20 Contemporary Planters in the Living Room

Planters come in different designs just like the contemporary ones seen in this list of living room interiors.

Personally, I am not really into planting. I mean, I love plants, especially those that you can just place in a pot and use to garnish your pizza, pasta, or drinks with like basil, dill, rosemary, mint, spring onions and cherry tomatoes.

Some people say that at a certain age, you would eventually love plants and planting – for me, well not today. On the other hand, there are those people that feel opposite of what I feel with plants and they are the ones who are sort of targeted audience of this list – people who loves plants and like the different planters that you can purchase in the internet or even in your local malls.

Check out this list of 20 Contemporary Planters in the Living Room and tell us what you think of them!

planter living room

1. 50s Remodel

contemporary indoor planters

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This 50’s inspired living room sure brings you back in time with its design and concept. Although I think the remodel is quite subtle, the feel or aura sure is there – like you can feel and see that this space is somehow retro and don’t you just love it? The location planters on the side of the fireplace seems off though – but their designs look fresh and very now.

2. Aberdeen

white planters


These white planters somehow seems like to have the same height as the couch in this living room – although it actually look pretty – I’m not so sure about large planters like that. The plants added in this one seems to look like grasses but it still looks really pretty.

3. Buntry

texture design


This cool planter is also from Decorpro like the one before this. They both have the same white finish only that this one seems to have more lines and more texture than the other one. If this space actually belongs to me, I’d make this a bedroom because of the spectacular view outside – unless of course the bedroom in this house is so much prettier!

4. Chevy Chase Living Room

orange planter

Suzanne Price Design, LLC

I know that the plant on that cool, orange planter belongs to the fern family, but at some point it looks like dill to me! Also I noticed that this space is into oranges or moss green or something – works though, right?

5. Cleveland Coastal Home


Adrienne DeRos

The wall-hung planters are gorgeous, just like the animal bust hanging with them on the wall.

6. Corby

planter designs


Decorpro sure has tons of wonderful planter designs! Notice that this living room is pretty much the same with the other spaces I showed above? Only the planters were added and replaced in the said photo; I think it’s a nice way to recreate and showcase your products if you have the same living room scheme in mind.

7. Ecologia Montreal

metallic color

Ecologia Montreal

For one thing, I love that these planters in this living room are shiny and silver! I think whether it’s silver or gold or even champagne or bronze – once something is shiny, it automatically has a right to be super pretty!

8. Gilbert Island Waterfront

large fern


Fancy a large fern for your contemporary living room? Well then, why not get one, right? This living room might have one planter or plant in it, but with its size, it sure seems enough!

9. Holiday House in the Hamptons

large size

Huniford Design Studio

A large planter with different plants in it looks nice just like the ones I saw in a Matha Stewart episode.

10. Justice Kohlsdorf Residence

green and blue

Cablik Enterprises

This is indeed one colorful and funky living space! The play with the green and blue is evident in the chairs and the pillow cases and even the chair on the left side of this photo; even the peacock feather prints on the carpet is very obvious! I can’t say that this space intended to show off these colors, but I think that it’s actually nice and the color of the room and the ceiling and the cabinet behind the planters look simple against all the colors on the living area, and that’s the reason why it works!

11. Lake Washington Residence

contemporary indoor planters

BAAN Design

Well this space sure is wide; it seems to have tons of walking space for traffic and all. The furniture choice is in fact very Asian for me; even of course this is one contemporary space – notice the planters behind the couch? It seems to have some Asian flair to it; not really you blue and white planter or large vases that we usually see in Asian or Chinese-inspired homes.

12. Marda Loop

living room designs

Rectangle Design Inc.

I think that this space is just fascinating and really interesting; I mean it seems like super high maintenance, but with the looks of the materials, the decor and the furniture – I’m guessing that this space is easy to clean and easy to redecorate as well.

13. Mid-Century Marvel Revived in Long Beach



This is one cute corner in this Long Beach home. The vintage look of both the floor lamp and the wooden rocking chair sure makes this area seem interesting and fun. Even with the planter on the side, I think this space couldn’t have been better.

14. Modern Makeover in Hawaii

wooden coffee table

Peter Vincent Architects

Well I know you’ll notice the brown grand piano on the background, because I know I did. The color of the said grand piano matches the wooden coffee table in the middle of the room – also, I think the tall plant on the white planter is a great addition to this space because not only did it add color to this white space but it made it more Earthy.

15. Stamford Living


Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Won’t you agree that the planters by the shelf above the fireplace looks adorable? With this photo, I would like to think that the plant you add on the planter really is a factor in making it really stand out and look great! The contrast of the dark-colored planters and the brick wall adds a bit of drama for this living space.

16. Stampede Rotary Dream Home

fireplace planters

Homes by Avi

The first planter that I saw when I got across this picture was the rectangular one above the fireplace; and then I saw the large, white planters on the sides and I thought to myself that this living room sure is pretty with them inside the space too! I love the grey sectional in here and the beautiful accent chair on the side.

17. The Salon

indoor trees

Leverone Design

Well I can’t say that the plants in this living room are actually real because of how large they are and I would like to think that who would want to place a large living tree inside the house unless it has enough room, right? Well, anyways, I think this still one the prettiest spaces in this list – the furniture and decorations are really stunning and looks expensive – that counts for something, right?

18. Villa Ferraro

English-inspired seating area

Fabrizia Frezza Architecture & Interiors

This is one cute and English-inspired seating area. The arm chairs look really adorable and the ottoman complements the chairs as well. The location is quite enchanting too – feels like a cathedral with a lovely garden on the background. The large planters seem really ideal for this space too!

19. Weiland

modern design

Weiland by Andersen

In the Philippines, adding plants inside your house is quite a thing. They say that adding plants indoors allows your home to have fresh and clean oxygen. The planters on the sides of the large LCD television is quite contemporary with a half-looking egg with a stand.

20. Oakland Hills

contemporary indoor planters

Wick Design

Well, this beautiful San Francisco living room sure has the cutest square planter on top its cool coffee table – which, by the way, seems like marble or something; looks pretty heavy too. It sure seems that this home is quota on plants because of the large tree you can see on the background.

This list is wonderful, I know that somehow, contemporary living spaces with planters have a bit of similarities in the designs and sizes of the ones they have for their interiors. Of course, there are tons of these planters available in the market, and sometimes other people even order something special that they exclusive for themselves and I think it’s beautiful and people should do it, especially if you have budget for it; this is to promote originality and individuality – especially for those green thumbs out there who really loves their plants to have pretty cool and unique planters.