Ienami Bonkei Planters Formed Like Modern Miniature Homes

These days, we can see modern homes everywhere. We have even featured many of them here. We can observe that these homes have sleek lines on them and have geometrical forms too. Most of them would have different volumes to add more visual interest to it. A modern home would sometimes even have that boxy look. Hence, a miniature would be easier to make if it is a modern home. But what we are going to show you today isn’t just a miniature home but it is a planter.

Anyone would be delighted with the Ienami Bonkei planters by Metaphys as it bring us to a different approach to miniature design. Bonkei is a Japanese art that is “defined as a three-dimensional depiction of a landscape in miniature, developed using mainly dry materials like rock, cement mixtures or sand. It may also contain miniature figures of people, animals, buildings, bridges, and other outdoor elements.” The planters come in four different types, the hiroba (which means “square” or “plaza”), roji (“alley”), zigzag and tunnel. Let us check them out!

Aren’t they gorgeous? They look good especially that they are just white in color.

planters The form of the miniature is really like a modern home. It has stairs too.

Ienami Bonkei planters Some cute animals and people were added to the planter to give it a more interesting look.

Ienami Bonkei planters When places side by side, it is like you have an apartment of modern homes with green roofs.

Ienami Bonkei planters Isn’t this lovely with that green plant in a white planter?

Ienami Bonkei planters Here are the four designs of the planter that you can get.

Ienami Bonkei planters Each has a different design which can also dictate how your plants will look like on it.

These Ienami Bonkei planters by Metaphys is indeed a modern take for a planter. They look lovely especially with the plants that give the houses a roof garden. Such a brilliant idea indeed! I like all the designs and it would be lovely to put them all together. It would be like creating a small village of modern houses!