20 Charismatic Red Living Room Couches

Bring a bold accent to a living room with a red couch!

Red has always been the color ideal to brighten one room and at the same time serve as an accent color. We see that red is usually used as an accent wall (a very popular choice) and as accent chairs too! This color is just enough whenever we need that splash of color in our living rooms, kitchen or even in the bedroom!

For today though, we will be showing you a couple of living spaces that might interest you in adding that splash of color that your space really needs. It doesn’t need to be seen in the entire room of course, we only need that teeny tiny red that will help your space be prettier and a bit more special than it already is, take a quick look at the spaces below and tell us what you think about them!

1. Buckinghamshire Residence

red living room couches

Alex Maguire Photography

With an open plan like this one, you can definitely see how much space is available for walking and playing especially if you have kids at home. The color of the couch is quite ravishing – it looks great against all the white, black and greys in this home.

2. Chelsea Loft

minimalist living space

Sieg Design and Construction Associates Inc.

Talk about a minimalist living space! This loft is just beyond words; we only see a couple of stuff inside this space and yet you know that living space is complete and perfect! The pillows added to the red couch is actually cute, I love it! Also, notice the cool and modern lighting fixture in this loft.

3. Connecticut Pool House

red couches

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Red, red, red! The red couches in this living space are really sweet! If you can see the pool by the window, you’d think that the couches look off because of how bright it looks like; but we all know that the designer of this space made sure that the reason they chose red is because they want this space to really stand out.

4. Forde Cottage

bean bags

24mm Photography

These couches are really cool! It is a modern approach to bean bags and comfortable seating. They look not-too-formal and not to casual that it looks great in any type of space they are added in. The pendant lamp is common but very popular, really.

5. Murray Home

ottoman coffee table

Linda Tomky

Well, it really looks like the home owner loves red to really choose it for everything in this space – from the couch to the love chairs to the ottoman coffee table. I like the fact that the area is filled with one large comfortable looking carpeting; I also love the striped walls in here.

6. South London Apartment

white washed walls

Bhavin Taylor Design

Bhavin Taylor sure created an awesome living space for this apartment in London. The designer used white washed walls for this space, so the use of additional color really made it more fun and even funky! The red couch with multi-colored pillows sure makes this space stand out!

7. Trees on the Roof

white walls

Meditch Murphey Architects

What a combination! White and orange for the seating with white walls and an awesome veneer used for the ceiling – that may be the center of attraction in this home and I think that this is one interesting space that I can imagine being inside this space every day – to read and just hang out.

8. Upper West Side Apartment

funky living room

Applegate Tran Interiors

This funky living room is just charming all of me. The combination of red and purple sure shows us how fun and funky the home owners are. The colors chosen in this space is bold and totally beautiful that it surely mesmerizes me to keep looking at this space and internalize its design and motif.

9. A Place to Create


Kimberley Bryan

I really love the colors used in this living room; the way this space is called – a place to create – sure allows us to see how much we can make our homes a bit of a playground where we can mix and match, combine and redefine the look, feel and aura we wanted for our home.

10. Birmingham 3

Birmingham 3

Beth Singer Photographer Inc.

This is one glamorous space with fascinating pieces of furniture, decor and lighting fixtures that will surely be loved by anyone who sees and sets foot in this home. The color choice is bold and classy – white, black and red surely is one combination that is definitely a favorite of designers and home owners alike who wants to achieve a sophisticated space like this one.

11. Bridge House Malibu

red living room couches

Sorensen Architects & Interiors

The long seating in this Malibu home sure is pretty! The color does not only stand out in this homemade of neutral colors but all at the same time this red sectional couch makes it look like ‘this is the life.’

12. Contemporary Family Room

small living space

Katie Lydon Interiors

With a spectacular view like this one, staying inside this home seems easy. The many books seen by the television console makes me want to believe that the home owner sure loves to hang out and read. A small living space like this one also only allows important things that the home owner primarily needs.

13. Contemporary Phoenix Highrise

bright red couch

Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

A bright red couch is seen in this Phoenix contemporary high-rise building. The ceiling work is awesome and the area carpet used in this space is just stunning that it complements both the couch and the flooring.

14. Houston Riverview Way

printed area carpet

Tom Hurt Architecture

I truly love the printed area carpet in this Houston home. The red couch sure stands out in this space – it’s just the couch and the area carpet that that has enough color that this space has. Notice how pretty the grey wall/balustrade on the background.

15. Hummingbird House

curved brick wall

Stonecreek Building Company, Inc.

Looking at this living space, I think that this actually looks like a basement or something. The curved brick wall, the grey carpeted flooring and the perfect red seating in this area is just neat for those times that you just want to lay down and hang out.

16. Lighthouse Point

living room interiors

Ibi Designs

This grandiose home has awesome living interiors – it has large windows and doors, fabulous skylight, a simple chandelier and has gorgeous living spaces that allows a lot of people. It looks like this house has two living areas from this angle and it also has enough seating area by the swimming pool.

17. Modern Austin Home

red couch ottoman

Robin Bond Interiors

A slightly orange-y red couch paired with the black chairs and ottomans are in fact one crazy pairing which always works. The stunning lamp is perfect for this contemporary home. Note how charming the area carpet is.

18. Page Road Residence

outdoor tall trees

ACTWO Architects

Look at how stunning this home is! It is surrounded by tons of tall trees outside and tons of ice – which looks great from the inside. The contrast of how cold outside and how warm and cozy the interiors are is super perfect for me! What do you think about this space?

19. Parkwood Estates

wall painting decorations

J. Rhodes Interior Design, Inc.

This home is pretty and really cozy. Imagine being inside a home that cute and comfortable seating with enough colors to brighten your everyday life. The paintings and decorations on the walls and the cabinets make this space really fun and the red couches with hints of purple in them adds a bizarre feel that goes back to a lovely home.

20. Sheared Saltbox

red living room couches

Stephen Moser Architect

I personally like that weaved accent chair beside the table and across the red couch. Its design is sweet, fresh and even when it is a bit common or ordinary for others, the fact that you do not necessarily see stuff like this all the time, I think this one is gorgeous, just like the red couch in this living room.

I think that there are a couple of living room spaces in here that are the best examples with those red couches we are looking for in a living room but if you think that this list needs a bit of supplement, you can also check out how red sofas look in different spaces. All the spaces in these lists are contemporary and really pretty. I hope that you think of them the same way.