22 DIY Clocks That’ll Make You Hate Your Old Boring Clock

A clock is something we need around the house in every room so that we are aware of what time is it. But it doesn’t have to be boring after all. As a matter of fact, you can make your own clock or revamp a clock you already have and turn it into something exciting and attractive. This way, you are putting some personal touch to your clock.

In truth, I don’t like the boring clocks we see in stores. That is why I never got one.Lol. Aside from the fact that time and I are not friends because it always goes ahead of me and I am always left behind. In short, I am always late! But seeing this list made me think of buying a cheap clock and redoing it into something I’ll be totally proud of! Now, let those tick-tack thingy go glam and lovely!

1.DIY Photo Clock

DIY Photo Clock


Well, if you don’t want to stress yourself with all the materials you need to buy to make a lovely clock, just surround it with frames.

2. Heart-Shaped Chalkboard Clock

Heart-Shaped Chalkboard Clock

Brit+ Co

Hearts hearts hearts. I love hearts and when I saw this, I knew it is a must try!

3. DIY Domino Clock

DIY Domino Clock

The Home Steady

Gather those dominoes and create a unique clock like this.

4. Minimalist Wooden Clock:

Minimalist Wooden Clock

Almost Makes Perfect

Color blocking looked simple and really modern for this wooden clock. Just a few painting will do the job.

5. Leather Wall Clock

Leather Wall Clock

Designer Pad

This is beautiful and would fit into a manly bedroom!

6. DIY Doily Clock

DIY Doily Clock

Happiness is Homemade

I don’t know about you but this one is really a stunner for me!

7. Paint Swatch Clock

Paint Swatch Clock

Kojo Designs

This DIYer got a blank canvass clock from Ikea and look at what she did to it using paint swatches!

8. Colorful Outdoor Clock

Colorful Outdoor Clock

Happiness is Homemade

A quick outdoor clock which is easy to make. Just play with the colors just like this one that mimics a color wheel.

9. Hoop Clocks

Hoop Clocks

Brit + Co.

Embroidery hoops with patterned fabric look really gorgeous especially when it comes in different prints.

10. DIY Floating Numbers Wall Clock

DIY Floating Numbers Wall Clock

Faded Plains

Get some numbers and place it around a clock. Done!

11. DIY Color Sample Clock

DIY Color Sample Clock


If you got some paint chips that are just sleeping in your drawer, you can use it to revamp a clock!

12. Minimal Mountain Clock

Minimal Mountain Clock

Say Yes

A modern geometric clock that is easy to make but adds glam to your space.

13. Wood Slice Clock:

Wood Slice Clock:

Design Sponge

A rustic interior will look nice with a wood slice clock!

14. Old Books Into Clocks

Old Books Into Clocks

Brit. Co

You have this old book and you don’t want to throw it away. Turn it into a clock!

15. DIY Chrysanthemum Wall Clock

DIY Chrysanthemum Wall Clock

That’s What Che Said

Flower? You’d never guess that this one is actually made from plastic spoons!

16. Pencil Desk Clock

Pencil Desk Clock

Brit + Co.

Got a bunch of pencils? Turn it into a creative school themed clock!

17. Ornathology Clock

Ornathology Clock

Design Sponge

A pretty clock made from canvas. What I like most here are the feathers!

18. Paper Face Clock

Paper Face Clock

Country Living

This one is just simple. Grab some pattern paper or wrappers with prints that you love and you’ll get this look.

19. Pie Pan Clock

Pie Pan Clock

Something We Whipped Up

If you have a pie pan that you no longer use, why not make a clock like this one? It will be great for the kitchen.

20. Silk-Screened Clock

Silk-Screened Clock

Tribal Times

What a pretty turquoise silk-screen doily! This would look nice in a craft room or even for your bedroom too.

21. DIY: Starburst Clock

DIY: Starburst Clock


Beautiful, right? Sure it is. Those are just wooden coffee stirs guys and of course, you can make one too.

22. Make a Doily Plate Clock

Make a Doily Plate Clock

Maize Hutton

If you want to get a chic look for your interior, why not try turning a doily plate into a clock?

This really looks fun! And it inspires me to make a clock of my own too. That would be exciting to work on. See? Even a boring clock can look lovely once you let your creativity work. This would save you a lot of money too because decorative clocks are a bit pricey. But if you don’t want to make one for yourself, you can always get a unique clock from the market too for a quick change to your interior.