16 Unique Mosaic Tiled Bathrooms

We all know that when it comes to renovating or redecorating our bathroom using the mosaic tiles in its floor or in the wall can help transform the appearance of our old bathroom into a more appealing mosaic tiles bathroom. The designers are very careful in applying the best mosaic tiles that will really suit the color or concept of the bathroom. They considered the taste of the homeowners in their desired styles. Moreover there are different tiles that we can use in our bathroom that will make our bathroom more elegant and luxurious.

Designers usually recommend different trends of tiles where the homeowners can have their best options in providing contrast and a luxurious look. Well, there are so many tile designs and patterns that can go along with other colors and size of the bathroom. Nowadays, the combination of various colors are widely used by many designers in the globe. Another is they placed wider tiles of the same size and pattern on the wall. Today we have gathered the most elegant and amazing bathroom designs with mosaic tiles made by several brilliant designers. Now are you ready to take a look at the collections of Mosaic Tiled Bathroomdesigns? Why don’t you scroll down the page and enjoy the images below.

Mosaic Tile Bath 1

Unique Mosaic Tiled


As you can see the combination of black and white mosaic tiles makes this face image stand out.

Rusu Ruslan 1

luxurious bathroom design

They say that black, brown and white is perfect to come up with an elegant and luxurious bathroom.

Green and Gold Mosaic Bath

Green Bath


Even in this area the combination of green and gold color is enough to amaze us with these mosaic tiles.

Blue and Grey Mosaic

Grey bath


With the help of the mosaic tiles and glass materials in it, it surely provided a fresh and relaxing mood.

Beige Mosaic Tile Bath

Beige Bath room

Happy Irena

The different patterns of tiles as well as its beige color are highlighted with the vivid lights from the chandelier.

Sari Medina

cast concrete sink


The cast concrete sink and a stainless steel extremely match the tiles that show elegance.

White and Green Mosaic Bath

green mosaic bathroom design

This design may be simple but the vivid lights installed in the ceilings provide more comfort together with the light yellow and green floor.


dark blue bathroom design


Spotted here is the blue mosaic tile in the floor and walls that make this design more modern and trendy.

Rusu Ruslan 2

floral red

Rusu Ruslan

The floral tiles are very effective to match with the red and pink mosaic tiles in walls.


black and white tiles

Fissore Ceramiche

The black and white mosaic tiles in this area emphasize the importance of the shower area.

Siam Facade

silver accessories


The purple theme in this area with the silver accessories underlines the essence of elegance.

Gray Mosaic Bath

relaxing and cool area

If you want to have a more relaxing and cool area in your bathroom you may as well apply the designs and color of this bathroom.

Ardsley Residence Bathroom

Yellow and red


Yellow and red are colors that can easily let yourself relax from your busy work.

Rusu Ruslan 3

red, black and white tiles

Rusu Ruslan

This only proves that the combination of red, black and white tiles come up with amazing elegance that everybody want to have.

Maverick Hotel Bathroom

Bathroom design

Omar Essam

Using the mosaic tiles in the wall and floor of this bathroom feels like you are in the sky while taking a relaxing hot bath.

Red and White Heart Mosaic

lovely red bathroom design

BilVil Architecture

A lovely red bathroom with mosaic tiles of red shades and decorative hearts.

When it comes to the latest trends of bathroom designs we could consider applying the different colors of mosaic tiles. Definitely, it will create a big difference from the old design to the renovated design. And as you can see how the different designers utilize the several mosaic tiles pattern that would surely prove that the mosaic bathrooms are achieve uniqueness. At the same time through the images showcased above we may say that mosaic tiles that come in different colors or patterns are appealing. Again we hope that we have given you another set of inspirations. Check on more bathroom design inspirations that we have done for you!