20 Living Rooms with Breathtaking Garden Views

Aside from a beautiful and functional home from the exterior to the interior, we want to make sure that the outdoor space looks stunning too. The view from the interior would have a huge impact to how you use the space and how you feel while you are in it. Some owners would even buy a certain lot because of the beautiful view from the site. But you can also create a lovely garden in your outdoor space too for a breathtaking view.

Today, we have collated some living rooms with a glorious view of the garden. Some could be man-made landscaping while others are natural landscaping. Whatever it is, both would give the same impact to one’s view from the interior. So, here are the living rooms with garden views that we have gathered for you.

living room garden view

1. Hill House

garden views

Mihaly Slocombe

The living room has flexible furniture arrangements and a concertina window wall that leads to the outdoor living deck.

2. Rustic Canyon Residence

seamless glass wall

Griffin Enright Architects

A seamless glass wall gives a lovely view of the garden beyond.

3. Philip Johnson’s Glass House

green view

The Philip Johnson Glass House

The house is surrounded with glass allowing the owners to see the stunning green sight.

4. Lovely Living Rooms Powered by Somfy

motorized window coverings


The motorized window coverings are perfect for this living room so one can just bring it up to see the gardens.

5. 700 Palms Residence

contemporary living area

Ehrlich Architects

A gorgeous contemporary living area with pillows in various colors and a breathtaking view of the outdoor area.

6. Pasadena Revival

living room designs

The Troop Group

A living room could be very relaxing if this is what you can see from there.

7. Far Pond

tall trees

Bates Masi Architects LLC

Even if your living space is on the second level, you can still take a glimpse of the tall trees too.

8. Casa Balcones

living room ambiance

Louise Lakier

Boost the ambience of your living room with a view like this one!

9. 353 Mascoma Street Strathmore Heights Victoria Australia

contemporary modern

Bagnato Architects

A beautiful contemporary modern living room where you can see the trees.

10. Mandeville Canyon Residence

telescoping doors

Griffin Enright Architects

This one has large telescoping doors that disappear to connect the living room to the terrain beyond creating an open corner.

11. Mid-Century Modern Home

new garden entry

Johnson Berman

A large expanses of glass provide views to the new garden entry.

12. Living Room

green soil covering

Robert Young Architects

Aside from the green soil covering, bushes and trees, the waters add drama to the view too.

13. Bluff House Living

native landscape

Auhaus Architecture

This living room is looking out to the deck and native landscape.

14. Riverfront Residence

spacious garden

BDA Architecture

A spacious garden waits outside and seems to invite you to visit it by taking a look at it from inside.

15. Eagle Ridge

natural landscaping

Gary Gladwish Architecture

Ahh! Trees and grasses- natural landscaping that will forever be serene!

16. Toot Rise


Richard Chivers Architectural Photography

The garden plus the waters and the horizon equals a totally mesmerizing sight!

17. Living Room

yard design

Krannitz Gehl Architects

Right outside the house isn’t just the yard but also the waters too.

18. Pacific Palisades House 2

modern space

Dworsky Architecture

A modern space has a modern garden that can be seen from the living area.

19. Hollywood Hills Residence

living room view

Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc.

Trees and more trees! This sure is a gorgeous view from the living room.

20. Santa Monica Modern

garden views

Disc Interiors

A small living area is flooded with natural light through the glass window and sliding doors where you can see the garden.

Beautiful! I know you will agree with me that having a garden is a great idea but you would agree even more with the idea of framing such view from the living room just like the ones we showcased above. It can actually be a living decor for your living spaces too! So, take advantage of your beautiful garden by adding huge glass windows to where it is located so you and your guests can enjoy the view.