23 Stunning Living Rooms with Geometric Wallpapers

Love shapes? Why not use it to adorn your living room's walls?

In terms of learning new things, some people are visual while others learn more from listening (with the lesson or whatnot). With this thought in mind, I feel like the choice of whether or not you’ll use wallpaper and not your normal flat or glossy paint to actually do the finishing on your walls is kind of confusing. Of course there are tons of beautiful designs of wallpapers on the market, but, do you actually have the time to choice one?

So, okay, I sounded against wallpapers in the previous thoughts I have; but of course not – I love wallpapers and I think that they’re the new breed of decor that sometimes is all you need when you want to recreate the design of a certain room in your house. Below, you’d be seeing a couple of living rooms with the coolest geometric wallpapers you have ever seen, check it out!

1. A Colorful Home

Colorful Home

E.L. Interiors

When I saw this living room – I just feel in love! I mean, look at this beautiful living room! The white is just showing awesome realness and the colors on everything are just absolutely stunning! From the wallpaper to the blue armchairs and to those colorful throw pillows.

2. Ascot

Ascot Berkshire

Barclay Interiors Ltd.

The wallpaper in this living room is bit confusing. I feel like the design looks like the tiles from an old bathroom or something. Of course I am saying this because of the shape of the tiles and not really because of the details itself – but in general, this living room looks real contemporary and neat!

3. Blue Living Room

Neal Interiors

Charles Neal Interiors

I wish that there are more details on the wallpapers seen behind the television and the fireplace. The colors somehow resemble that of a galaxy of some sort and I think that it made the beige seating look really regal because of the details on seen on the wall.

4. Chelsea Apartment One

One Bramah

Milward Teverini

The couch in here looks kind of sad – but it sure looks comfy. The velvety finish of the couch I think is what makes it classier against the purple-ish print on the wall. I like how they have added a large mirror on the wall to make this space seem wider or elongated.

5. Darien Living Room

Mehditash Design

Mehditash Design

From the looks of this room you know that they really made sure that there would be variety – in shapes, sizes, colors and even in textures. The wallpaper in blue contrasts with the zebra print on the carpet and even when their looks are worlds apart – it somehow still works.

6. Decorex International

Decorex International

Malcolm Duffin Design

Talk about prints and colors – this living room sure has everything in it. I can’t say that I’m really a fan of this room but it sure does look fun and inviting. Although this space was done for an exhibition show, I think this sure deserved to be in this list today.

7. East Whitton

East Whitton

Red Egg Design Group

This living room has quite a different tone – notice how much color is in the room itself and the walls being all white and simple. There might not be too much drama (in terms of prints) on the furniture and everything else, but this space looks adorable and fun!

8. Edinburgh Apartment

Edinburgh Apartment

Malcolm Duffin Design

Yes, I know – a popular choice of living room here in Home Design Lover, but come on, take a look at that blue couch and tangerine ottoman and those gorgeous table lamps! I mean, not to mention those beautiful geometric prints on the wall!

9. Gilded

Gilded Reider

Rachel Reider Interiors

Well, I’m not so much into pink things or whatnot, but this living room sure is and I don’t know about you, but this space screams woman! Doesn’t really mean that everyone that lives here are women – but whoever the homeowner is – she’s one woman into pink!

10. Girly Modern Cottage

Girly Modern

Melanie Coddington

Remember how bees place the pollens they get into their hive? Well this geometric wallpaper sure looks like what they have inside it. Honeycombs have always been cute patterns for home decors, and why not? They somehow signify things that are sweet and pretty.

11. Glenrosa Retro

Glenrosa Retro

Red Egg Design Group

Notice how much texture is going on with the walls? Printed grey geometric wallpaper, white bricks and that bronze-like background for the fireplace and mantle. The colors of the furniture and carpet in here, I somehow get. What about you?

12. Holiday House

Holiday Fairley

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

The wallpapers in this room may not have occupied an entire wall or even a portion of it, but the way that they presented it in this lovely holiday home is just stunning! All the pastel colors in here is real pretty.

13. Inner City Apartment

Inner Apartment

Highgate House

I was able to find two photos of this living room and I picked this because I wanted that funky photo on the wall which was not visible on the other photo I have. What do think about this though? The wallpaper is very light but imagine its contrast with the carpet.

14. LoHi Private Residence

LoHi Private

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Distanced wallpapers? Yes. I think though that it’s nice to see how they placed it on a recessed wall and they have so much color in here. Check out the printed armchairs though! What do you think about it?

15. Modern Spice

Modern Spice

Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

The effect of the wall paper in this room is so surreal it feels as if I’m being taken to another whole dimension and to an extent, a high level of optical illusion is at play. Added to that are the similar patterns present on the couch doubling the effect.

16. Murano Condo Suite

Murano Condo

LUX Interior Design

The wallpaper is toned down and not too powerful in the eyes. The hue is a good combination to the grey couch, grey bed shown slightly in this photo, and the grey area carpet.

17. New Canaan Townhouse

New Canaans

House of Clement

This living room is stunning and the energy is very light thanks to the color choices. The wallpaper’s pattern is very light due to the gold prints and it complements the patterns on the pillow. And that chandelier is absolutely perfect for this living room look.

18. Old Westbury Neoclassical

Westbury Neo

Chango & Co.

This living room has an absolute regard for combination of prints and patterns. I appreciate the prints in the curtains and how these complement the pillow cases. The tufted ottomans also add to the whole look. The wallpaper on the other hand reminds me of honeybees and honeycomb. Really gorgeous!

19. Relaxed and Fun

Relaxed Fun

JL Interior Design, LLC

The design of this fireplace is something that I do not really see much nowadays, but in fairness, I think it looks a bit fancy. The wallpaper on its side is quite fun but it still maintains a very formal look which complements with the entire living room.

20. Studio Home in Auckland

Studio Home

Studio Home

This Auckland space is definitely fun and well, somehow crazy! Although this is a house converted to a headquarters for the Studio Home team, it sure looks something every kid would enjoy!

21. The Filaments

The Filaments

Suna Interior Design

The design of the wallpaper in this contemporary living room is quite a common design. It makes this space really look fancy and real sophisticated. I like the thought that they added a beautiful printed carpet in the center of the room.

22. Westport Colonial

Westport Colonial

House of Clement

I think that this is the first living room that I was able to find for this list and I think all the prints in here is just real fancy. The color combination may be the first thing that I noticed than the prints in it. What do you think about the small yellow chandelier in here?

23. Yeo Street

Yeo Street

Touch Interiors

Last but not the least is another living room that somehow looks like the first one on this list. Do you recall it? The fun and colorful print on the wall is just so pretty that all the whites and grays in here just makes it all stunning!

Well, I sure enjoyed making this list. The fun variety of wallpapers seen in this list is something I am really happy about. The use of wallpaper is not that evident from where I’m from but I think this is just such a pretty list to be reading. With that in mind, also check out the 15 Living Room with Floral Wallpapers and tell us what you think about it.