25 Contemporary Bedrooms with Animal Fur

I have always wanted to have fur for my bedroom! Why not? They are pretty, looks really comfortable and very Instagram worthy! Plus I have seen baby picture wherein they are sleeping in fur for their photo shoot! I have a baby nephew who is 3 months old and I really want to get some cute fur for me to take photos of him with it!

Today, I will be showing you a couple of pictures that have fur in them – usually they are blankets, area carpets, cowhide and there was this one bedroom with fur chairs. I know that when you want beautiful things you actually have to be ready to spend – I’m sure that we will be able to find nice fur finds if we just know where to look for them. Am I right? Well, here you go, check them out!

contemporary animal fur

1. Barocco Bedroom

Contemporary Bedrooms animal fur

Coleccion Alexandra

This bed is definitely my favorite in the list that is why I placed it in number 1! The headboard sure looks stunning and grand paired with a lovely fur bedding.

2. Boars Hill, Oxfordshire

Four-poster contemporary bed

Alexander James Interiors

Four-poster contemporary bed that is in the middle of this symmetrical bedroom space!

3. Bracknell Gardens

headboard design

Accouter Group

The headboard sure is simple and contemporary that sure makes this space pretty.

4. Brooktree Bedroom

brown bedroom fur

Bilden Corp.

Having a door in your bedroom opening directly to your garden is rather beautiful and appealing.

5. Campion Platt Bedroom

canopy bedroom design

Rikki Snyder

This bed looks really pretty! In this big bedroom, this bed sure makes this space more awesome.

6. Contemporary Bedroom

carpet bedroom

Rene Dekker

I would love to have a carpet like this! It’s like walking in the clouds!

7. Dallas Mid-century Bedroom

brick wall bedroom

O’Neil Ford Interiors

Notice how the fur complements the brick wall? I like how it does that.

8. Funky Fresh Basement Bedroom

wall painting design

Madison Taylor Design

I’m betting this bedroom belongs to a guy, but the mirrors on the side sort of confuses me a bit.

9. Glam Whole House Makeover

symmetrical design bedroom

Jws Interiors

I like how symmetrical this bedroom is! Everything inside this space is really pretty.

10. Kensington Apartment

bedroom woodworks

Dominic Payte

The woodwork in this apartment is actually cute.

11. London Contemporary Bedroom

elegant bedroom design

Alexander L. Palmer

Nice bed right? The headboard that serves as a divider sure is functional and pretty.

12. Los Angeles Contemporary Bedroom

bedroom fireplace design

Jeff Andrews Design

This contemporary bedroom is all classy and sophisticated with the color scheme and texture presented to us!

13. Mediterranean Heaven

Contemporary Bedrooms animal fur

About Home Space

Another example of a bedroom with the cloud-like fur carpet! I like this!

14. Near to the Forest

bathtub bedroom


The way this fur is arranged in the bed is kind of creepy, I can’t explain why I actually feel like it. Haha!

15. Neo Bankside

luxurious bedroom

Chris Snook

This bedroom arrangement reminds me of California King Bed by Rihanna. The design of this space is really lovely!

16. NYC Modern Bedroom

modern bedroom design

Sean O’Brien Architecture

Using cowhide instead of a full-length carpet can usually work out well.

17. Oakwood Court in Holland Park, London

side lamps bedroom

Domus Nova

Looking at this fur blanket, I remember Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians! The lamps are pretty too by the way, plus the pattern of the headboard.

18. Retro Finds Bedroom

patterned wallpaper bedroom

30s Magazine

Nifty wallpaper that is totally retro and funky! I like how the designers incorporated different hues of blue in this bedroom!

19. Rustic Bedroom

stonewall bedroom

Mibroc Interiors

Textures sure is presented well in this bedroom – from furry chairs and furry accent on the bed, the walls and the wood; this space is so nice.

20. Shabby Chic New York Bedroom

frame bedroom

Donna Benedetto Designs, LLC

This shabby chic bedroom is full of trinkets that any woman fond of vintage items would really love!

21. Sovereign Court

side lamp bedrooms

Accouter Group

Look at the table lamps, aren’t they pretty?

22. Talbot Avenue

headboard bedroom pattern

Jigsaw Interior Architecture

Tell me that the accent wall of this bedroom is just pretty! They play in prints that they did in the bed is actually cute and nice!

23. Tewksbury Farmhouse

wooden ceiling bedroom

Dan Ruhland Designs, LLC

I can’t say, but I think the lamps are actually huge! Either way, it is nice and complementary to the fur in the bed!

24. The Wave House

bed lighting

Kbc Developments

The color of the fur in the bed is quite princess-like. It subtle color blends well with the browns and grays in this bedroom!

25. Turner Residence

Contemporary Bedrooms animal fur

Turner Design Firm

The owner of this bedroom is actually the designer too! This space is minimalist and really nice.

The list about the animal print in the bedroom received a couple of likes and shares and I hope that this list would do the same or even better. All the spaces are designed well and planned with the right amount of loving’ and care. More great finds that we will be sharing with you guys! Soon!