20 Lovely Wooden Sliding Doors in the Living Room

Hesitant to use wooden sliding doors? Don't be! Here are ideas for you!

Whether you are thinking about putting up a regular door or a sliding door in your living room, materials that you want to use should be closely considered. Options are numerous, yes, but as vast as they are, you should not compromise the aesthetics of the space and the joy it may bring once it is finally put up. Sliding doors might be up on your list of considerations since these are very practical and actually exciting to look at.

Sliding doors are very practical and serve various purposes when placed in your homes. In this collection are 20 beautiful wooden sliding doors that maintain both beauty and practicality. These may be made of wood but they don’t fail to keep up with chic and modern styles. Some of the doors in this collection look really rustic and are very much perfect for that country or farm homes you are thinking of. And even in modern houses, the merger of old and new just looks perfect.

1. Arts & Crafts Bungalow

Crafts Bungalow

Troy Spurlin Interiors

The living room design is modern but the door looks absolutely in sync with the theme. The couches are paired with a coffee table that goes really well with the rustic vibe of the doors. The choice of colors is nicely done and the olive green walls blend nicely the other parts of this room.

2. Bay House

Gardner Mohr

Gardner Mohr Architects LLC

Here is a one wide living room space with a beautiful sectional couch that looks extremely comfortable. The view outside is stunning and the fireplace is something to really look forward to in the colder nights. But what you may want to also consider is that beautiful sliding door on one end of the room. Once closed, it looks like it’s just part of the wall, but who knew, a bedroom!

3. Brays Island Plantation

Brays Isla

Gerald D. Cowart, AIA, LEED AP

This picture gives us a glimpse of what a beauty the rest of this house might be. The door has the double X panels that looks beautifully historic and rustic. The walls and even the ceilings really go nicely together.

4. Carolina Jessamine Cottage

Carolina Jessa

Our Town Plans

This space seems to be at the attic given the shape of the ceiling. The floor space is not to wide but the design was able to maximize the area with the choice of furniture. The olive green doors that lead to another part of the house is doing beautifully by giving a color contrast to the pale-colored wood on the walls and ceiling.

5. Clairemont Whole House

Clairemont Whole

Terracotta Design Build

Wooden sliding doors can be used in modern interiors like in this house. The dark colored doors complement what little left seen of the floor. It is subtle but absolutely works well especially by contrasting the white fireplace, couchm and lamps.

6. Coastal Living in Tampa

Tracey Rapisardi

Tracey Rapisardi Design

For pastel-color lovers, here is an option perfect for you. The light blue theme is sparsely spread as accent in this house. The doors are really gorgeous, fitting the whole design together like jigsaw. The shell and starfish detail is even more perfect for coastal houses like this or if you just want an ocean vibe in your house.

7. Coeur D’Alene Residence

Alene Residence

Uptic Studios

A private space for the reader or introvert, this idea is something you might want to consider. The sliding doors blend with these beautiful wooden panel walls and give this house that beautiful antique feel but with modern touches nonetheless.

8. Encinitas Remodel

Encinitas Remodel

Grandview Development & Construction Inc.

Easy and breezy. This space looks absolutely relaxing thanks to the color choices that blend well and complement each other. The door looks rustic but the modern vibe really goes nicely with the wooden touches. The unique colors of the wood used are a great idea! Look at the coffee table and fan, they really go perfect with the door as well.

9. HGTV Dreamhouse

Gristmill Build

Gristmill Builders, Ltd.

Compact and maybe a little full with details, this space is beautiful in its own right. The door is big and uniqe and its light brown shade go well with the other vibrant color choices in this space.

10. 1 Lambourn Road

Lambourn Road

Granit Chartered Architects

This is a very modern looking space and the use of white wooden sliding doors is a good option if you are trying to do away with rustic or antique feel. Indeed, white spaces make good, wide spaces. The floor are a dark shade and definitely contrasts the lightness of the walls and ceiling.

11. Mansfield Street Apartment

Mansfield Street

Nash Baker Architects

This living room is actually quaint and classy. The white wooden sliding doors are uniquely designed and the frames are beautiful as well. The white color is a safe choice in deciding what to do with the living room. White wooden sliding doors are not very common but as in this space, the choice works out nicely.

12. Martis Camp

Sweet Sim

Crestwood Construction Inc.

The light brown colors used in this area blend nicely together. The ceiling cabinet, sliding doors, and even those very comfortable-looking couches all look nice when put in a single living space like this one. The sliding doors are a really nice touch to the modern feel of the room and it goes completely well with the wood used.

13. Quatrine Home

Quatrine Home

Quatrine Custom Furniture

Better take a second look, the sliding door is just in front of the couch. It is very unique and it does a double purpose of serving a door to the shelving. This space in general is simple yet elegant thanks to the decor choice and even the colors used.

14. Renovated Farmhouse

Merges Historic

Louise de Miranda

This renovated farmhouse has successfully merged historic and modern elements together. The door is actually a superstar in the whole ensemble and it contrasts nicely the white walls it is put up against. This very long couch is nevertheless a winner as well as the table in the middle and the carpet beneath.

15. Stockton Place

Stockton Place

Signature Homes

These wooden sliding doors can hide the television set as well as serve as an entrance or passageway. The combination of blacks and whites in this room as well as hints of brown are amazing. They go well together and give just enough comfort and mystery.

16. Stone Canyon Rd.

Stone Can

Root Construction

This is definitely one huge living room. The colors are unique not to mention abundant. The sliding doors at one side of the room are perfect for the whole antique or rustic theme this living toom is trying to achieve. The beams, the cabinets and shelves, and even the fireplace are stunning. A great night out with a big family or when visitors come can actually happen here.

17. Urban Farm House

Joubert Design

Joubert Design Build

The striking color on those sliding doors is the first one you might immediately when taking the sight of this area. The living room is very honest and straightforward and the white walls are very classy. You might consider additional accent decors similar to the color of the door when setting up a living space like this one.

18. West Village Home

Ondine Kara

Ondine Karady Design

Here’s another example of combining modern with wood. The space is not too big so if you have a living room like this one, you can maximize by putting up shelves for books and decor and cabinets by the walls. The design on the sliding doors go well with the cabinets by the wall and it serves as good partition when trying to make use of a smaller space.

19. Willow Glen Residence

Liz Marie

Lizette Marie Interior Design

The space antique and modern at the same time. The dark shade of brown used on the shelves and door exude a mysterious feel. That same vibe is further enhanced by the use of decor like the chair and the painting as well as the little chest near the door.

20. Wilton Transitional

Wilton Transitional

Tallman Segerson Builders

The vibe is really special in this one. The decors are eclectic and they have worked nicely well together. The color choices are very earthy that’s why the energy of the whole room is still intact. The colors inside this living space is unique and contrasts the little we see behind those beautiful doors.

Sometimes simple parts of the house require tough choices, but it may not be that way all the time. This collection of wooden sliding doors are some points where you might want to begin with or you might want to add to your current living rooms. These work nicely well whether you want a rustic, modern, or even eclectic designs in your space. Do check out the 20 Gorgeous Bedrooms with Wooden Sliding Doors.

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