20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Tripod Desk Lamps

Have you ever tried adding tripod desk lamps in your home?

More than a chandelier or a stand lamp, table lamps or desk lamps are common in the bedroom than they are. These are lamps or lighting fixtures that are needed especially during the night when we have a text message or a book to read in the middle of the night; and most often than not, these lamps are the ones that we make sure are pretty above our night stands.

Today, we will be showing you a couple of photos from the list of 20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Tripod Desk Lamps. These lamps sure look really pretty and interesting. They come in different colors and shades and even material – expect that they all have these tripod that makes them more fun than your normal lava lamp or table lamp beside your bed. Check out the list below and tell us what you think about them!

tripod desk bedrooms

1. Hammock House

Hammock House

Shulman + Associates

Take a look at this lovely contemporary bedroom in the softest shades of browns and greys – the whites also make this bedroom far classier and more sophisticated than it actually is. Look at the beautiful lamps too – it makes it a great example of a stunning contemporary fixture; I’m pretty sure that the designer is proud of their great work done with it.

2. Merchant Hill Townhome

Merchant Hill

Urban Design Group, LLC

A minimal bedroom with the basic bed, night stands and funky tripod lamps makes this bedroom really neat. This bedroom is quiet a large one and it feels like a bit empty; I wish that the designer actually added some other things in here – a table and chair or something like that.

3. Castaway III

Palm Harbor

Marc Rutenberg Homes

I totally love the decorative stuffed animal heads above the bed; the mere fact that they are in white makes it more amazing and beautiful. Notice how the designer picked out the table lamp – it’s hip but a bit vintage which makes it really interesting.

4. Pentire Apartment

Pentire Apartment

Camellia Interiors Ltd.

Have it ever occurred to you that when you see a certain space (residential or commercial), where you notice that there are too much ‘stuff?’ Like this bedroom, it seems like it has too much wood; I mean, don’t get me wrong, this bedroom looks really great. Am I right or am I right?

5. Bel-Air West Gate

West Gate

Susan Jay Design

This bedroom is nice because you know for a fact that for the most part, you would always have company while you’re in here. I love the neutral tones, the choice of fabric, furniture and decorations in here – even the globe in a tripod looks really cool!

6. Coastal Florida Home

Coastal Florida

Diana Sawicki Interior Design Inc.

Take a look at this bedroom that has a naval theme to it; although minimal. The white and blue striped pillows and carpet says a lot about the theme, but I think what would really catch your attention is the pillow with an anchor in it and the pictures on the wall.

7. Eleanor Street #1

Eleanor St

Open Door Architecture

This beautiful bedroom in this Eleanor Street home is definitely a treat. The space is simple but super pretty and comfortable looking. I love the tripod lamp and the decoration beside it. What do you think about them too?

8. The Chatham

The Chatham

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc.

This bedroom has animal head decors like one of the other photo in the beginning of this list. The wood panels that serves as the accent wall to this bedroom is very appealing to me – it somehow match well with the linens on the bed and the design of the cube ottoman and the tripod floor lamps.

9. The Dillon

The Dillonz

Luca Andrisani Architect

This is one beautiful bedroom from Luca Andrisani. This bedroom looks like it does not have extra space for other things since this area looks like it was created to just have a bed, night stands and an accent chair. Although of course this space is stunning, maybe picking a smaller bed would have been better.

10. Torre De La Loma

Salinas Lasheras

Salinas Lasheras

One beautiful bedroom with a large bed and an awesome steel tripod lamp. The colors available in this bedroom is something I could imagine what a classic contemporary bedroom would usually have – a bit silver or grey and or black and white.

11. Trinity Crescent

Trinity Crescent

Hatch Interiors

The name of this home is beautiful – just like the look of this bedroom. I would assume that this room could either be for the children of the home owners, or this is could also be a guest bedroom. The accents on the wall are interesting too; also the colorful pillow cases and linens in here.

12. Westport

Wright Way

Wright Way Builders Contracting

Now, what do you think about the painting above the head board? Pretty awesome, right? I love the idea that it is practically the only thing inside this bedroom that has much color – unlike the walls or the bed itself. The thought of having a veranda also somehow appealed to me as something really beautiful about this space.

13. Wansford Marina

Wansford Marina

Hatch Interiors

The rustic appeal of the tripod table lamps create a more neat feeling to this bedroom. It might not be too clear, but I think that the pictures on the wall look fascinating against the said table lamps – the colors are a tad similar with each other and the design of the night stand looks very special.

14. Roncesvalles II

Roncesvalles II

Oudejans Interiors

The accent wall of this bedroom is quite a charmer. The color is not something that you see as a usual choice for an accent wall which makes it refreshing to anyone seeing it; paired with the white walls, windows, ceiling and the door – this bedroom sure is easy on the eyes.

15. Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley

Shelley Starr Design

I’m not sure, but I think that the color of the shade somehow matches with the console on the wall. The grayish look of the wall console and the color of the walls is somewhat fascinating; the contrast seen in here sure is nice and not too much.

17. Ashlan Modern

Ashlan Modern

DISC Interiors

I’m not sure, but I think that the name of the lion in the book (and movie adaption) of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is Aslan. Pretty nice name, right? This large bedroom showcases just that and because the space is adorned with the right furniture, it sure looked more appealing.

18. A Modern Miami Home

Mod Miami

DKOR Interiors

If you’re like me who is fascinated with the works of DKOR Interiors, I think that you’d find this bedroom stunning. The color combination is pretty nice and sophisticated and I think that everything in here is quite interesting and really fabulous! The accent wall sure looks like an acoustical treatment for this space.

19. Fizzy Lewisham

Fizzy Lewisham

Hatch Interiors

I find the name of this bedroom is quite interesting for me, I’m not sure if this is the name of the client or whatnot, but because of this name, I think this bedroom is more interesting than it already is. I totally love the minimalist approach to this space, how about you?

20. Chicago Penthouse

Chicago Penthouses

BJS Assoc Interior Design

Aside from the interesting head board in this bedroom, I think you would notice how pretty the area carpet is and the cool color combination of lavender and moss green. The tripod desk lamp seen on the drawer is pretty neat too. Don’t you agree?

If this list of 20 Beautiful Bedrooms with Tripod Desk Lamps is appealing to you, I think that you should check out the 20 Awesome Bedrooms with Tripod Floor Lamps because it’s as awesome as this one. Both the lists showcase bedroom photos with tripod lamps – both table lamps and stand lamps that I think are real pretty and fun-looking. More of these lists here in Home Design Lover!