20 Beautiful Fireplace Screens in the Bedroom

Even fireplace screens can bring beauty to your bedroom in a simple manner.

For countries that experience winter, a fireplace is a basic need, a necessity. For tropical countries like the Philippines, this is just for show. I know a couple of people who has a fireplace in their living rooms that are just added in their interiors for decorative purposes. This is a nice thing to do especially if you have a theme or a concept that involves a fireplace or something. If you have a fireplace, especially the functional ones, usually have a fireplace screen.

Fireplace screens vary in design, color, shapes and detail and even in size. Depending on the size and design of the area where you will adding a fireplace screen, we can see or check online and in magazines if you need tips in choosing the right fireplace screen design that you want and you need. Below, you will be seeing a list of 20 Beautiful Fireplace Screens in the Bedroom that might interest you, take a look.

Fireplace Screens

1. 9910 Barrington

9910 Barrington

Andreozzi Architects

I like how the designer of this home played with white and gold. The bed may somehow be simple-looking but the furniture set sure looks beautiful and really comfortable. I also admire the design of the fireplace screen that totally complement with the scones and the frame above the mantle.

2. Berkshires Estate

Berkshires Estate

Giambastiani Design

What a very feminine bedroom! The prints on the walls and the prints on the area carpet sure plays off well because of the colors they are made of. The lighting fixtures in this bedroom is also a plus while the fireplace screen looks really neat and blends well with the bricks around the fireplace mantle.

3. Brownhouse in San Francisco

Brownhouse Design

Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA

Maybe it’s the plants and the bamboo-inspired poles of the bed – but I think this bedroom is a bit Asian-inspired. I love the prints seen on everything inside this space because they add a beautiful texture to the rather plain walls. Even the black fireplace screen complements the color of the walls.

4. Butterfield Coach House

Butterfield Coach

Parker & Associates Architects

Dark wood was used in all the wood seen in this bedroom – the exposed beam, the bed frame and headboard, the cabinet and even with the doors and since this is the main color of the furniture inside the room, the designer opted to use dark colored leather for the sofa too; they also added a black fireplace screen to blend with the space.

5. Chestnut Hill Estate

Bill McCord

Bill McCord

I like that the bed is actually elevated in this Chestnut Hill Estate. The color of the bed and its linens look really expensive and inviting. Since this bedroom is irregularly shaped, it seems more interesting; I also comment the designer who chose the fireplace screen because I think it’s really neat.

6. Desert Hacienda

Robinette Architects

Robinette Architects, Inc.

This is one large bedroom! If I had this bedroom, I think I might be a little sad or uncomfortable because it seems so large; but I really like the interior design of this bedroom – I love the cabinet and large windows in here, plus of course the stunning fireplace!

7. Florida-Style House

Glenat Dux

Glenat Duxbury Interior Design

This is one bedroom that has a mixed traditional and contemporary style – the fireplace and the chandelier is traditional and everything else in here is contemporary. With the way the chair is positioned in this bedroom, I would like to believe that the fireplace in here is just for show.

8. Hancock Park Residence

Hancock Park

Timothy Corrigan, Inc.

The first thing I noticed when I saw this bedroom is the beautiful and large painting (or picture) above the fireplace mantle. It reminded me of the painting we see depicting the stories in the bible. With the beautiful fireplace screen and the fact that it is functional makes me think that this home is in fact located in a cold place.

9. Haverford Eclectic Bedroom

Larisa McShane

Larisa McShane

See the fireplace screen in this bedroom? If I am not mistaken, I think that I have already seen that in a list that I have created about fireplace screens before. I think that the color and design of this fireplace screen is nice and ideal for the interior that this bedroom has.

10. Lake Travis Estate

Lake Travis

Sendero Homes

Bronze and gold-inspired, I think that this bedroom is really appealing and expensive. Of course, it’s great that this bedroom does not look tacky because of the color palette it has. The designer of this home sure did a great job with the total look of this beautiful Lake Travis home.

11. Maroon Creek

Maroon Creek

Zone 4 Architects, LLC

A beautiful Maroon Creek bedroom is seen in this picture; aside from the obviously large bed, I think the highlight of this bedroom is the large fireplace opposite the bed. This space is nice because of the tall and large windows and material used in fireplace.

12. Michigan Lake House

Alan Design

Alan Design Studio

The stone-made fireplace is really beautiful! It somehow is different from all the materials seen this lovely lake house but I think that it is the accent wall of this bedroom – it intentionally done to make sure that this area stands out! The fireplace screen is in black; it sure contrasts with the white large bed and it does the bedroom justice.

13. New Residence

Chadds Ford

Period Architecture Ltd.

The design of the fireplace screen is really intricate and beautiful. It makes the entire bedroom really stunning because of its design; plus it also helps all the other furniture inside this bedroom to stand out.

14. Potato Patch

Potato Patch

Meadow Mountain Homes

What a splendid view! If my bedroom is in the exact position – on a high ground with a large window for me to see that vast mountain range, I might never leave the area! I think this picture is what I want for a home to begin with – far from the city and the busy streets, a peaceful place to grow organic plants and raise children.

15. Rustic Elegance

Durham NC

Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography

The linens used in this bedroom is evidently traditional but really homey, right? With all the floral prints and all the wooden furniture or furnishing that it complements, I think this bedroom is really comfortable. The simple fireplace screen seen in this bedroom is real neat too.

16. Rutherford Residence

Rutherford Residence

John David Rulon

Have you seen any episode of the Pioneer Woman on TV? When I saw the large window that showed that much greens, I thought to myself, ‘this actually looks like the fields where the Pioneer Woman was driving during the opening of the show. Of course that’s not the case, really; but I would like you to watch the show and tell me what you think.

17. San Diego Transitional Beach House

Diego Trans

Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors

Now this is a different story, we see the beach outside the window. I love the beach but I think living by the beach is really risky – maybe I have watched too much movies with tsunamis or sharks, but I can’t really imagine living close to the beach. Anyways, I think this bedroom looks comfortable and very vacation-ish, also, I think the detail of the fireplace screen is special and unique.

18. San Francisco Transitional Bedroom

Francisco Trans

Gordon + Greineder

While I was collecting pictures for this list, I made sure that I would be adding this bedroom photo because of the wonderful design of the fireplace screen. Among all the fireplace screens in this list, this design is not something that we would usually see – so I think that I made a good choice in adding this one. Do you agree?

19. Sunriver Family Lodge

Sunriver Family

Scott Gilbride/Architect Inc.

This cabin looks sweet! All the wood and stone used and seen in this bedroom is just fabulous! I think that the design of the fireplace screen is not that stand out, but I think that it’s okay since I don’t think that the fireplace screen is not necessarily the highlight in this bedroom.

20. Urech

Rourk Inter

Lori Rourk Interiors Inc.

The design of the chandelier in this Urech bedroom is really beautiful, it is simple, yes, but is sure complements all the furniture and furnishings inside this bedroom. I love the contemporary choices for the bed and the night stands and I think that the fireplace screen and the arm chairs on the farthest part of this picture is lovely too.

There you have it guys, a list of 20 Beautiful Fireplace Screens in the Bedroom that I think are really gorgeous and perfect for the bedroom fireplaces where they were added to. Whether or not you need a fireplace or a fireplace screen, I think this list is still one neat piece that you can check out anytime that you’d need one. Also, if you are interested, check out the other designs of fireplace screens and tell us what you think about them.