20 Vintage Inspired Fireplace Screens as Your Home Decor

Intricate craftsmanship is seen in this list of vintage-inspired fire place screens. So lovely indeed!

If you are into home decorations that are vintage or antique-looking and you have a cozy fireplace at home, then you should consider these fireplace screens that might just complete the ambience you want to achieve. Vintage inspired fireplace screens create a mysterious and historical feel to your home that surely your friends and your family will appreciate. Take a look at the list we have and created and be enthralled with the fireplace screens we have prepared for you guys.

The list that I will be sharing today are 20 vintage inspired fireplace screens that are definitely elaborate and grandiose which mirror the elegance and intricacy of the era it represents. These screens may be vintage-looking, but definitely attractive and valuable which ever home it serves. If you think contemporary fireplaces are sweet, well, check out this list and you might just change your mind.

vintage fireplaces

1. Single Panel Gold Aluminum Fireplace Screen

Highly Sculptured


Take a look at the detail on this fireplace screen, it looks very vintage with all the adorable swirls and intricate design on the flowers. This fireplace screen reminds me of chateaus and castles of kings and queens. A true regal piece don’t you think?

2. Medallion Fireplace Screen

Fireplace Screens

Koehler Home Decor

The design on this fireplace screen looks simple but pretty with all the loops and curves. Moreover, the designs do not overpower the beauty of the panels and with the medallion at the apex of the fireplace screen, the effect is definitely quaint.

3. Old World Antique Floral Fire Screen

t fireplace

Enchanted Cottage Shop

The designs on this fire screen are delicate and the antique effect oozes from the fading color and the chipping off design on this screen. Oldfangled? Check!

4. Shell Center Fireplace Screen

vintage home decor

Inviting Home

The battered effect on the golden lining of this fireplace screen resemble that of century-old lockets. This vintage-inspired screen will look good in old-fashion ocean-themed homes.

5. Augusta Monogrammed Fireplace Screen

fireplace screen patterns


I imagine this fireplace screen in The Burrow where the Weasleys live because of the monogram. Although this screen looks a little too royal with the swirls and all, something for the Half-Blood Prince perhaps?

6. Birds Summer Fireplace Screen

fireplace screen designs

Minuteman International

This screen might look like a gem you can find in bargain shops and yard sales. Although this fireplace screen seems to be more decorative than functional, the seasonal effect of the leaves and the birds is stunning to the eye.

7. Grapevine Fireplace Screen

vintage screen

Flemington Lighting & Fan

The colors on this fireplace screen are earthy, solid, and of calm hues which are definitely pleasant and really what grapevines are about. The loopy vines design may not be for everyone but for those who appreciate rustic colors and surreal effects like myself, then you might want to check this one out.

8. 3-Fold Cast Solid Brass Screen

old fireplace screen


The solid brass on top of this screen which is designed in elaborate swirls remind me of the aristocrats and their fireplaces. Despite that, the contemporary effect of the mesh don’t really work the look for me though.

9. Fleur-De-Lis Custom Fireplace


Wilshire Fireplace Shop

If the Fleur-de-lis was made of solid brass or chipping off gold color then the design might have been more attractive. The swirls and lines on the facade too have created an interesting figure that perhaps could have been avoided.

10. Italian Gold Iron Twig Fire Screen

Iron screen firepit


I definitely like the color and the design of this fire screen. Although these are supposedly twigs, the design reminds me of the antlers of the House Baratheon. I imagine that this can be a good prop in Game of Thrones where the stag is one of the sigils and fireplaces are never out of place.

11. The Protective Metal Fire Screen

Metal Fire Screen


The symmetry in the design appeals to me and the elaborate details on the fire screen put mandalas to mind. Plus the color is very attractive too.

12. 3-Fold Ornate Fully Cast Solid Brass Screen

Ornate Full


The shimmer on this brass screen might be toned down a bit for an even fuller effect. But definitely the details on this piece is something you don’t see often.

13. Beveled Glass Clear Folding Fireplace Screen

Glass Clear

Meyda Lighting

This stunning piece has an intricate design I really adore and the color of the glass is simply amazing. Imagine the magnificent contrast of the cool gray glass and the orange flames behind it. Sizzling!

14. Elmford Diamond Iron Work Fire Screen

Iron Work Fire Screen

Sterling Industries

Another interesting piece that will complete the vintage look of your home. I also imagine this Iron Work fire screen in chateaus and old castles where big fires are burning during cold winter nights.

15. Geometric Fire Screen

Burke Decor

Lazy Susan

The geometric design somehow create an oriental look to this fire screen which I actually like and the antique color of this piece is really gorgeous. You might have a bit of challenge though in making an ensemble.

16. Mauresque Fireplace Screen

Mauresque Fire


I absolutely adore this gold and black piece. It looks classy without overbearing swirls. The golden Fleur-de-lis stands out pretty well in this fireplace screen and the entire thing has a stunning regal effect.

17. Peacock Inspired Metal Fireplace Screen

Lovely Inspired

GwG Outlet

The colors from this peacock-inspired fireplace screen make it appear aged and the proud peacock is definitely something. Plus, this piece also reminds me of brooches women of the olden times accessorize themselves with.

18. Cypher Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Iron Fireplace Screen

Minuteman International

The material may not be too oldfangled but the inspiration sure is. The beautiful symmetry and balance of the loops and swirls are pretty neat scribbles in black.

19. Fireplace Screen Brown Copper Metal Scroll

Brown Copper Metal Scroll

Woodland Imports

The scrolls are very quaint and the mandala is definitely appealing due to the brown copper color which adds to the whole antique effect. The rustic appearance further emphasizes the beauty of this screen.

20. Fire Screen with Leaf and Floret Accents

Floret Accents


The little leaves and floret accents to this fire screen add a nice touch to the swirls and scrolls. Imagine a germinating bud rising from the earth, pretty quaint isn’t it?

Antiques and vintage-inspired home decors give off a nice, rustic effect to your homes. And for those with fireplaces who prefer old-fashioned inspiration, I hope these fireplace screens might be something you would like to consider putting in your list. After unearthing several beautiful fire screens, and realizing that there are even more of these to be discovered, I believe that fireplaces are definitely something worth making exquisite and stunning fire screens for.