D*Table: An 8-way Transforming Adaptable Coffee Table

Remember the math puzzles we had in school? Or the Rubik’s cube we used to play with? I’m sure you will be reminded of this once you see the table that we will feature today. This table is called the D*Table. It is “a fully functioning 3d puzzle that translates its form into a flexible and adaptable low/coffee table”. The table resembles a cube but it can be transformed into different shapes and forms with its clean lines and flexible geometries.

If you are a fan of puzzles, then you will love the table because you can create many different forms with just one table. What is good about this is that despite the perks of being puzzle-like, it is very functional. The cube is comprised of four distinct pieces. The pieces are capable of long sweeping movements to come up with different forms of the coffee table.

The D Haus The D* Table is a perfect centerpiece for your home. When you get bored, you can just change its look.

table The table can be adapted to compliment any space. It has storage areas too which makes it very useful.

table design This is the D*Table Ice Cream. You can clearly see here the different storage areas and slots of the table allowing it to hold many items.

Coffee Table While this one is the D*Table Classic with the three primary colors and black. When formed as a cube, this is how it looks like.

transforming Table You can create 8 tables with just one item but this has infinite possibilities.

D Table And yes, this table is a true charmer anywhere you would put it.

This is one table that really impressed me! Aside from its creative design, it is very functional and it looks really nice too. With this table from The D Haus, we will never get bored of staring at the same piece because we can always redo it whenever we want to! It is just amazing! Do you like this table like I do?