Pond House: A Warf Inspired Cottage in Maine

Seeing a unique house design would make us wonder how these were made and what inspired their design. For today’s house feature, we will give you a house that stands on a body of water. You might have seen similar structures like this in local fishing shacks and warf buildings. The Pond House is inspired from these shacks and warf structures seen along the coast of Mount Desert Island, Maine. This cottage has large glazed openings with simple taut-skinned New England cottage forms. There are three cottages that are lined with a series of decks.

The house used light steel framing and thin braces in order to preserve the simple form of the house. The main ‘wharf’ cottage comprised of the public spaces like the kitchen, living and dining areas. The other cottages contain private sleeping quarters. The main cottage extends over the tidal salt pond below with a structural steel frame anchored to the pond’s granite basin. It has a cantilevered deck that looks like floating on water. The Pond House is designed by Elliott + Elliott Architecture. Let us take a look at the sweeping view of this house.

Mount Desert Island, Maine

This is the area of the cottage that is cantilevered as it extends over the pond on steel frames.

Elliott + Elliott Architecture

Seen here is the main cottage as well as the other two flanking on the sides.

Warf Inspired Cottage

The house sits with trees and plants around. It has natural landscaping summing up to a lovely view of the home’s exterior.

Pond House

The cottages are linked through wooden decks like the ones you can see here.


Who would expect that the house have an interior like this? Look at that modern fireplace suspended from above with a natural stone below it.


Vaulted ceilings add more space in the interior. Note the steel columns inside it which holds the house.


Windows of different sizes surround the house as well as glass walls and glass sliding doors like the one seen in this image.


The kitchen has an island bar with red counter-height stools to match with the sofa and love seats in the living room.


While the living room and kitchen used red in its furniture, this private sleeping quarter used yellow even for the draperies.


The vanity in this bathroom is made of wood but it has a marble countertop which is the same material used in the shower area.


A closer look at the vanity and shower area revealing the wooden materials in it.


Once again, we get a good view of the deck with lovely deck lighting.


Stainless steel is used not just for the structural columns but also for the railings.


The floor plan of the Pond House is seen here including the two other cottages on the sides.

Pond House

Cross section of the main cottage and elevation of the other two on the sides are seen here.

The exterior of the house is intriguing but as you look into the interior, it seems like you were teleported to another space because of the stunning modern design inside. You have also seen the use of colors inside the house which made it more inviting and cozier. We love how Elliott + Elliott Architecture did the design with an area extended to the water making it appear like a floating house. So, what can you say about this house?