20 Perfect Purple and Gold Living Rooms

Whenever we are asked what color is best associated with royalty, the common answer is violet, purple or gold. I mean, why not? Coat of arms, flaglettes or what-have-you of the royal guards or the royal families are purple or violet with a hint of gold. Also, we most definitely connect it with gold since it symbolizes wealth and grandeur – things we always know to be true with the royals.

Below is a list of wonderful living room spaces that have a hint of purple and gold in their furniture, wall accents and even in the smallest detail in their decorations. I know that you will surely like the sample spaces that we have below because they sure are pretty, stylish and sophisticated, take a look.

1. City Projects

purple gold living rooms

Amanda Nisbet

The painting on the wall sure looks like it was computerized and added to create more drama on the living room, but it still sure works!

2. Contemporary Penthouse

recessed ceiling

Albrecht Wood Interiors

The recessed ceiling with the pendant light sure is a cool way to finish the look of the living space with the purple coaches.

3. Grace Home Collection

beige couches

Grace Home Furnishings

The walls, the carpet, the lamps and the ottomans sure make the beige couches look more gorgeous.

4. Laight Loft

wall picture


The picture of the horse or zebra on the wall sure is artsy; it combines well with the color of the pillow cases and complements the table lamp.

5. Living Room with Purple Walls

purple walls

Miera Melba Interior Design, LLC

Having purple walls may not be your thing, but looking at this picture, you might actually change your mind about it.

6. Scarsdale Stunner


B Fein Interiors LLC

From the colors of the chairs, the pillowcases and the carpet, we already see a wonderful place to stay in – adding hints of gold in the space gave it a more creative look to it.

7. Vero Beach

color design

Gil Walsh Interiors

The color choice in this space is quite bold and intriguing – but it sure is catchy and eye-boggling!

8. Italian Style in Newport Coast, California


Wendi Young Design

This is one classy and sophisticated space I wouldn’t mind having in our own house! Haha. This sure is expensive; I don’t think my parents can afford it though. Haha!

9. Knight Frank

accent sofa

Chris Snook

Striking colors for the walls and the accent sofa, but the area carpet sure complements well with the entire space. Small hints of gold found on the fireplace screen.

10. Living Room in the United States

purple gold living rooms

Elad Gonen

See how much prettier one living room can be with all the right furniture and furnishings!

11. Ibiza

spherical pendant lights

Godrich Interiors

Love the spherical pendant lights on the ceiling of this beautiful living room.

12. Akke Living Room

wood designs

Akke Woodworks

Here is another example of a wonderful and sophisticated space from Akke Woodworks.

13. Purple and Gold Lounge Area


Dinah Capshaw Interior Design

This Dallas lounge is rather compelling, what do you think? The Moroccan feel to it is quite interesting and fun!

14. Randa Sitting Area


Coleccion Alexandra

Yet another beautiful creation from Coleccion Alexandra. The furniture is just exquisite and beautiful!

15. Queen Anne Living Room

sofa design

Suman Architects

The design of the sofa is just wonderful but the staging just made it all look stunning and perfect!

16. London Townhouse

living space

Perfect Integration Ltd.

Like I said with one of the pictures before this, one living space can altogether look fascinating with all the right ingredients! Just like this one as an example.

17. CASACOR Panama

gorgeous design

Jorge Enrique Ruidiaz

Tell me how gorgeous this living space is! I mean it sure is staged, but who cares, really? As long as the space continually fascinates us.

18. Regal Living Room

sunburst mirror

Tracker Home Decor

Using a sunburst mirror in oval is quite cool since most of the ones that are used are circular – but this one still works and sure is perfect for this living room!

19. The Purple Living Room

purple sectional

Turner Pocock

This long purple sectional sure blend right in with the purple walls and ottoman; and even with the blinds; painting the ceiling gold though made all the difference.

20. Portugal Contemporary Living Room

purple gold living rooms

Angela Varela Cunha

Tell me something that you do not like about this space because I bet that this room is a favorite because of the wonderful wall color and accent throw pillows.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the 20 Perfect Purple and Gold Living Rooms that may as well be perfect because of how thoughtful each space has been conceptualized and created. Designs like the ones that you have seen above sure is classy, sophisticated and special in their own right! More from Home Design Lover guys!