25 Living Rooms with Beautiful White Chairs

Your living room will look different when you add white chairs in it.

We have been making lists about awesome chairs that are creatively done and basically designer – and why not explore seeing them in living spaces! Not only is white furniture or decor a classic and a great staple for your interiors but it also makes it stand out especially when you make them as an accent furniture in your living spaces – whether it’ll be in the living room, bedroom or even in the lanai.

For today, we have a list that will showcase 25 Living Rooms with Beautiful White Chairs; they can either be armchairs, bean bag type chairs or ottoman-inspired seats that complements the spaces they are in. They create a more crisp and clean interior that makes the spaces rather appealing and lovely. Take a look at the spaces below and tell me that they’re not fascinating because I think they all look great – with or without the white chairs.

livingroom white chairs

1. 1st Avenue Contemporary

white chairs

Positive Space Staging + Design, Inc.

The color palette of this living room says much about how much classy it is when we actually choose colors like black, white, brown and grey. The cleanliness of this space makes it look crisp and sharp.

2. City Park Avenue

beiges and browns

The French Mix Interior Design

Talk about cleanliness and crispness of a space – take a look at this space and tell me what you think about a space made of mostly white and complemented with beiges and browns; pretty neat for a small living room though, right?

3. Hansel and Gretel

modern chairs

Dream Build Nashville

The modern chairs we see in this picture are a great contrast with the large and bulky sofa that was paired with it in this living room. The use of the white furniture contrasts well with the dark-colored floor.

4. House Bloomsbury

contemporary space

Stiff and Trevillion

The House Bloomsbury from Stiff and Trevillion is a good example for a contemporary space in white and neutrals with a bit of play on the pillows and carpet that brought about color to this white space.

5. House for Art Lovers

two-seater loveseat

Brunskill Design

We see three different types of white chairs in this living room – a sectional, a two-seater loveseat and an armchair – dashes of pink is seen in this space with a book shelf that showcases the owner’s taste in reading and a hint of color from them.

6. Iris Dankner

naval theme

Rikki Snyder

If you have already seen the pictures of this home – you’ll know that this is one fascinating space with much to offer not only to the home owners but for the visitors as well. A hint of blues in this living room makes for a bit of a naval theme.

7. Jade Ocean

modernized condo

Guimar Urbina | KIS Interior Design

This modernized condo living makes room for the classic white and black combination. Bits of blues are seen in the pillow and the painting too. If you think about it, modern living makes it really awesome because of the cool furniture and decor readily available to us.

8. CK Living Room

marble flooring

Catherine Kwong

Marble flooring with matching beautiful ceiling work – this is one exemplary space to look at for inspiration whenever you feel like searching for pictures in the internet that you can possible use in your own personal spaces.

9. Melford House

pretty and clean

House Doctor

What a gorgeous living room! This Melford residence is some space people can actually envy! With a living room this pretty and clean, I’m sure that as much as you’d want people to come over, you’d forever be extra careful with handling food and drinks in this lovely space.

10. Michelle Konar’s Upper West Side Studio

accent chair

Chris A Dorsey Photography

We do not see the entire living room but I am sure that you’d understand that I wanted you to see the accent chair seen in this part of the living room; if you want to see the entire home – check out the site of the photographer you took the photos. I’m sure you’d love them!

11. Mid-Century Portland

beautiful furniture

Lincoln Barbour

Familiar with this photo? I forgot the list where I introduced this picture but this is one of those lists that capture hearts because of its beauty and charisma – see the beautiful furniture in this space and tell us what you think about them!

12. Orchid Tree Lane

black white grey

House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

I’m always a fan or the black-white-grey combo – I mean, a lot of people are, whether or not they are into interior design or Architecture; because why not? They make every space where they are used classy and contemporary – of course, with the right amount.

13. Palm Springs Modern

white chairs

Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

This is one of my favorites in this list because of the wonderful interior design and staging used to make the space really marvelous. The furniture and decors used in this modern Palm Spring’s home is quite ravishing and classy.

14. Scratchley Crescent

brown walls

Positive Space Staging and Design Inc.

The brown walls of this space sure create a statement – earthy and still contemporary. We see the combination that I have been talking about since the beginning of this list and we see that even when the furniture is bulky, they still complement one another.

15. The Home of Tessa & Martin

small living room

Avenue Lifestyle

Imagine your single life like this small space? I’m sure this is not the entire picture – but I remember that when I was imagining how my ‘pad’ would look like if I had a small living room space – it would somehow look like this one – but well, in reality, it is somehow not how I wanted it to be. Haha!

16. The Savannah Model at The Estuary

swimming pool

Clive Daniel Home

In this picture, I am already seeing the swimming pool and I can imagine bringing friends in here and hanging out by the pool – chatting and sipping Chardonnay. Too much for that – check out the chairs in the living room!

17. The Watermans Bay Beach Shack

contemporary armchair

Twinkle and Whistle

Do you see the rather contemporary armchair and ottoman by the opening? It complements the overall theme of this living room which is a white beach, get my drift? Hehe. Well, I’m actually just guessing, obviously.

18. Tiburon Home Remodel


Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Now this is one cool pair of armchairs! The material is very earthy which somehow contrasts the white-colored furniture and space but all at the same time, it blends well with the space in itself, kind of confusing, but I guess it somehow makes sense.

19. Transitional Style Design with Geometric Elements

coffee table

Robeson Design

In this picture, we see that the coffee table in this living room is somehow similar with the material of the armchair in the picture above – I am not really sure but I’m guessing that it’s actually rattan. It contrasts with the armchairs but all at the same time it complements it too – along with the printed drapes and the plain carpet.

20. Uptown Pied-a-Terre

colorful living room

Laura U, Inc.

Now this is one fun and colorful living room with all the right furniture and decor that actually makes it appear modern but also out of this world!

21. Wauconda Whole House Remodel

tufted furniture

River Oak Cabinetry & Design

Tufted furniture – whether they are sofas, armchairs or even headboards make me want to have one even if it sure will be expensive! I don’t mean that tufted furniture are always expensive but the best ones always are.

22. West 18th Avenue

West 18th

Kelly Deck Design

If you can’t see the relevance of this picture for this list – look farther and see the white chair by the door – now, what do you think about it? We see that this is one eclectic living space done right.

23. White House

white walls

The Society of British & International Design

The name of this house definitely suites it! With white walls, ceiling and furniture – who’s to say that this is not a white house?

24. Winnetka Avenue

living room designs

Boomgaarden Architects

Boomgaarden Architects surely made this living room as fascinating as this is to make sure that the home owners of this space would fall in love with it all the time.

25. Woodvale Drive

white chairs

The Design Atelier

An almost symmetrical living room – this home in Woodvale Drive sure is one classy space – a space that serves home to wonderful owners who has taste and love for neat spaces!

So how do you like the spaces that were presented to you in this list? Weren’t they crazy beautiful? I’m sure that there are far more contemporary or modern spaces that you might have seen in other websites or magazines, but patronize me and tell me that they are quite a sight, right? If you liked the red living room chairs list we did before, then I’m guessing this is one of those lists that you’ll like too.