Animal Fur Pillows in 20 Contemporary Bedrooms

Love animal fur? Here are different ways to use it in the bedroom as a throw pillow.

Animal fur pillows may not be the first choice people have for their homes because of the controversy around them – but manufacturers are nice and thought of creating the faux kind to make people like us happy! These babies are just so pretty, they complete the look of any space where you add them too.

Below is a list of Animal Fur Pillows in 20 Contemporary Bedrooms that I think you’d love to see. The said bedrooms are really beautiful and neat that by adding the animal fur pillows just made it prettier. If I were you, go ahead and pick a favorite among these photos and tell us about it! Let us go ahead and check out the photos below.

animal pillows bedrooms

1. Antigua House

Antigua House

Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd.

This four poster bed is just monstrous! But then again, I think that this just looks this big because of the angle where this photo was taken. The bed is just so pretty it matches with the colors used in this bedroom. The striped pillows and the one on the table lamp look real pretty.

2. Austin Terrace

Austin Terrace

The Design Co.

The black animal fur pillows on the bed surely completes the look that this bedroom have – from all the whites and the grays, it’s nice that they added the black pillows to somehow contrast with the entire place. It’s like this bedroom actually needed the black pillows.

3. California Family

California Family

Pal & Smith

The polka dot accent wall by the head board is just so catchy, it’s great that they added drapes that actually complement it. The colors of the drapes and the pillows on the bed add what seems to be missing in here. A leopard printed long pillow adds a fancy touch to this space.

4. Church

Clean Design

Clean Design

I totally love the colors in this bedroom! The fact that there is this cute orange stuffed toy makes me think that this bedroom belongs to a kid or at least a kid at heart. The fun pendant lights adds a more dramatic effect to this bedroom; what do you think about this one?

5. Connecticut Bachelorette Bedroom

Connecticut Bachelorette

Nichole Loiacono Design

Notice the combination of the pillows on the bed? The furry larger square pillows and the black and white one before it looks really stunning! If I am not mistaken, I did not include this bedroom in one of the lists that had mirrors above the night stands but they sure should have made the cut!

6. Edwards Lake Home

Edwards Lake


I like the height of this bed because it looks real comfortable and actually beautiful. The color of the linens and the drapes area really nice and neutral, it matches with everything in this bedroom. The cowhide rug on the floor is a great addition to this room. What do you think?

7. Electic Modern

Electic Modern

Pal & Smith

Look at the beautiful floor lamps beside the bed! They are large and really pretty! The body of the floor lamps match a couple of things in here including the frame on the wall, that single blue pillow and complement with the large area carpet on the floor.

8. Forest Hill

Forest Hilly

Christopher Hoover Interiors

The decor above the bed is actually interesting – it looks like something DIY the home owner could have done or well, a friend could have actually created this one for the home owner. The animal fur pillows on the bed looks real neat too – what do you think about them? The lamps on the night stand also interest me because of the slim body it actually have.

9. Forest House

Forest House

McClellan Architects

An orange bedroom is something I wouldn’t pick at first, but seeing this bedroom might make me change my mind at some point. The stuff on the bed – the linens, pillows and the cute stuffed dog makes me want to actually go for this bedroom.

10. Lyndhurst Principal Bedroom

Lyndhurst Principal

The Design Co.

This bedroom looks sophisticated and real classy. The things inside this space like the bed, the pillows, the night stands, mirrors, table lamps and the ottoman in here is just fascinating and looks expensive; more than that, of course this space looks really divine.

11. Mission Bay Residence

Mission Bayz

Melanie Stewart Design

This bedroom is definitely one of my favorites in this list because of how beautiful everything in here is. From the bed, the pillows, the mirrors and the lamps – plus the aura of this space is just wonderful – I love it!

12. Modern Beach

Modern Beache

Pal & Smith

The bed in this bedroom seems floating because of its design and I think that the large pictures on the wall above the bed are just as wonderful. The carpet on the floor is a great addition to this bedroom because it actually contrasts with the color of the floor.

13. Noe Valley Residence

Antonio Martins

Antonio Martins Interior Design

I love how they really crowded the bed with these large square animal fur pillows! Their color match with the chair and shelves that this bedroom is adorned with. The ranch feel that this bedroom has is something that actually makes it homey and comfortable.

14. Overland Park Home

Overland Park

Nichole Loiacono Design

If we talk about animal fur, this bedroom could actually be a great example – the pillows and the bed sheet is in fact faux animal fur. I like the vintage blue night stands on the sides of the bed and the color of wall that complement well with the color of the head board.

15. Random Traditional Bedroom

Random Work

D.A.S. Custom Builders

This is one awesome bedroom! The classic black and white design of this space just adds to the already sophisticated space it already is. The large bed which is adorned by a stunning head board and awesome pillows is real stunning! The bench at the foot of the bed is quite pretty too! I love it!

16. River Road Cottage

River Road Cottage

Sullivan Building & Design Group

A stunning white bedroom with the largest pillow I think someone could actually place on their beds – this bed looks so comfortable, I think anybody sleeping in here would hate to actually leave it because it is so cozy and wonderful to be in. Oversleeping is one thing, choosing to stay in bed is another.

17. Scandinavian Styled Bedroom

Scandinavian Styled

Claudia Stephenson Interiors

Make waves not war. Well, at least that’s what the pillow says. This is in fact a wonderful looking bedroom – it may be minimalist and even really simple, but it sure looks like something anyone could wish for. Aside from the animal fur pillow, I think what I love about this bedroom is the industrial pendant lamps on the sides of the bed.

18. Tewksbury Farmhouse

Tewksbury Farmhouse

Dan Ruhland Designs LLC

I totally love the fact that the bottom of this bed is a book shelf. In the modern days, people are really into multi-purpose furniture – they save space while making sure that they serve at least a dual purpose; the large table lamps sure did caught my attention.

19. Vail Ski Haus

Vail SkiHaus

Reed Design Group

The colors of these pillows and the bed sheet look real fancy. Neutral colors – when used right, could actually make one space sexy enough to entice the home owners to use their space – the bedroom for example. If my bed would look this stunning every time, I might not leave the bed.

20. Williams

Carole Sissons

Carole Sisson Designs

I like how this home is named after a family name of some sort. The design, theme or aura of this bedroom is quite like that of a ranch or a cabin home; it’s lovely, comforting and beautiful. The bed, the window sill and the beam above the head board is rather amusing.

In total, I can say that this list sure made the list 25 Contemporary Bedrooms with Animal Fur lose its charm. If you love fur – faux for that matter, but can’t maybe afford it, then this list sure would be of great help because of the fact that you can add one animal fur pillow and raise the cuteness level of your bedroom at least by two points! But whatever the reason for you to choose and add an animal fur pillow for your bedroom, I think this list is one great list to definitely check out again and again.