22 DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorating Ideas on Mantels and Console Tables

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner. Why not decorate your home? Use this list as an inspiration.

For sure you know what St. Patrick’s Day is because it is celebrated by many people especially in the US. When this celebration comes, you will see lots of green colors, shamrocks, leprechauns, pot of gold (or even chocolates wrapped in gold), rainbows and the idea of being “lucky.” With that, many people decorate their homes based on all these and we are going to show you a roundup of mantels with this theme.

Since the day of the festival is nearing, we are going to show you some mantel design ideas that creative home owners did as well as how they decorated on console tables or even on wall shelves. You will see that each of them used a different approach from those with many lovely displays combined together to one which has a minimal design. But in whatever way they did the look of their mantels, one thing is for sure, they all are stunning! Let us take a look at the DIY ideas for a St. Patrick’s Day mantel.


1. DIY St Patrick’s Day Mantel

DIY St Patrick’s Day Mantel

Image: The Crafted Sparrow

The banner was made using different tones of green for the Shamrock while many decors were combined together on top of it from framed prints to flowers.

2. Lucky Rainbow Banner DIY

Lucky Rainbow Banner DIY

Image: I Heart Naptime

Cut out paper of different colors to come up with a rainbow banner. Isn’t this s pretty modern way of designing?

3. Lucky to Have You

Lucky to Have You</h3>
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<p class=Image: A Little Tipsy

Make a pretty banner using various papers and add a photo of your loved one in the mantel.

4. St. Patrick’s Day 2013 Mantel

St. Patrick's Day 2013 Mantel

Image: cornerofplaidandpaisley

You can also make a wreath and use it as the highlight of the mantel.

5. A Pot of Gold

A Pot of Gold

Image: Landee See Landee Do

A simple way of decorating the mantel with a rainbow backdrop and some printed art works.

6. Stacking LUCK Letters

Stacking LUCK Letters

Image: The Happy Scraps

I like the creative design of this one highlighted by the stacked letters.

7. St. Patrick’s Day Mantle

St. Patrick's Day Mantle

Image: Kaminskis Creations

You can also use various fabrics and papers to make a fun colorful banner like this one and add some green candles.

8. Green and Yellow St. Patrick’s Day Mantel

Green and Yellow St. Patrick’s Day Mantel

Image: Organize and Decorate Everything

Patterned paper and washi tape were used to complete this look.

9. Lucky Penny Letters

Lucky Penny Letters

Image: Made by Marzipan

The letters were painted in bronze and some pennies were added on it for extra luck!

10. St. Patrick’s Day Wood Banner

St. Patrick’s Day Wood Banner

Image: The Crafted Sparrow

Aside from the banner, I like that huge key on top of it.

11. Burlap Mantel Decor St. Patrick’s Day

Burlap Mantel Decor St. Patrick's Day

Image: Landee See Landee Do

Everything used here are DIY from the banner to the wall decor.

12. Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Image: Eighteen 25

I like that chalkboard sign which is the central idea of this decor.

13. Rach Makes St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Rach Makes St. Patrick's Day Decorations

Image: Rach Make Stuff

Another one with a chalkboard in the center. It is nice to add a rainbow to that is seen inside a frame.

14. St. Patrick’s Day Mantle

Spring Wreath Tutorial

Image: Craftaholics Anonymous

Pretty colorful pompoms were used here and some lovely decors from the wreath to the mason jar.

15. St. Patrick’s Day Decor

St. Patrick’s Day Decor

Image: Eighteen 25

You can simply print something like this and then add other green decors around it.

16. St. Patrick’s day decor and Mason jar pot of gold

St. Patrick's day decor and Mason jar pot of gold

Image: Ameroonie Designs

Play with patterns like this table top from the letters to the banner.

17. St Patrick’s Day Budget Mantle Makeover

St Patrick's Day Budget Mantle Makeover

Image: We Got the Funk1

Shamrocks and greens is the theme of this one with some accents of gold.

18. Friday Favorites St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Friday Favorites St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Image: My Healthy Happy Home

That banner is so cute and I like that old window frame added to it.

19. St. Patrick’s Day Mantel

St. Patrick's Day Mantel

Image: Keep Calm and Decorate

A simple way to decorate with tiny shamrock banner and a chalkboard.

20. St. Patrick’s Day Easy Home Decor

St. Patrick’s Day Easy Home Decor

Image: frogprincepaperie

You can also showcase your talent in lettering on a chalkboard and then add some washi tape banner and mason jars.

21. Lucky Shamrock Burlap Banner

Lucky Shamrock Burlap Banner

Image: Chirpy Threads

Another simple way of decorating the home with greens using plants and a printed art work.

22. Simple St. Patrick’s Day Mantel and Thoughts on Home

Simple St. Patrick's Day Mantel and Thoughts on Home

Image: Organize Your Stuff Now

Talking about simple? Well, this is the simplest decor I have ever seen but it is totally lovely!

It really appears that even religious celebrations are turned into festive occasions by many and yes, it also becomes an inspiration for home decors just like what we have seen in this list. Aside from St. Patrick’s Day mantels, those who celebrate this event also decorate their tables, doors and other areas of the house and yes, expect to see a lot of green. How about you, do you celebrate this event and decorate your home?