20 Designs of Cute Ceramic Planters

Here is a list that will surely make your day better – if you love plants, pots and planters of course! Below is a list of wonderful planter designs that are unique, cute and somehow unusual – you’ll know what I mean if you see the pictures below. They are just wonderful to look at nifty too!

The 20 Cute Ceramic Planters are manufactured and designed with the use of ceramics – it is a common material to use for planters, but I am sure that the designs surely compensated for the material that was used with them. Take a look at the awesome designs and comment below which one is your favorite and I’ll tell you mine!

1. Ceramic Planter Pot Bowl

Pot Bowl1

Wicked Clay Girl

If you check the site of Wicked Clay Girl, you will see the different designs of this deformed beauty!

2. Augustus Planter

Augustus Planter2

Cyan Design

I remember a character from a novel I read before which sure reminds me of how his character was both beautiful and aged with class and sophistication.

3. Aurora Small Planter

Aurora Small3

GwG Outlet

This sure is simple and out-of-the-blue shabby and cute! No pun intended.

4. Blanco Oversized Planter

Blanco Oversized4

Imax Worldwide Home

This oversized planter remind me of those huge vases you get to see displayed in landscape designs; the tilted ones or the ones half hidden in the sand.

5. Blue and White Lotus Design Planter

White Lotus5

Two’s Company

Pretty Asian planter that sure would look great indoors since it sure is expensive!

6. Bird Ceramic Planter

Bird Ceramic6


This one is rather cute, do you agree? Ideal for indoor plants of course.

7. Monumental Gainey Ceramics Planter

Monumental Gainey7

Polished Modern

This looks like a bamboo-ish themed planter, right? The color looks great and a little fancy.

8. CKI Haswell Planter

CKI Haswell8

Frantantoni Lifestyles

A beautiful rectangular planter from Frantantoni Lifestyles! The design seem simple but it sure is classy and fancy too.

9. Dinosaur Green Ceramic Planter

Dinosaur Green9

Imax Worldwide Home

Like dinosaurs? We have two listed today! This one is pretty and green and looks a little Iguana.

10. Dinosaur Yellow Ceramic Planter

Yellow Ceramic10

Imax Worldwide Home

I’m obviously not good with dinos, but this one I’m guessing is the vegetarian kind – this will surely light up your garden with its color!

11. Harbor Shell Planter

Harbor Shell11

Posh Urban Furnishings

I am not exactly sure if this shell was sort of picked up from the seaside, but this sure is pretty and I know people would love to have in their backyards too!

12. Italia Planter

Italia Planter12

Imax Worldwide Home

Created to look shabby and a bit old, this planter sure reminds us of wine containers in the olden times!

13. Polka-Dot Rooster Planter

Dot Rooster13

Joss and Main

Who likes chickens? This one’s for you!

14. Zigzag Planter

Zigzag Planter14

Emilia Ceramics

Simple, functional and straightforward awesome – this is indeed one beautiful planter from Emilia Ceramics.

15. Seahorse Ceramic Planter

Seahorse Ceramic15

Posh Urban Furnishings

If you are a fan of underwater animals, this seahorse is a must-have; it is pretty, classy and really out of this world awesome!

16. Shelton Indigo Planter

Shelton Indigo16

Imax Worldwide Home

This is something that reminds me of scales, what do you think about this one? Are you reminded of the same thing too?

17. Sooie Pig Ceramic Planter

Sooie Pig17

Imax Worldwide Home

Hey hey! Looks like a recycled piggy bank right? But who cares? It is cute and all red!

18. Square Fossil Cliff Planter

Square Fossil18

Cyan Design

This sure looks like something you see outside the malls where they put in rough planters. Haha! What a thing to remember really.

19. Stacked Bowl Planter

Stacked Bowl19

Posh Urban Furnishings

This stacked bowl planter is really interesting and fun!

20. Handcrafted Ceramic X-Factor Planter

Handcrafted Ceramic20

Gainey Ceramics

Don’t know why this planter was named X-Factor, but it sure has its own “factor” that makes it beautiful and fun!

We have a fun list of planters that actually inspired me to create a list just like it – only that they were not something made for a home project but by the many manufacturers that we have around. This list of 20 Cute Ceramic Planters is one list I hope I can expand further to show you guys more and more designs to check out when picking a planter for your homes!