Beach Ball Lamp: Adding Fun and Color to Your Homes

There are some things that make us feel nostalgic and would seem to bring us back to the days when were still young. This could be food, places or even some objects that we see. What about a lamp? It would certainly bring you all the childhood memories especially if it is shaped like a beach ball. Yes, this is something we all used to play with not just in the beach but even if we are just at home. And yes again, the beach ball became an inspiration to a lighting design that can add some fun to our homes.

If you have some beach balls in the house and are no longer using it or if you still have your beach ball that you used to play with when you were younger, it can actually be turned into a lamp. Thanks to TOBYhouse who found a way for a creative and functional use of these beach balls. The recycling process involves rigidifying the membranes of authentic recycled inflatable beach balls with resin. Doing that will allow him to add some holes in it. After that, they blackout spray the insides with white and apply an edge trim and a lamp shade holder. Come take a look at the lamp below.

These lamps are hand-made using a pioneering treatment that renders the beach balls into a hard rock material in the inside.

lighting But they still look soft and bouncy from outside just like the ones we play with at the beach.

Beach Ball Lamp I like it that they retained the blowhole of the beach ball which made it look even more authentic.

Ball Lamp You can use it in any area of the house for a fun and colorful touch.

Beach Ball If you think that these will be blown by the wind, you are wrong. It is hard and rigid but still looking soft.

Beach Ball Lamp It looks lovely as a single statement or when clustered together in varying beach ball sizes.

Isn’t this a fun lighting from TOBYhouse? This would be a lovely item not just for the living room or kitchen but also for a bedroom. If you have a beach inspired bedroom design for your kids, this lamp would be a perfect choice! Or this can also look cute in the nursery too. Like the idea of this lamp? Share this with your friends too!