15 Catchy Living Room Designs with Purple Accent

For some people, the color purple is associated to mourning or death, but for some, it is a color that exemplifies regalness and royalty because of the brightness it has. This color is a hue between the colors blue and red, sort of a variation of the color violet. It sometimes is alternately used since the colors just differ in shade, but whether purple or violet, this color will surely inspire us.

Today, we will be showing you 15 Catchy Living Room Designs with Purple Accent that will not only inspire us, but interest us because of the secret beauty of the color – it’s always fresh looking, catchy, stunning and at some point, it looks extra special especially when matched with the right decors! Take a tour with these 15 living rooms and talk to us about your thoughts!


purple accent living rooms

Usona Home

Who wouldn’t love the modern square-shaped seating for this modern living room? The color makes the space more regal and rich in color.

Coal Creek Radiant Model Living Room


Trio Environments

For this living room, it’s the furniture that makes the room more alive. The grey walls accented with strips of purple and some decor looks great too!

Heiress’s Pucci Inspired Apartment

printed throw pillows

Tracy Murdock Design and Management

Whoever Heiress Pucci is, this room sure makes everything inside it look great and matchy! The printed throw pillows give great effect for the plain colored sofa.

Los Gatos Residence

center table

Lizette Marie Interior Design

The center table for this living space is really interesting. It came from an old piece of wood which was just cut according to its trunk and look at marvelous it looks.

Malaga Modern Family Room

large seatings

Suite 102 by Amy Noel

With this large seating, relatives who come to visit will surely want to stay in this family room!

Minimalist Purple Living Room Interior

black furniture


We do not know about you, but this living room sure is as classy as black furniture being paired with white!

Modern Home

area carpet

The Uncommon Common Law

White walls, grey sofas and area carpet are made interesting by adding tidbits of purple in the room!

Paradise Lane

purple accent living rooms

Billinkoff Architecture

We love the contemporary look to this almost funky living room thanks to the pretty furniture this room has.

Living Area

white furnitures

House to Home

The walls may seem darker than usual paint colors that we see in regular living rooms, but this space is special made by the regal color used along with white furniture and decors that make this space extra special.

Scarsdale Stunner

purple elements

B Fein Interior Design

How do you like the tiny stuffing of purple infused in this living room? Because we sure love them!

Statement Shade Chic

chic living

Z Gallerie

This royal looking living room sure is a stunning example of chic living in the modern times!

Traditional Renovation

seating area

Morgante – Wilson Architects

The seating area is definitely the center of attraction for this living room! It is a stunner and matched with the right materials around it, this space is one great room!

Upper Eastside Townhouse

purple pillows

DHD Architecture | Interior Design

Using white furniture and incorporating purple pillows and purple wallpaper completes the look for a purple-inspired living room!

Weschester Showcase

dining sets

Last Detail Interior Design

It may look like a dining set but this living space sure is a classy space to entertain your guests who comes and visit!

Workfolio Contemporary Living Room

purple accent living rooms

Blanco Interiores

We love the shade of purple used in this living room! The vintage inspired sofa paired with the cute decors for this room – this is one fab space!

That was our 15 Catchy Living Room Designs with Purple Accent that sure was a great collection of great finds – not only of fabulous living rooms spaces but also of furniture that will make our living spaces as fascinating as the ones we just saw! And by the way, take a look at the Red Themed Living Room Designs we were able to showcase before! Have a great weekend guys!