24 Pretty Ceramic Hanging Planters

Well, how about that? We have a list today that will showcase beautiful ceramic hanging planters! They come in different colors and designs and from different designers and manufacturers and I am betting you would actually love them and find really cute that you might want to find these things and bring home for yourselves!

Ceramic planters is common place when you think about it – they are primary choices when it comes to planters and what usually comes next are plastics; plastics are great too because if you have kids at home, the risk of planters breaking is pretty much a security issue for parents. If you are careful enough or do not have kids at home, the pictures of the ceramic planters below will be great for you, check them out!

ceramic hanging planters

1. Faceted Hanging Planter with Drainage Plate

Drainage Plate1


These sure are cute planters with their color choices and design.

2. Hanging Textured Ceramic Planter

West Elm2


These planters indeed are simple and pretty in their own way!

3. Hedge Hanging Planters

Hedge Outdoor3

Hedge Outdoor3

They may look simple with their ceramic triangular look but their holders sure make them more interesting and lovely!

4. Jen Kuroki Hanging Planter

Jen Kuroki4

Potted Store

The cute designs of these white planters make it more fun and bright!

5. Macramé Plant Hangers in Assorted Bright Colors

Bright Colors5


You can definitely use more colorful holders and mix and match in terms of the ceramic plant containers.

6. Large Hanging Planters

Maggie Boyd6

Maggie Boyd

These planters could surely pass as bowls at home!

7. Orbit Planters

Orbit Planter7

Potted Store

They look like spaceships don’t they?

8. Pigeon Toe Planters

Pigeon Toe8


Now look at how classy these planters look like?

9. Porcelain Air Plant Hanging Planters

Porcelain Air9

Redraven Studios

Looking at these hanging planters I can imagine it looking like egg.

10. Dangling Mini Ceramic Pot Set

Dangling Mini10

Gifts & Decor

These are simple and ordinary looking pot/planters but making them colorful made them more special.

11. Geometric Hanging Porcelain Planter with Leather Cord

Leather Cord11


Another bowl-inspired planters with simple holders.

12. Hanging Ceramic Tealight Holder

Plant Terrarium12

Dingading Terrariums

When I see this planter, I remember one chair design from one popular furniture designer.

13. Dolga Hanging Planter

Pot Inc13

Pot Inc.

Another planter set in full, fun colors and different shapes!

14. Porcelain Hanging Planter

Porcelain Hanging14

These planters sure are pretty and expensive looking, but they sure seem worth it!

15. Rhapsody Hanging Terrarium Planters

Window Boxes15

Window Boxes

Another common design as seen in our lists about planters in different sizes!

16. Diamond Hanging Planter

Attn Studio16

Attn Studio

Wow! When I saw this planter design, I just thought to myself that I needed to make a list about them and have them in it!

17. Modern Macrame Plant Hanger

TheVintage Loop17


Need I say more about how unusual but common looking these planters are? But still they look interesting and fun!

18. Medium Hanging Planters


Maggie Boyd

Why, these planters are indeed lovely and classy with those hints of metallic pins in their holders!

19. Pastel Macramé Plant Hangers

Sunshine Dreaming19


Fancy looking handles but simple plant holders! I so love the colors here!

20. Hanging Jelly Planter

Hanging Jelly20

Angus & Celeste

Why these sure look like the containers of the gelatins that we make at home!

21. Pizza Hanging Planter

Tara Whalley21

Tara Whalley

Another wow for me! These planters look really homey and fun!

22. Colorful Copper Pipe Hanging Planters

Colorful Copper22

A Beautiful Mess

Want to add more cuteness to your plant holders? Add beads on them!

23. Hanging Ceramic Planters

Cathy Terepocki23

Cathy Terepocki

Another funky designed planters that can pass for hippy!

24 Simple Dimpled Ceramic Planters

Simple Dimpled24

Bloomingville for Idyll Home Ltd.

These small planters sure look pretty and somehow classy because of the design and the details.

How about that guys? These planters sure are cute, pretty, and somehow funky and have their own aura and style to them! We sure have our own styles and favorites especially when it comes to decors and things that we buy and display – I hope that we were able to cater to those things and that you loved even one planter on our list. A related list for you guys – pretty functional planters. Check it out!