15 Living Rooms with Pretty Print Themes

Living room design nowadays is more interesting than those of our grandparents’ time. Designers and homeowners tend to be more experimental on the things they place in their living rooms. Either functional items or furniture or decorative items merely for viewing purposes or whatnot. Usually, designs like these tend to be more of the eclectic type than the organized ones. You surely will be amazed with the mixing and matching, but will be impressed as well. That’s for sure!

Today, we will be showing you pictures of living rooms designs wherein the designers considered putting printed artefacts or items as the highlight of the room or merely as an accent to beautify the already beautiful rooms that they have! We are really excited to have these pictures shown to you guys since these may serve as inspiration for your homes in 2013! Take a look at these designs and be impressed!

Blue with Black and White Accents

pretty print themes

Judith Balis Interiors

First on our list is this pretty living room with this striped cushioned sofa. The accent on the pink chairs are striped pillows too!

Cat Mountain Residence

printed accents

Cornerstone Group Architects

For this living room, the printed accents are more on the pillows and on the area carpet. The unique thing about it is that it’s yellow and browns that were combined here. Not so typical for a classy home.

Colorful Seaside Living Room

paisley prints

Anthony Baratta

Talk about prints! This is the epitome of prints! This space is mostly made of paisley prints in different colors! Whoever said this space does not exist, think again!

Dallas Model Media Room

wall decors

Cristi Holcombe

From the wall decor present in this room, we can really say that the people living in this house are movie fanatics! Don’t you just love how brave they are by playing with stripes and prints on their sofas and pillows.

Eclectic Family Room

warm colors

Nicole Lanteri

The ambiance of this room is quite cool to the eyes. The use of warm colors for the lighting is a good move to achieve a feel like this. The sofa and the wall decor somehow match each other.

Eclectic Living Room in Los Angeles

throw pillows


The color of the wallpaper matches the chairs and the print on it sort of matches the design of the throw pillows. Black and yellow surely mixes well when you think about it – well, black matches anything!

Eclectic Safari Inspired Library

red accents

Meadow Bank Designs

This room sort of makes us think how dark a certain room can actually be. A room all red in color with all the accents printed in red. The use of warm lights made this room feel sleepy.

Kim Johnson Living Room

pretty print themes

Desire to Inspire

Mr Cat seems comfy on the all white sofa with the colorful and printed pillows behind him! Who wouldn’t right?

Living Room

animal prints

Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Looking at this room, with the animal prints all around you, you can imagine how many animals were killed for this room!

Living Room Portfolio 2

red room

Judith Balis Interiors

Another red room with prints as accents! Look at the ottoman in the center of the room and the printed pillows on the sofa.

Signature Murdock Yellow Contemporary Living Room

wall portrait

Tracy Murdock Interiors

Cute portrait on the wall that matched the yellow accents all around the room with the printed accent chairs too!

South Boston Living Room

ottoman design

Jace Interiors

Pretty ottoman right? Mixin’ it with the area carpet is a good move too! The walls of the room may be plain, but putting printed artefacts in the room adds beauty and texture!

The Sandberg Home

accent center table

The Vintage Modern Interiors

Another room with a pretty accent center table/ottoman. With printed pillowcases and simple walls – the combination for this room sure is pretty.

Tyne Boulevard in Nashville

vintage accent chairs

CKE Interior Design

We particularly love the vintage accent chairs in this living room. They are pretty and really unique. It sort of matches the striped sofa opposite to it.

Waban Project

pretty print themes

Hudson Interior Designs

The bulky printed chairs match the plain throw pillows and we totally admire the leopard prints on the accent chairs by the fireplace.

Prints, prints and more prints! They range from animal prints to random images, shapes or lines stashed into pillow cases, area carpets, accent chairs or even sofas! They may come in different colors and sizes too! Putting them together sometimes is a big task and may seem easy, but making them work is another thing. What’s important is that, you loved how they looked and they are pretty much comfy to sit in and rest! And oh, by the way, Happy New Year!