Indoor Plants Adorn 20 Contemporary Living Rooms

We just celebrated World Earth Day. Aside from reminding us of the value of nature, it may also be a wakeup call to us that we have to put nature and our environment into consideration in everything we do. This may include how homes are designed and decorated. We have to make sure that no natural resources are damaged in the process of building and designing a home. When decorating, we can also include nature-inspired pieces or even plants.

So, today, we are going to show you some contemporary living rooms that used plants to adorn the spaces. It could be in a corner of the room, on a coffee table, console, mantel and other areas. You can see how greens can bring a refreshing feel to a space through the images below. Come take a look.

indoor plants contemporary living room

1. Strata

indoor living room plants

Nick Leith-Smith Architecture + Design

That Twiggy floor lamp is indeed remarkable! Take note of the plant behind the metallic ball on the floor.

2. Contemporary Living Room

tall plant

Katiely Don Interiors

Adding a tall plant with branches like the one in the picture could be a good way to bring in nature.

3. 13th Avenue

indoor plants

Brian Grabski

You can add plants everywhere in the living room just like what you can see here.

4. Getaway to the 2013 Holiday House Hamptons

outdoor area

Rikki Snyder

I love the feel of this living room especially that it opens to the outdoor area.

5. ICI Homes: Bellevue Showcase

Asian design

Sisler Johnston Interior Design

I can sense an Asian feel in this contemporary living room. Maybe because of its incorporation of nature-inspired details.

6. Orchard Living Room

huge plants

Michael Abrams Limited

The huge plant sure was able to make use of the corner really well and looked lovely with the Grant Beige paint backdrop on the wall.

7. Amoroso Design

living room design

Amoroso Design

Who wouldn’t love the look of this living room?

8. Living Room

plant decors

Elad Gonen

Imagine this space without the plants. It surely looked a lot more refreshing with the greens in it.

9. Living Rooms

center table

SoCal Contractor

You can also merely add plants on the center table and side table like this living room.

10. Living Room Metro

transparent space

Mauricio Nava Design

Such a stunning view outside! The plant gave more appeal to this transparent space.

11. Organized Collecting

indoor living room plants

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

I love the combination of plants and flowers in this living room! Plus the cowhide on the floor too.

12. Living Room

corner plants

Dayna Katlin Interiors

Aside from a tall plant in the corner, there is also one in the center table as well as on the fireplace.

13. Sophisticated Chic Loft

furniture designs

Caitlin & Caitlin Design Co.

Fabulous furniture that sits in a living room with brick walls. And yes, it has plants too!

14. A Place to Relax

garden elements

Adam Coupe Photography Limited

Adding a plant in the living room is like bringing elements from the garden.

15. The Salon

whimsical detail

Leverone Design

Those trees on a box five a whimsical detail to this living room. I so love it!

16. Modern Makeover

modern design

Peter Vincent Architects

A gorgeous space that is bright and airy especially with the addition of plants.

17. Sao Paulo – Brazil

Stripes and blues

Marcelo Brito & Pedro Potaris

Stripes and blues are in this space as well as some plants too. I can sense a subtle nautical feel in here.

18. Contemporary Living Room Phoenix

earth tones

Ownby Design

Lovely living room with earth tones and nature-inspired decors!

19. Contemporary Living Room

seating arrangements

Wade Griffith Photography

I find the seating arrangements here very interesting especially with the addition of the Palm trees.

20. Tamara Mack Design – Staging Projects

indoor living room plants

Tamara Mack Design

The plant in this living room is a fiddle leaf fig. Isn’t it beautiful?

Nothing can really beat nature’s beauty indeed just like how the plants could bring beauty to the living rooms above. Some people actually get faux or fake plants that look real which could also be a good option if you are unable to care for the plants or you can’t find one that suits perfectly in your home. When adding real plants indoors, make sure they can survive without sunlight and see to it that they are well taken care of. Love this list? Go ahead and share it with your friends.