Multi-function Study and Task Lamps from Pottery Barn Teen

A home would look so dark without lighting that is why we need it in order to move and work well inside the house. Before, lighting is merely for illumination purposes but due to the brilliant mind of designers, various lighting designs are already created. They can even be placed anywhere one wants to, from the floor to the ceiling. There are wall lamps, chandeliers, and many other lighting types.

But nothing could be more impressive than lighting with multi-functions and could provide the users the convenience they are looking for. These are the kind of lighting from Pottery Barn Teens. They provide various types ranging from floor lamps to study lamps for teenager’s study area and dormitories. PBTeen is a fun line of exclusive furniture and accessories from Pottery Barn, created just for teenagers. Like everything from Pottery Barn, each item is expertly designed and built to last. Aside from the great functions of each one, it also come in attractive colors and designs.

Since, there are so much great stuff from PBTeen, we have chosen to feature their study or task lamps. Look at how each one can be of great help to those studying and working on their desks. Also check at how each one can be an added design to a teen’s bedroom and study area. Actually, not only teens can be happy to see these study and task lamps but even those who work on their own working areas at home could also avail of these lamps. Here are some of their task lamps:

Hi-Light Clip Light

Hi-Light Clip Light

Go anywhere and illuminate everything with this colorful clip light that can be bended in any direction you want and clipped anywhere you want.

iHome LED Task Lamp

study lamp design

Aside from getting enough light, you can also play and charge your iPod and iPhone on this multifunction task light with built-in speaker system.

Hi-Light Task Lamp

Hi-Light Task Lamp

Choose the color you want for these task lamps that has three pivot points able to extend to the proper position you desire and locks into place.

Share & Study Two-Headed Task Lamp

study Lamp

Sharing a study space? Well, no problem. You can share lights too using this two-headed task lamp that can let light focus on two places at once.

Shine-On Task Lamp

study Lamp design

Illuminate your working tables using this task lamp that twist, pivot and bend.

Get Organized Task Lamp

Task Lamp design

Organize your pens, pencils and others while you can listen to music through its built-in speakers for your iPod.

Shine-On Clip Light

Clip Light

This one is perfect for small study spaces which also come in different pastel colors.

Shift + Shine Task Lamp

Shine study Lamp

An industrial inspired lamp with adjustable shade and height in several pivot points.

Speaker LED Clip Lamp

LED Clip Lamp

Clip this one to a shelf, a bunk bed or anywhere you like while you listen to music.

Vintage Task Lamp

Vintage study Lamp

Get a vintage look with this rustic iron lamp of open-wire shade and pivoting arm.

Well, you will surely love to have one of these task lamps. It would indeed be of great help to your work especially when its late at night. Plus, it can even allow you to listen to music and even charge your iPods or iPhones. It can also be adjusted on the most comfortable manner you want. You can also try to look for lamps similar to those showcased above. But you can also look at other lamp designs and functions from Pottery Barn Teen where you can get anything that would give your room a younger touch.