these white bathrooms stand out among the others despite of its natural white color. So now, are you ready to see the different designs and styles of white bathroom? Why don’t you check the incredible designs below.

Folk Lino Ice

White Bathroom Designs

The green colour of this plant is capable of breaking the monotonous white paint in this bathroom.

Bela Bianco Mate

fixtures design


The shapes of the fixtures used here complements with the incredible style of this bathroom.


white bathroom design

This white bathroom also made use of marble like touches making it even more sophisticated.


bathroom accessories


The accessories chosen here jives with the white walls and floors of this bathroom.


beautiful design


The arrangement of the fixtures as well as the furniture provides a more relaxing and very accommodating effect in this bathroom.


glassed windows

Urrutia Design

The glassed windows in this bathroom provide a more refreshing feeling while taking a bath in this area.

Sky is the Limit

smooth texture

Sky is the Limit

The selected lights or lamps balance the smooth texture of the walls and floors in this design of the bathroom.

John Manisalco

spacious area

M Architecture

What you are looking at right now is the open and spacious area of this bathroom.

Eye Catching

White Bathroom Designs


The incredible shapes and arrayed lights in this area make it more charming and clean.

Axor Bouroullecl

simple design

Axor Design

This may be a simple design of the bathroom but the furniture and other accessories used here enhance the appearance of this bathroom.

Patricia Urqiuola

flowers and green plants set


The flowers and green plants set here create a natural effect to the client who will use this bathroom.


bath tub

Lange and Lange

This area offers a close to nature effect as you can directly view the ocean while relaxing in the bath tub through its glazed walls.

Bathroom Idea

open space design

The open space design of this bathroom is the reason why it is capable of presenting a more relaxing area in the house.

Bathroom Ideas

exclusive bath design

Arlex Italia

The different lines, shapes and textures make this bathroom more exclusive and stunning.

White Bathroom

wooden materials

Key West

The wooden materials add to the exquisiteness of this white bathroom.

Unusual Bathroom

unusual style


Here is the unusual style of the bath tub that is well designed and pleasing to the eye.



Moonshine Ridge

Combine elegance with the latest trends in this luxurious bathroom.



Tendai Karanja

The elegant curtains and vivid lights applied here made this bath more stunning.

White Bathroom

floral designs


The floral designs utilized in the walls complement with the stainless tub and sink in this area.


White Bathroom Designs


Certainly the unique shapes and geometrical shapes used here will catch your attention immediately.

Thus, we can say that these bathrooms are not just neat and clean but also beautiful. It will certainly captivate the heart of the client who will choose to have a white bathroom design in their future home. So if you want to have a white bathroom in your house, you may as well choose from the different designs presented above. We hope that once again we provided you a better idea and designs that will fit your house concept.