16 Refreshing Bathroom Designs

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If there’s much of a comfort in the bedroom since it is where you sleep, the Bathroom adds more to that comfort. It is where you freshen up as you shower, wash up or use the toilet from time to time. Most of us even start our day in it. The bathroom would usually contain a bathtub and a shower sometimes with either of the two, a sink and becomes a toilet all in one too. In planning for a bathroom design, there are just a variety of options you may choose from. It would still depend upon what you’d want your bathroom to look like. What makes it easy are the many designs that are already provided for us. This is also why us here at Home Design Lover exist. To give you a couple of choices or you might even want to combine all these to come up with your own perfect style.

You may freely have your style once you get the hang of how you’d want it to look like. In today’s collection, we’re sharing with you 16 Refreshing Bathroom Designs so to match with your choice of living room or bedroom design you might have chosen from our previous posts and feel refreshed.

The Bathroom

Intimate Bathroom Design Designer: cuatrod The design is a product of the designer’s study on light and materials. Source

Istanbul H-Master Bathroom

Very Fancy  Bathroom Design This is a Master’s Bathroom at the Istanbul House.

Very Fancy  Bathroom Design The photo above shows another angle of the bathroom.

Very Fancy  Bathroom Design Notice the amenities present on this bathroom design.

Designer: Yasemin Oztek Source

Bathroom Moskovska

Elegant Bathroom Design This bathroom design has a good combination of stone and wood paneling.

Elegant Bathroom Design Take a look at another angle for you to appreciate the design better.

Elegant Bathroom Design Also notice the amount of space that this bathroom has. A luxurious experience for a bathroom for this design.

Designer: Sergey Kuzmenko Source


Simple Yet Nice Bathroom Design Designer: SHD A simple yet elegant bathroom located at the attic part of the house. Source

Classic Bathroom

Classy Bathroom Design In creating this Classical Bathroom design, the designer used Autodesk Maya and Mentalray to render the design.

Classy Bathroom Design The photo above shows the top view of the whole bathroom design. Designer: Ricardo Tohme Source


Very Nice Bathroom Design An example of a minimalistic styled bathroom.

Very Nice Bathroom Design You are viewing another angle for this bathroom from the entrance. Designer: Evegenia Kazarinova Source

Bathroom Concept 1

Idealistic Bathroom Design An example of a well-ventilated bathroom design.

Idealistic Bathroom Design In this design, the small bathtub gives an accent to the whole bathroom.

Idealistic Bathroom Design This shows a photo of a bathroom design right from the entrance. Designer: Blaga Lucian Source

Bathroom Bliss

Creative Bathroom Design For a feminine touch, bathrooms may also look the way you may want your room decorated.

Creative Bathroom Design In this angle, the purplish tiles and a couple of butterfly prints are shown. You may still express what you’d love to have for a bathroom as long as you’re certain about it.

Creative Bathroom Design The light used for this type of bathroom design also affects the whole thing.

Designer: Blaga Lucian Source

Bathroom Velvet

Realistic Bathroom Design In this bathroom design, the mirror has been given importance.

Realistic Bathroom Design This photo falunts the hanging mirror on top of its sink. Designer: Blaga Lucian Source

Bathroom Virtual Photography

So Neat Bathroom Design Here goes an example of a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower combined.

So Neat Bathroom Design Take a look at the different angle this photo shows. Designer: U6 Studio Source


Unbelievably Nice Bathroom Design Designer: Moonshine Ridge A luxurious type of bathroom which is the combination of elegance and the latest trends. Source


Extraordinary Bathroom Design Designer: Dick Clark Architecture The photo shows the Lake Travis Retreat Master Bathroom. Source


Very Nice Bathroom Design Designer: robert-777 Both modern and intimate for a type of bathroom. Source


Fantastic Bathroom Design Designer: radekalvision It took the designer the whole day to finish this design on VRay and Microstation.

Purple White Bathroom

Purplish Bathroom Design Designer: Semsa Bilge 2010 A spacious elegant type of a bathroom. Source

Bathroom Design

Pretty Bathroom Design The photo shows a bathroom interior design for a detached house located in Varna, Bulgaria.

Pretty Bathroom Design The materials used in this design are filled polished travertine.

Pretty Bathroom Design This angle of the bathroom design shows the top view.

Designer: Peter Kostov Source

At this point, for sure you already have quite an idea of what type of bathroom you want to have. It could be modern or classic or the classy elegant style but be sure to consider the space and let the design go with the design you have chosen for the rest of the house. Right now, which among the Bathroom Designs caught your attention?