23 Beautiful Home Decors of Bronze Table Lamps

Today, we will be showing you a couple of bronze table lamps which you can use as home decors! They are not only used in the living rooms or in the bedrooms of course, but possibly anywhere in the house! These table lamps sure are pretty as much as they are useful to our homes.

We usually think that lamps such as this list of 23 Beautiful Home Decors of Bronze Table Lamps are just for beautification purposes, but of course it is not the case, unless that lamp does not work, it is there for function! Check out the list we have below and tell us what you think about them!

bronze table lamps

1. Amarion Bronze Table Lamp

Bronze Table Lamp

Carolyn Kinder

I like the dark color of this lamp because we know when it is lighter dust is more evident, but this color is darker than whites and neutrals but not as dark as black.

2. Andar Coffee Bronze Table Lamp

Coffee Bronze Table

Billy Moon

Interesting lamp legs that you do not see every day! I love the modern touch there is to this one!

3. Bracciano Golden Bronze Table Lamp

Golden Bronze Table Lamp

Carolyn Kinder

A touch of gold and a touch of bronze, need silver anywhere in the picture?

4. Cassia Oil Rubbed Bronze Table Lamp

Rubbed Bronze

Matthew Williams

Cassia has this wonderful body to it that is nicely paired with the peach hood.

5. Ceppaloni Metallic Bronze Table Lamp

Metallic Bronze

Billy Moon

The metallic bronze body of this lamp is classy and very modern.

6. Curino Golden Bronze Table Lamp

Golden Bronze

David Frisch

The rectangular floral bodice sure reminds me of a lacy gown my friend wore on her wedding.

7. Dardenne Bronze Table Lamp

Bronze Table Lamp

David Frisch

Dardenne is a lamp that looks simple and a bit looks a bit ethnic.

8. Davoli Bronze Table Lamp

Bronze Table Lamp

David Frisch

Here is one bronze lamp that sure looks like a traditional lamp you can see in stores anywhere.

9. Easton Bronze Table Lamp

bronze lamp

Carolyn Kinder

Easton is a bronze lamp pretty similar to the number one in this list; the body is wonderful and the hood is just lovely!

10. Ellipse Metallic Bronze Table Lamp

wonderful modern design

Billy Moon

This sure is one wonderful modern design of your everyday table lamp.

11. Hope Bronze Table Lamp

traditional-rustic designs

Carolyn Kinder

This lamp sure gives us hope of keeping traditional-rustic designed lamps in our recent generation.

12. Jareth Coffee Bronze Table Lamp

classy bronze

David Frisch

Love the classy curves Jareth have!

13. Larimer Rustic Bronze Table Lamp

fancy lamp design

Carolyn Kinder

A bit rustic and a bit modern, Larimer is one fancy lamp for any home!

14. Lavinta Dark Bronze Table Lamp

Lavinta Dark14

David Frisch

I love the swirls on the bodice of this stunning Lavinta table lamp.

15. Omari Bronze Table Lamp

inverted light bulb

Carolyn Kinder

The inverted light bulb shape bodice of this Omari table lamp sure looks beautiful and classy. I totally love the color of the entire lamp.

16. Orpaz Bronze Table Lamp

Bronze Table16

David Frisch

I said I loved one lamp above with awesome curves in the body – this one sure is lovely too! I think I’m crushing on it!

17. Rashawn Coffee Bronze Table Lamp

Coffee Bronze Table

David Frisch

David Frisch sure have awesomely designed lamps like this one!

18. Shakia Olive Bronze Table Lamp

Bronze Table Lamp

Matthew Williams

Look at how old and rustic this bronze table lamp is – I love the details in the body too!

19. Somali Dark Bronze Table Lamp

Dark Bronze

Grace Feyock

Somali table lamp sure has this wonderful finish on its body. Pretty interesting right?

20. Tusciano Bronze Table Lamp

Tusciano Bronze20

Carolyn Kinder

One traditional and conservative bronze table lamp for one awesome home! You can take this home from Uttermost Furniture!

21. Verrone Bronze Table Lamp

Bronze design

David Frisch

Here is another fancy design from David Frisch that looks really pretty!

22. Vetraio Oil Rubbed Bronze Table Lamp

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Carolyn Kinder

Love the vintage look of this oil rubbed bronze table lamp!

23. Vettore Bronze Table Lamp

flower shaped body

David Frisch

What do you think about the awesome flower shaped body of this bronze table lamp?

That sure was a list to beat! This list of 23 Beautiful Home Decors of Bronze Table Lamps is pretty for the awesomeness purposes it has! Lists like this two allow us to admire new designs of table lamps that are available in the market today! Most of the designs are available in malls, home depots and even online!