18 Wooden Kitchen Table and Chair Ideas

Getting people to the table is easy, but picking the furniture is pretty much the hard part. Kitchen tables are hot spots even when there’s no food on them. Home owners get day by day doing daily tasks in the table or even playing games. The kitchen table is not only the area where you prepare food before meals, because sometimes, for homes with islands, that’s their purpose and then the kitchen table is where we can eat to avoid the travel to the dining area – not that it’s that far though.

In most stores, we are sure that you noticed how often table and chairs are sold separately because both designers and home owners tend to be more experimental in mixing and matching furniture. Today, we will be showing off 18 Wooden Kitchen Table and Chair Ideas that will allow you to see how our designer friends combined two different furniture to look really pretty and how much custom-made furniture can go a long way. Have a look!

Alamo Square Living/Kitchen

Wooden Kitchen furnitures

Melissa Lenox

The gorgeous table was custom made by Terra Amico. The designer used salvaged wood to create the custom furniture and is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Notice how they used a darker color of wood for the chairs.

Brentwood Spanish Colonial

bistro chairs

Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture

The bistro chairs made of rattan did a good job in making the plain looking wooden table stand out in this white kitchen.

Captiva Bayside Residence

Vanguard antique chairs

GH3 Enterprises

We are sure that the first thing that will catch your eyes are the Vanguard antique chairs – well, two were indeed antique and the others were copies. They sure are pretty paired with the wooden table.

Casual By The Lake

furniture designs

Splash Kitchens and Baths

We were not able to get information on this table and chairs since according to the designer, the source already closed. But let us note how great they actually look and how fab it looked with the pretty pendants!

Crabapple Home

rectangular custom table

Pat Shankle Interiors

The rectangular custom painted table paired with the updated chairs look good together, don’t you agree? The colors contrast the color of the kitchen bar but it sure looks great and homey.


padded wooden seats

Fougeron Architecture

This table and chairs are made custom by the homeowners – we like how pretty the padded wooden seats are paired with the dark stained wood for the table.

Glass House

plywood chairs

Heffel Balagno Design Consultants

We know of someone who went gaga when she saw these plywood chairs. They’re simple, sleek and modern. It looks eclectic when paired with the wooden table.

High Gate

kitchen cabinets

Architecta Interiors

Notice how similar the wood which were used for the kitchen cabinets and drawers; the kitchen island and the table and chairs. Simple, comfy and pretty much traditional in design. Note the pretty pendant lighting visible in this kitchen.

Lake Iosco House Interior

Wooden Kitchen furnitures

4 Architecture

Gorgeous wooden flooring that contrast the color of the table and chairs! The set showcase clean lines and sleekness.

Mare Barn Kitchen

battered table

Avondale Custom Homes, Inc.

We like how stunning this battered table looks like which was complemented with modern comfy chairs. The space is pretty much traditional but sure looks extra pretty with trimmings like the decor by the table.

Menlo Park

Amber Cherry finish

Precision Cabinets and Trim

The eye-catching thing for us in this kitchen is the Amber Cherry finish of the kitchen bar, cabinets and drawers; but notice how sleek and masculine the brown colored table beside the bar. The chairs too are noticeable and pretty much masculine in it but sure are classy.

Modified Telluride

woven chairs

Candlelight Homes

We are not super sure where the woven chairs are from but it sure looks good with the table from Pottery Barn.

Platinum Green

burnt wood colors

CR Contracting

Restoration Hardware is the source of the table we have in this picture. We also love the burnt wood colors of the chairs.

Portland Home

comfy cushioned chairs

Whitney Lyons

The table was custom made at Design Furnishings in Portland, and has two pull-out extensions at each end. Note the comfy cushioned chairs too! They pretty much complement the dark colored table and floors.

The GO Home Passive House

kitchen furnitures

GO Logic

GO Logic custom made the table, and they can fabricate any size when the customer requests for it. The design of the chairs are available in stores too.

Wedderburn Estates

Hickory Chair

Dreamhouse Studios | Interior Design

The chairs, table and ottomans are from Hickory Chair. We are quite lucky we have information on beautiful stuff like these. And oh, by the way, the chairs can be made in many finishes to fit many color schemes.

West Austin Hilltop

classy designs

Bulhon Design Associates

We like how classy these set of table and chairs look in this beautiful kitchen. They look neat, and pretty much hard to beat! The color palette of this kitchen is pretty awesome.

Woolman Woods

Wooden Kitchen furnitures

Gonyea | Homes & Remodeling

The round wooden table and the chairs are from Noir Furniture. The change pieces ever so frequently, so we are not sure if they still have these designs. Won’t you agree they are plain gorgeous?

So, how did you find our listing of 18 Wooden Kitchen Table and Chair Ideas? They sure were interesting, weren’t they? But of course, let us always put in mind that kitchen table and chairs come in varying sizes and shapes. When choosing the right one for you, a few things should be put in mind – the size of the room, the style you want to convey and the users. Buying or having one made for you is never a bad thing, so long as it fit your needs and is functional, you surely got it right! Check out another list we have here for you, enchanting color schemes for living rooms and hit us with your comments! Have a great day!