Lily Pond House: A Beautiful Modern Home in Maine

Would you live in a home with a view of a lily pond? Check this out!

Situated on a rock handle 30′ over a lily pond, is the house that provides views of the Atlantic Ocean toward the south, called the Lily Pod House. It is an ideal introduction that consolidates water views with a positive sun powered perspective. The house supplanted a current structure lived in by the present proprietors for as long as 25 years. They were focused on building a low impact house which depends less on fossil fuel and creates it’s very own large portion power by means of a 7kw sun based exhibit. The three fundamental cubic volumes are clad in white cedar sheets and zinc boards which connects the building to the site of rock edges and local ground spread, bushes and trees.

The development methods incorporated an elite building wrap and triple coated windows for the Lily Pod House. The arrangement is exceptionally reduced and sorted out around a progression of split-levels. This permits the house to both embrace the edge and give a progression of high viewpoints while diminishing the general stature and mass of the house. A progression of level rooftops gives an upper porch and stages for the sun oriented PV board framework. The cantilevered sunscreens expand the limits of the building conceal and give a branch like quality to the exterior. The mood of the site is reflected in the restricted palette of materials within. Uncovered solid floors, unpainted mortar dividers, common wood and blacked steel all add to the tranquility of the house. Common light suffuses each room. The principle living spaces have various introductions that praise the changing light over the span of the day.

Location: Biddeford, Maine

Designer: Theodore + Theodore Architects

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Three-storey

Unique feature: A stunning modern home design with views of the ocean.

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This home is located in Biddeford, Maine which is covered in white cedar boards and zinc panels. Surprisingly, it is like a renovation and extension of a home that existed for about 25 years already.

Theodore + Theodore Architects

They owners of the house wanted a new home that would be a low impact house and would rely less on fossil fuel and they wanted it to produce its own power via solar panels. And that is exactly what they got!

Lily Pond House

The home is covered in white cedar boards and zinc panels, which will age to a silver gray. With this, it further allows the home to blend in with its rocky surroundings.

Lily Pond

You can see here the lily pond which is indeed very refreshing to see. It is just right to add some outdoor seating here so that they can enjoy the area.

Lily Pond House landscape

Aside from the trees and grasses and the lovely views around it, one can also see huge boulders of rocks around the home. Instead of being a hindrance to its appeal, it actually brought more natural beauty to the house.

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Lily Pond House interior

Inside the house, one can see that the living room, dining area, and kitchen all share the same space, with views of the lily pond and ocean beyond. Seen here is the living area with a swivel chair, a long wooden coffee table and a white sofa.

Lily Pond House kitchen

In the kitchen, there are pops of blue and yellow that add some color in the area instead of just white and wood. It does look really nice this way.

Lily Pond House dining

The dining and living spaces are located in the same area since the house has an open floor plan. You can see that it has white walls and ceiling in here as well as a white sofa for the living area.

Lily Pond House staircase

For the home’s staircase, it used a combination of wood and steel. This lead to the various levels of the home.

Lily Pond House screen

From the kitchen, one can access the staircase that leads to the upper level of the home. No doubt, it is one element that looks really nice in the interior.

Lily Pond House bathroom

This is the bathroom that has a window in the shower with a view of the trees. Notice that it added a striped rug on the dark floor which balances the look with the wooden features in it. It also has a shower area enclosed in glass.

Lily Pond House outdoor

Since the home is surrounded by nature, it has a sitting area with a wooden dining set where one can read books or spend time with friends. It would also be nice to have a pit fire in here during the night!

Isn’t this a beautiful home? It is nice that the house is elevated on a hill which overlooks the ocean. It would definitely be great to spend time in here while taking a rest or just to unwind from a day’s work. Aside from the lovely exterior, the home is also blessed with a stunning and cozy interior too. This project is designed by Theodore + Theodore Architects who were able to provide the clients what they want for a home. And for sure, this would be a good inspiration for those who want to have a home similar to this one. How about you, can you tell us what features of the house do you like best?