20 DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths That Will Make You Say XOXO

Are you looking for ideas for your Valentine's Day home decor? Check out these creative wreaths!

The day of hearts is just around the corner. So if you are the type who celebrates this annual event by decorating the home, you better start doing it now. There are so many ways to decorate the home for this event and for sure, you will find a way how to bring some love to your home’s interior. If you worry about spending a lot for the decors, you really don’t have to because there are so many home decor ideas that you could do.

To inspire you to start decorating, we have collated 20 DIY Valentine’s Day wreath which are all creatively designed. What’s even more surprising is that each one could actually be made at home without spending a lot of money. While others are buying ready-made wreaths, nothing could beat the personalized appeal of a wreath that you have made. Let your family and friends feel your love through your own home made wreath! Here are some ideas for you:

1. Valentines Wreath and Frame

Valentines Wreath and Frame

Lil Luna

Isn’t it creative to combine a wreath and a frame to come up with something as nice as this? I like the idea of framing a musical sheet with added cute buntings!

2. Valentine’s Deco Mesh Wreath

Valentine's Deco Mesh Wreath


This is a type of wreath design that you will love always and forever as it combines various ribbon patterns together.

3. Valentine Wreath

Valentine Wreath

Positively Splendid

This is a type of wreath that can still be used in other occasions by simply removing the hearts. The creator of this masterpiece used a pool noodle to make the wreath form.

4. A Valentine’s Day Wreath from Tree Branches

A Valentine’s Day Wreath from Tree Branches

Pretty Handy Girl

Got so many tree branches around your area that is left unnoticed? Why don’t you gather them and make this lovely wreath which is very easy to do.

5. Red Black Jute Ruffle Valentine Wreath

Red Black Jute Ruffle Valentine Wreath

Chewsie Creations

Using jute with other ribbons gives this wreath a pretty combination of textures and colors. Of course, the added glittery hearts, flowers and that sweet typography artwork brought the design to another level.

6. Double Valentine Wreath

Double Valentine Wreath

Craftaholics Anonymous

If you think one wreath form looks boring, then why not use two like this one? But what really made this very unique is the large XOXO with flowers on it. I also like it that it is tied to an old window frame.

7. Valentine’s Day Craft Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Valetines Day Craft Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Fynes Designs

Who wouldn’t love the sweet pastel colors used here? What made this wreath extra special are the yarn wrapped hearts on it which are very easy to make.

8. Valentine’s Day Wreath Door Decor..Love

Valentines Day Wreath Door Decor..Love


A grapevine base is used here which was filled with spiraling twig branches, red berry branches and a large single red peony. For sure, you love that metal Love sign in the middle.

9. Simple 15-Minute Valentines Day Wreath

Simple 15-Minute Valentines Day Wreath

Sunshine and Hurricanes

When you put together a chevron burlap ribbon, felt flowers and foam hearts, you will come up with this easy-to-make wreath that will no doubt bring more love to your home.

10. Love wreath

Love wreath


This one used a combination of ribbons with a heart glittery love sign inserted in the middle.

11. Chevron Burlap Valentine’s Day Wreath

Chevron Burlap Valentine's Day Wreath

Decorating the Ville

Another chevron burlap wreath but this time the burlap was ruffled around the form and a heart shaped floral accent was added along with a cute bunting that says L-O-V-E.

12. Repurpose Christmas to Valentine Wreath Front Door

Repurpose Christmas to Valentine Wreath Front Door

Trendy Tree

Bring together different ribbon designs while sticking to your planned color scheme. A wooden V-day sign is added in the middle.

13. DIY Valentine Wreath – Burlap Wreath Tutorial For Under $10

DIY Valentine Wreath – Burlap Wreath Tutorial For Under $10

Frugal Coupon Living

Apart from being easy to make, this one also costs a little which means you can surely create one like this as long as you have the burlap.

14. Valentine Wreath With Music Note Paper

Valentine Wreath With Music Note Paper


I don’t know why but any craft that used musical notes would appeal to me like this one! If you want something that is shiny red, this would be a perfect wreath.

15. Farmhouse Valentine

Farmhouse Valentine

Worthing Court Blog

If simplicity is your motto, then this is the kind of wreath you are looking for. Simply put together some flowers a V-day arrow.

16. Valentine’s Day Front Door Wreath

Valentine's Day Front Door Wreath

Too Craft

Others prefer a wreath that has different flowers on just like this one since it looks extra lovely!

17. DIY Valentine Wreath

DIY Valentine Wreath

The Stage and the Style

Play with patterns in this simple heart shaped wreath! Of course, you can use other patterns too that is different from the striped and leopard print combination used here.

18. Valentine’s Day Pom-Pom Yarn Wreath

Valentine’s Day Pom-Pom Yarn Wreath

Consumer Crafts

Gather up your yarns and make some pom-poms then put them all together to come up with a crafty wreath like this.

19. Valentines Wreath {with hearts and blossoms}

Short St.

Nap Time Creations

If the previous entry used yarn, this one used felt hearts sewn with some stuffing inside. Tiny pink flowers were added in between the hearts.

20. Love Blooms Valentine Wreath

Love Blooms Valentine Wreath

Mom Problem

And our last entry is a simple wreath. It used everything from a dollar store starting with the grapevine wreath. Added on it is the Valentine’s sign and felt flowers. Putting them all together only take five minutes!

This sure is a stunning list! In the end, you will be inspired to make your own DIY wreath for the day of hearts. With these 20 designs, you will no doubt get some ideas or you can choose which wreath to try. As long as you have the materials and you put your heart into it, you will never go wrong! Now can you tell me which of the wreaths above do you love the most?