Bring the Ocean to Your Home with the Abyss Table

I loved the ocean. Yes, that is past tense because things seem to change when the ocean literally devoured our land during the super typhoon. I felt like it’s going to grow anytime and would swallow us again. But I am not saying that the ocean is a monster or is something we should be afraid of. It is actually beautiful and it contains so many beautiful living and non-living things. It even looked good when brought into a table.

If you love the ocean, for sure you will like this table that is inspired by the Indigo Ocean. It is comprised of multiple layers of stacked glass and wooden slices. Designer Christopher Duffy describes: “I was looking into sheets of thick glass at my glass manufacturer’s factory, and noticed how the material darkened as they added more layers – the same way the ocean does as it deepens. I wanted to use this effect to replicate a real piece of the earth’s ocean bed. Like a mythical power had lifted a perfect rectangle straight from the earth’s crust to use as his personal ornament.” With that thought, he was able to come up with a great design for a table. And this table won’t rise up and get to you like the real ocean.

Christopher Duffy