20 Modern Chic Living Room Designs for a Charming Look

Modern Chic trends for this year is more daring and bold when it comes to combining colors and mixing of materials used. The conventional and common designs are joined together to create a more distinct style that not only ladies love but men admire as well. The key to achieving the modern chic feel to your living room is to combine a plain couch with colorful fabrics either for the throw pillows, drapes or even the couch itself – the goal is not to have them match at all. Place unique furnishings like vases, lamps and cool looking paintings or artworks and you are pretty much good to go. Cleanliness with plain walls along with a cluttered feel for the surroundings, the modern chic is like a girl with very less make up but is in a fashionably incredible dress with the best satin and a perfect glass slipper. Totally awe-struck, that is what we are to this lovely girl.

The next photos that will unfold before you is what we have just been describing for you. Ordinarily painted rooms with an eccentric collection of items that are mixed together to create an aura of charm and beauty. You might think chic only goes for women – well, generally, the design is somewhat feminine, but just putting the right ingredients, designers are able to create a neutral environment both for men and women. Let us go ahead and take a look at the photos we have below.

Over Major High

modern chic living room


Since most of the room is white, the wall paintings and the throw pillows give life to this immaculate room. The use of black arm chairs a little story to the entire setting.

Spacious Living Room

sala spacious

Ligne Roset

Can we even call this room Pink Room? The chicness of this living room is beyond – with the room being fully carpeted with great choice for a couch and wonderful statement paintings.

Nordenskioldsg High

sala nordenskioldsg


This room totally looks divine with the fireplace it has. The colorful throw pillows in the couch gives life to this all white room.

SF Apartment

sala apartment


Chic furnishing on the coffee table, red and printed throw pillows on the white couch plus the huge artwork looks wonderful in this room.

Norhemsg High

sala norhemsg


This room may sure looks really barbie-like – the sofa is so pink with printed pillows on them, the owners sure reads a lot since they really displayed the books on the wall.

White Modern Chic Living Room

sala white

The Lennoxx

The combination of white, pink and blue sure looks great in this living area. The disco ball with the painting sure gives drama to this one!

Engelbrektsg High

sala engelbrektsg2


Look at the colorful and inspiring wall artwork, even placing some on the floor makes this room classy and chic.

D Loft 2

sala loft


Purple-colored couches, pillows and drapes for this loft design. The cream walls match the carpet that contrasts the general motif of the room.

Vasterg High

sala vasterg


Cute pendant light, great area rug, and a unique coffee table in the middle of the room with orange pillows all around the place.

Colorful City Chic Living Room

modern chic living room


Don’t you just love the gray walls contrasting the white wall decors with the cute color palette chosen?


pendant light


Look at the pendant light looking like a disco light in the middle of the room. The small frames by the wall and the floor plus the rug makes the room interesting.

Living Room 3

sculpture designs

GAP Interiors

The collection of multiple things in this room makes it seem without a concept. But in reality, this is the chic we are looking for – frames, sculptures and mismatching colors.

Kastellg High

wooden coffee table


The wooden coffee table is a charmer for this room. Cute frames scattered around the room plus an accent white chair that does not really mismatch the color of the walls.

Living Room Modern Ideal Home

modern chic


Blues and grays made this room ideal for bachelors. Who ever said modern chic is not meant for men?

Nordhemsg High

colorful pillows


Just like the photo above this one has the same theme, quotations printed and framed, colorful pillows and a unique arcmchair. The vintage table is amazing which would probably have an old function before it even became a coffee table.

Living Room

Grays walls

Dwell Designs

Grays walls and couch with uber colorful pillows and furishings. Dunno ’bout you guys, but the lamps sure look great.

Hvitfeldstsg Low

white couch


Look at the inspirational texts on the frames plus the cute printed pillows on the white couch. The brown armchair sure makes a statement in the room.

Metallic Chic Gold Vase Living Room

metallic golden vase


This photo is a close up photo with this beautiful metallic golden vase. This room with everything almost gray is charmed by the cluttered look it has with all the colorful stuff in the space.

Ideal Home 8

modern chic designs


Doesn’t gray and yellow look together? This room looks wonderful with this combo and the use of different fabrics on the chairs is a usual for modern chic designs.

Chic Living Room

modern chic living room


Colorful fabrics for the pillows, drapes and couches made this room really charming.

We are pretty sure that you loved the designs of the living rooms we showed you today. We are impressed with their projects as much as we believe you did too. These modern chic living rooms sure did inspire every bit of our inner designers, ordinary things – mix ’em up and we’re sure you know how it may actually look like. More to come from Home Design Lover.