20 Perfect Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs in the Living Room

Look at how mid-century modern accent chairs were used in these living rooms.

In choosing the accent chair or your normal arm chairs for your living, we usually turn to our local home depot and get the chairs that are pretty much contemporary or even modern designs; but if you actually check out the mid-century designed arm chairs, you’d think that they’re really cool – they’re like a combination of vintage and contemporary design both at the same time.

Mid-century modern designed chairs are products that have this awesome touch of artistry that were pretty much created around the year 1933 to 1965. If you want a hint of vintage but still being able to pair them with contemporary furniture and decorations, you should actually pick out mid-century designed arm chairs – just like the ones on this list, check it out!

1. Carmel Mid-Century LEED

Carmel LEED

Studio Schicketanz

Here’s a simple mid-century chair that go well with the whole living room. The beige and mustard yellow color of the chair contrasts the caramel colored couch as well as the mahogany walls. The wooden coffee table is also a perfect addition to the entire space.

2. Colorful Mid-Century Modern Residence

Kropat Interior

Kropat Interior Design

This room is indeed a colorful residence. The warm colors and patterns in this room are very vibrant and lovely. If you are a fan of bright colors and eye-popping designs, this room is a good choice to consider. The rocking chair on the corner is a beautiful addition to this room. The wood used and the cushion are simple and straightforward which add a nice touch to the living space.

3. Goldstar

Risa Boyer

Risa Boyer Architecture

This living room is really gorgeous despite being a converted space as made evident by the walls. The colors are muted down and only the carpet, the little decor this room has, and the indoor plants exude colors, and the effect is stunning. The chairs are a good addition as well to this seemingly monochromatic living room.

4. Morten Street

Morten Street

Sara Bengur Interiors

The geometric patterns in this living room work nicely together. The accent chairs especially their cushioning fit perfectly in the whole theme of the area. The colors are very earthy and natural and thanks to those wide windows, the natural lighting is absolutely perfect for making this room even more spacious-looking and relaxing.

5. Nathan

Boyer Arch

Risa Boyer Architecture

The arm chair is very apt for this room and its color blend and complement nicely with the entire space. The accent wall is very vibrant and warms up the whole place. The view outside this room is also gorgeous and equally, the high ceiling and fireplace are perfect for your living room ideas.

6. Raleigh Hills

Raleigh Hills1

Risa Boyer Architecture

The floor space in this living room is not too big but the whole design has maximized the little space and making the room look comfortable. The accent chair albeit being single and small, has complemented the walls nicely and the brown colors in this living room has contrasted well the grey colors. The rock wall has that detail too!

7. Vance Lane Residence

Lane Reside

Chioco Design

The mid-century chairs in the living room have cushions that are different from the rest of the room but due to the entire room’s design which is simple and honest with minimal decor, the whole look is very nice. The glass doors give the whole area an even better lighting making the whole room appear wider.

8. Brush Prairie House

Brush Prai

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This living room is wide and the white colors make the whole space look elegant and classy. The decors are very minimal but the entire space look stunning nonetheless. The accent chair’s color goes well with the coffee table and thanks to the wide windows and doors, the entire space looks really bright, in addition to that superstar of a view outside.

9. Library House

Library House1

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

The colors in this living room are really regal, purple, red, and blue. The chair on one side has a very pretty design. The black cushions and dark wood are really a pleasant pair to use. The wooden blocks used as side tables are a brilliant idea to do.

10. Santa Monica Modern

Santa Mo

DISC Interiors

This is one example of a perfect mid-century living room – color combo is usually this simple, white and brown and still looking so fab! They added a blue arm chair and blue pillows and it already looks perfect! The sunburst wall decor on the wall actually looks cool and pretty nice to look at.

11. Edenhurst

Edenhurst Risa

Risa Boyer Architecture

The design of the pillow added to the mid-century leather chair looks creepy and at the same time representative of pop culture even when this entire house actually is mid-century inspired. I love the color combination done here and I think it totally looks incredible and interesting.

12. Loft in Brooklyn Sweater Factory

Sweater Factory

Ondine Karady Design

If you remember the design of this black and white chair, it is similar to the one at the beginning of the list – only different color combination. Look at how eclectic this space actually looks! The pieces of furniture look like they were bought at different times and they decided to put them beside each other and then, viola! A fun loft found in Brooklyn!

13. Queen Anne Mid-Century Modern Home

Queen Anne

Marilyn Deering Design

This living room looks quite queenly – if that word actually exists. The pieces of furniture in here are really ideal for a woman – especially a very girly woman that likes other colors outside the colors red and pink! The choice of chairs are cool too, I can’t probably pick two designs very far from each other match like they did in this one.

14. West Village Home

Karady Design

Ondine Karady Design

The wooden chairs that are standing beside each other look incredibly pretty! Each one are mid-century chairs that complement and match well with each other and with the vintage couch across them; and did you notice how pretty the carpet is? It seems like it’s the only one that has prints with them.

15. Mid-Century Modern Home


Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Basically, most of the seating in this living room is actually mid-century and they look incredible in white! Since the entire house is painted white, adding the browns on the chairs, the area carpet and the greens through the plants made this room super pretty and interesting. I am confused if the circular decors on the wall are hanging or glued to the wall.

16. Green Condo

Green Condo1

Ondine Karady Design

What do you think about the awesome leg work of the two brown chairs on the side? Their color match with the color and look of the table lamp and the tree trunk on the side that serves as a side table too. Notice how well they distributed the chairs and seating in this living room.

17. Terrace Drive

Terrace Drive

Risa Boyer Architecture

The twin apple green rocking chairs in this seating area sure brightens up this space! Especially that this is an all-white space, the chairs made all the difference. I also think that the glass works done on the wall is quite interesting too. I’m not sure if that is actually a door or just a design on the wall.

18. Fisher Street Residence

Fisher Str

Chris Barrett Design

Do you like the color of the chairs in here? I mean, the sectional is in grey which somehow balances the colors in this living room. The arc floor lamp is one of the first lamps that I actually feel in love with – it matches with anything and it looks incredible everytime!

19. Davis

Risa Boy

Risa Boyer Architecture

I don’t know why there was no photo of this mid-century arm chair facing the camera. It is paired with a charming metal-framed side table with matching color of the material used for the chair, and since they are plain, using a printed carpet made the contrast that completed the look of the living room!

20. 50s Remodel

50s Remodel2

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Last but not the least is this charming 50s remodel done by Jessica Helgerson. The designs is quite minimal and simple but really eye catching – especially the floral prints on the arm chairs with their backs to us. The white side table is quite a charming piece of furniture too!

If this list does not encourage you to actually love the arm chairs with a mid-century look and design – I think we would need more samples for you then! If you liked this one though, then you should check out the other list that a colleague created for you guys – another list with 25 Bright Mid-century Modern Living Room Designs! This is another list that has the prettiest living room spaces that I think you’d love too!