22 Awesome Glass Sliding Doors in the Living Room

Be inspired with the glass sliding doors used in this list of living rooms.

The living room is an important part of the house where we gather with family and friends after a very long day and oftentimes, this is the part of our homes where we just want to relax and maybe chill, watch a movie, and read a book or two. In decorating the living room, many factors are considered. In this collection are some living rooms with glass sliding doors. Glass sliding doors are perfect if you want that topnotch view to be admired several times of the day. However, the glass doors might be impractical for some especially if there are little ones.

Fret not, however. Since these doors might just work for you! The decors of the living rooms we will feature are stunning, and maybe you will make that glass sliding door dream a reality. If you are one to redecorate every now and then, especially in the living room, some of these spaces might be just one for you. Take a look at this beautiful collection of homes and living areas with gorgeous sliding glass doors.

1. Caterpillar House

Caterpillar House


The view outside this home is superb, and no wonder sliding glass doors are perfect for this kind of space. The decors are varied but definitely, they all work out nicely. The browns, oranges, and beiges in this home all make the space look a lot cozier and despite a huge area, it still feels intimate and homey.

2. Christopher Street

Christopher Street

RHG Architecture + Design

Just like the previous home, this one has a good outdoor view and so the choice of a sliding glass door is a good consideration. This house looks really clean and fresh thanks to the white furniture and walls. Minimal colors also make the space look tranquil and also perfect for the OC ones who like their own spaces neat and clean.

3. Ethridge Residence

Ethridge Residence

Cornerstone Architects

This home is very modern-looking thanks to the decor, lighting, and choice of furniture. The beige colors are also a nice go-to color when choosing a motif for the living room. Again, the sliding glass doors are perfect for a view of the outdoor pool and at night, good lighting outside and inside are a good option to consider when designing an adjacent pool, porch, and living room.

4. Hog Pen Creek Residence

Pen Creek

Lake Flato Architects

Another unique home with unique color and decor choices. The dark brown beans look great against the light brown frames of the glass windows and doors. The view outside is also amazing and so a living room with those beautiful doors are not much a surprise since a gorgeous living room with a gorgeous view require gorgeous thresholds.

5. London Living Room

Sacha Jacq

Sacha Jacq Interiors LLC

Here’s a large and luxurious living room with a huge space. The couches serve as partition and division to demarcate the spaces in this home. The huge glass sliding doors lead to a wide, open porch and as usual, glass doors are a good option to consider with a wide space outside. This living room looks elegant in its black and white motif and those doors go well with the look of the space inside.

6. London- Luxury Apartment

Falchi Inter

Falchi Interiors

This is a beautiful living room space and the glass sliding doors are a good partition-maker. The doors lead to the dining area on one side and the elongated floor space is complemented by long couches and rectangular sliding doors. The color scheme is consistent throughout the house and with wide glass windows, the space appear brighter and definitely wider.

7. Middle Cove Residence

Middle Cove

Touch Interiors

A beautiful view? Or a nice outdoor pool? Or both? These are some of the things you might have to consider glass sliding doors. This living room looks breezy and free thanks to the clean feeling light colors bring. The white walls and couch look really nice against the pretty brown floors.

8. Miners Refuge

Miners Refuge

Johnston Architects

The sliding doors in this home lead outside. The living room may not be too huge but the light brown and dark brown colors work nicely together. The lighting inside intensifies the color of the wooden ceiling and walls.

9. Montague Road

Montague Road

Dyer Grimes Architecture

These huge sliding glass doors suit the size of the living room. The living space is nice and looks comfortable as well. The glass sliding doors lead to an equally huge porch outside and whether you feel like staying in or staying out, on a fair-weathered day or rainy day, the big glass doors paired with that glass ceiling will help complete the mood.

10. Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabinxx


The glass sliding doors in this home are perfect especially if you are designing your cabin or planning to have one. This mountain cabin looks perfect for holiday get-aways and camping or vacation weekends. The choice of wood and the colors used in this cabin are perfect and suit each other perfectly. Moreover, if you have a view like this one, it seems best to use furniture or design the home in such a way that you get to enjoy and maximize the whole view.

11. Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill

Gregory Phillips Architects

This home and living room space shows that a simple or small space may still look stunning and gorgeous. Most of the colors are nudes, browns, and simple beiges and the decor are minimal but they stand out. The glass doors that lead outside are wide and make lighter enter the room which makes the room a lot brighter and wider.

12. Napa Valley Redux

Napa Va


Here’s another simple living room with beiges and nude colors. The colors along with the light-colored wood and other decors make the whole room appear earthy and simply elegant, a bit rustic but definitely homey.

13. Narrabundah House

Narrabundah Houses

Adam Dettrick Architects

This living room is really wide and that extremely long couch looks extra comfortable. The whole white and blue theme with black accents make the room appears classy and even wider. The glass sliding doors serve a good purpose of serving as a partition-maker for the sitting area outside. So when you want to chill outside or maybe just hangout inside and watch television, either way may work out well.

14. Orinda

Ohashi Design

Ohashi Design Studio

The bar counter is basically adjacent to the living room so preparing drinks and some snacks and chilling in the living room is a notch higher. The sliding glass doors give the perfect view of the beautiful area outside, so relaxing in the living room during broad daylight is a treat to the eyes.

15. Ranchland Hills Vista

Ranchland Hills

Seven Custom Homes

This elegant home boasts a great looking living room and an equally great-looking patio and view. The glass sliding doors are perfect for the part, and whether you are staying inside this living room or choose to stay out, it works nicely both ways. The color choices are minimal and the dark tones are perfect to match the lighting from the pretty chandelier.

16. Rancho Ynecita

Rancho Ynecita

Tom Meaney Architect, AIA

This living room is directly beside the dining room making the whole space wider and bigger. The colors are mostly white and beige and that’s why the room looks really neat and fresh. The elegance that white colors give make the any space feel more classic and beautiful. The glass sliding doors is a perfect addition to the gorgeous home not to mention that stunning view outside.

17. Sandhurst Residence

Sandhurst Residence

Design Unity

This home is wide and spacious and the glass sliding doors are a good way to serve as divider or partition for specific spaces of the house. The white lighting adds to the bright, clean look of this house and the white walls against wooden panel floors appear to be an amazing combination to actually consider in the house.

18. Suffolk County

Suffolk County

Duratherm Window Corporation

The view outside is a winner and the use of glass sliding doors is perfect for that purpose. These big sectional couches that are so fluffy and comfortable-looking are perfect for that chill-with-a-view kind of day. The use of wood also works well in this home and goes nicely with the beiges in the area.

19. The Ladbroke

The Ladbroke

Cue & Co of London

A simple living room space with minimal decor. Perfect for intimate conversations and book reading nights. The sliding glass doors lead to a small patio outside and great lighting can penetrate the home thanks to the wide glass doors.

20. Trevanion Remodel

Trevanion Remodel

The Bazeley Partnership

A small couch perfect for two people and intimate conversations while watching television. The leather couch also looks cozy and perfect for chill nights. The sliding glass doors that lead outside also has a view and an afternoon outside is not bad an idea at all.

21. Walnut Residence

Walnut Residence

Modal Design

The sliding glass doors are very wide and gives people access to good lighting and a view outside any time of the day. The part of this residence that can be seen is clearly rectangular and putting furniture perpendicular to its direction gives a clear division of the living area from the other parts of the house as well.

22. Warden Street Residence

Warden Street

Mata Design Studio

This final home in this collection has great and cool color combinations of black, white, and blue with accents of orange. The space is clearly wide and the glass sliding doors lead to an equally cool space outside. Meanwhile inside, the living area is beautifully carpeted with this cool design on the material. How this living room area is designed is definitely a good inspiration for the blue, black, and white color lovers.

If you have a great view outside or if you prefer bright lighting to enter your homes particularly in the living room area, glass sliding doors are great options to consider. In this list was a collection of various sizes, colors, and themes that may be applied to your respective homes; and if you want to explore your options further, check out the 20 Lovely Wooden Sliding Doors in the Living Room and share these with your friends!