Keep Your Bike in Place at Home on a Statement Bike Rack

Who would have thought that even your bike rack can actually look stylish and sleek at the same time? Well, you don’t have to stick with the usual ordinary hooks or bike racks anymore because you can always get a Statement Bike Rack. This one is designed to serve as a piece of art even if the bike is not there. We mean, it looks great alone on the wall and anyone seeing it will look at it as an artwork.

Statement is an American-made bike rack from birch hardwood, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel hardware. It is designed for a lifetime which we can tell from the materials used in making it. As we spend thousands to get a high quality bike, we would expect to spend the same to get a high quality bike rack that you can use for as long as you want. Here is a video about the Statement Bike Rack:

Daniel Sculnick The design of this rack was conceived because the designer who is a cyclist wasn’t able to find a high quality rack on the market.

Bike Rack They decided to design one and came up with a sleek looking piece that would look great as a wall decor too.

Statement Bike Rack This is how it looks like when ready to be used.

Statement Bike Rack Beautiful bike, right? And the bike rack looked just perfect with it!

Statement Bike Rack Statement Bike Rack The bike is safe and secure when you place it on Statement. No worries for falls and damages.

Statement Bike Rack It is designed to fit multiple top tube shapes and could hold up to 60 pounds was tested up to 120 pounds.

For cyclists, this – Statement Bike Rack is the answer for their quest of a high quality bike holder. Aside from saving floor space since we can just hang our bikes, it can also be an added decor for the walls when not in used. I personally like its shape and sturdy design. Would you like to get one too?