Distressed yet Pretty White Shabby Chic Living Rooms

Shabby chic interiors are lovely and feminine in appearance. It usually make use of furniture and furnishings that looks distressed and antique. It also use lace, floral fabrics, vintage accessories and other items that have signs of wear and tear. It also use the color white and pastel pink but there are also shabby chic interiors that are colorful. You will easily spot an interior with this kind of theme.

A shabby chic interior looks pretty by using aged materials. But even if they do not use new stuff, the overall look is always stunning and inviting. So for today’s post, we will give you some living room designs with a shabby chic interior. Check them out and you might even be moved to make a living room with this theme.

Shabby Chic Interior

white shabby chic living rooms

Sweet as a Candy

White furniture coverings for this home look perfect with the warm tones used for other items in it.

Living Room Shabby Chic

gray design

Kristie Barnett

This living room made use of a lot of whites. It looks clean with the simple addition of gray.

Living Room

modern and vintage

Staples Design Group

Shabby chic with some modern and vintage touches.

Dreamy Whites Shabby Chic


Dreamy Whites

Oh so white! Coverings and furniture are all in white even the window treatments. Look at the grandfather’s clock that added a lot of beauty to this interior.

French Country Shabby Chic

Eclectic living room

Demorais International

Eclectic living room with shabby chic touches. Very nice isn’t it?

Shabby Chic Living Room

intricate wooden carvings


Check out this center table with intricate wooden carvings painted in white.

Shabby Chic Old Painted Cottage

grunge table

Old Painted Cottage

The table looks grungy but it just made the interior prettier.

Original Dustylu Interior

white shabby chic living rooms A mixture of various furniture which includes an old wooden door. This interior is so lovely despite its simplicity!

RMS Mandii Floral Shabby

Floral pink prints


Floral pink prints on the throw pillow for this shabby chic interior is certainly cute!

Shabby Chic Furniture

white and beige

Elle Decor

Check out this living room of white and beige. The shabby chic furniture are very beautiful.

Shabby Chic Living

furniture designs

Old Painted Cottage

Different furniture designs are combined for this living room. Even the center table is very much creative.

Dreamy White Shabby

center table

Dreamy Whites

The center table is worn out already and the throw pillow coverings seems like made from cloth sacks. So shabby yet chic indeed!

Decorologist Shabby

brick design

Kristie Barnett

The fireplace with brick design is a good focal point for this living room. The rest of the items in this interior are very lovely.

Our Gathering Spot

White furniture coverings

They Call Me Martha

White furniture coverings and throw piilows with minimal designs gave this living room a totally chic look.

Interior Shabby Living

white shabby chic living rooms

Window Dazzlers

This room is filled of white colors and wooden touches, achieving a shabby chic interior.

These shabby chic living room designs are very lovely and would make your home truly inviting. Isn’t it amazing that even items that are wear and tear can still look great? Well, there are really lots of things design can do. You can achieve this kind of look for your own living room. You can also try to check other living room designs for your inspiration. We have Living Rooms with Pretty Print Themes, Modern Chic Living Room Designs and many other living room design inspirations that we have collated for you.