HYVE Modular Organization System Lets You Store in Style

Storage is an important thing for the home and that includes small items too. As a matter of fact, smaller items we have in the house needs to be kept well because if not, we’ll end up losing them. You don’t wanna look for them just when you needed them most. So, a solution is to keep them in jars or boxes or in containers or in HYVE. What is that HYVE?

It is a product by Herbst Produkt that is a new modular organization system. It is configurable, scalable, and multifunctional with four different colors. I think it is called this way because it takes a hexagonal shape like a bee hive. Its shape makes it easy to arrange it and fit it to whatever space. It can be used horizontally or vertically and has so many functions from a pen holder to a planter! All you have to do is play with your imagination.

Herbst Produkt HYVE Modular Organization System I love the colors of HYVE and its unique shape too. You can see that it can snap and lock together mimicking the concept of a bee hive.

HYVE HYVE It comes with a wall plank and magnets so you can use it vertically.

HYVE HYVE It will be perfect as planters may that be inside your home or outside.

HYVE It can be a lovely modern centerpiece too.

HYVE Or turn it into an office buddy to carry all your office stuffs.

HYVE Place it on the wall if you need some stuff to be nearer you when you need them.

HYVE Let it be part of your kitchen’s pantry to carry sweets or other yummy treats.

HYVE HYVE You can fill it up with anything. Worry not, they will stick like that together for the snaps really hold well.

HYVE This will soon become one of the favorites of those who love to keep things in order.

This modular system from Herbst Produkt sure is useful. You have endless possibilities on how to use it. It might even be good as a tool in training your toddler sequencing using different colors or just stacking them on top of the other. And it can be a good container for sorting and sensory play too! I know I’m talking mom again but this just shows that HYVE has indeed lots of uses!