15 Artistic and Abstract Table Sculptures

Decorating the home is an exciting thing for mothers as it is one way of showing how much they care for the family. It also excites them that friends and relatives would come over for a visit and give them praises on how well they decorated the house. Decorating involves so many things from drapes to rugs. And we are sure that centerpieces and table top decors will never be omitted. That would include figurines and table sculptures.

Table sculptures come in so many designs. But we especially love the ones that are abstract because they would look perfect in whatever space and they look unique and beautiful. So, today, we will feature some abstract table sculptures that will look perfect in your home. No doubt, mothers would give these a go for their home decoration!

Earths Motion Abstract Table Sculpture

Abstract Table Sculpture

Touch of Class

A bold and dynamic contemporary sculpture that attempts to show us the Earth’s motion made from resin and an antique silver finished swirl.

Silver Swirl Table Sculpture

Silver Abstract Swirl Table Sculpture

Casa Cortes

With a sculpture like this, it will surely be the focal attention of a space with its unique free form and twisting design.

Spirit of Life Table Sculpture

Spirit of Life Table

Showing the two conflicting spirits of life: darkness and light, yin and yang. Philosophy combines with art in this sculpture of curves and orbs.

Entwined Contemporary

Abstract Table Sculpture

Touch of Class

An intriguing sculpture that shows the delicate wisps of fog drifting up from the earth. Isn’t this beautiful?

Speckled Gold Abstract Swirl Figure

Speckled Gold Abstract Swirl

Worldstock Fair Trade

A carved abstract swirl sculpture hand-dipped in white wash and speckled in gold for a unique texture made by the artisans of Bali, Indonesia.

Stainless Steel Abstract Table Sculpture

Stainless Table Sculpture


Compelling free-form table top sculpture in stainless steel and abstract design that will make you ponder on what it really means.

Red Resin

Red Resin Sculpture

Resto Wall Art

This pair of resin abstract sculptures will not just look good on your table but even on the mantelpiece, windowsill or just anywhere you want to place them.

Sanobar Contemporary Abstract Table Sculpture

Sanobar Table Sculpture

The hammered look of this piece looks great with a silver finish on the curving strand and a gold orb. A perfect accent for your contemporary decor!

Storm at Sea Table Sculpture

Storm at Sea Table

The majesty of the storm at the sea is reflected in this sculpture. This is one dynamic design in black and textured gray finish.

Curtis Jere Verdigris

Abstract Metal Table Sculpture

Curtis Jere Verdigris

An interesting piece made with Verdigris patina welded metal rods in a twisted blade form with brass and solid marble base.

Abstract Metal Work Flooring Nail

Flooring Nail Table Sculpture

1st Dibs

This one is constructed of brazed flooring nails, mounted to a “stem” affixed in an organic fence post base. This would look great in a rustic, eclectic or industrial interior.

Abstract Sculpture

Abstract Sculpture Table

1st Dibs

Abstract biomorphic sculpture that is made from polished black stone. Can you tell us what you can see here?

Murano Glass Sculpture

Murano Glass Sculpture By Seguso


Glass is always beautiful. This is a dramatic and well-scaled sculpture of intersecting and tapering planes of glass rising from a stout cylindrical crystal base.

Swirl Style Metal Art Sculpture

Swirl Style Metal Art

Resto Wall Art

Looking at this will make you think of planets because of its swirls and balls.

Primary Essence Table Sculpture

Table Sculpture

Touch of Class

If you think this is an eye, you are wrong. This shows how we can split open the real and primary essence of a person through the heart.

This list will surely be great for your space! Any of these sculptures will be stunning additions to a home interior and will end up very eye-catching because of their designs. Have you chosen one sculpture that you love most? Well, take your pick or you can also take a look at a list of Safari inspired table sculptures if you want your home to be surrounded with beautiful animal decors.