Geeky Alien Looking Companion Stools for a Fun Space

I like the idea of creating furniture and other home decors into something that resembles another without compromising its function and usage. We have seen many home items designed this way. And we are going to show you something that is designed in an impressive manner with a humurous and artistic take. When I first saw it, I found it interesting. My daughter asked me if it is chair because it has eyes and it is staring at her! Lol. Well, what we are going to show you is a chair or maybe even a stool, a small table or just a piece of art.

Funny how this furniture was designed. It resembles the look of an alien with one eye. The wooden seats serve as the head while its steel base is the body. It is actually a cheeky stool called Companion and Companion 4 Legs. The Companion has a body that appears to be sitting with its hands on the face and its elbows on the knees while the Companion 4 Legs is like a dog with its four legs on the ground. Sounds, interesting right? I know you want to see how it really looks like!

Companion and Companion 4 Legs Look at this seating in the dining area! You’d definitely feel like there are other creatures in your home!

stool furniture The Companion and the Companion 4 Legs facing each other as if there is some conversation going on or maybe just an eye-to-eye.

stool design These are the colors of the legs of the Companion Four Legs. I guess, there are other fun colors too.

eye in furnitures Seems this Companion feels sad and gloomy. It does need a companion too!

seating texture Notice that aside from the legs, the seating also has varying textures of wood too.

solid wood furniture The white part of the eye is painted while the black part is made from solid wood.

mahogany material stool The seats can be made from oak, beech and sipo mahogany.

powdercoated steel tubes Meanwhile, the base is made of powdercoated steel tubes.

stool unique So, if you need company, here is one that will make you feel like there is really someone else with you.

Companion and Companion 4 Legs You can use one or more of the stools and put them together. If you do that, you have a huge company! Lol

What a fun stool design from designer Phillip Grass! And it is very creative too. I can imagine this as a decor in an office or in a home. And yes, of course it would function well too as a stool or side table. Can you tell us what you think about this furniture?