Glass Chandeliers in 20 Fabulous Living Areas

Glass chandeliers are lovely additions to the home especially in the living room.

Chandeliers are one of the best things that ever happened to lighting fixtures; they make spaces more beautiful, more appealing and a bit more special. These pretty things come at a cost, and often times, a big one. So, choosing one that is not only pretty, fits the space where you want it and quite fits your budget can sometimes be tricky; but that’s one of the best parts of shopping for the house – it’s a work in progress.

Well, today, we have a list that will somehow show us that – appealing spaces with a heart; meaning, spaces that can actually work for our homes with the right budget and design. Of course, it will never hurt to save up for the best one that you like, especially if you are someone who would not stop until you get what you want. Check out the spaces below and tell us what you think!

1. 190 Strand Apartment

Strand Apartment

CID Interieur

This beautiful apartment is adorned with a chandelier duo that makes this space a bit more sophisticated than it already is. The color palette used in this space may be a bit simple but it sure is perfect for people who prefer plain colors to create a classy vibe.

2. A Modern Miami Home

Modern Miami

DKOR Interiors Inc.

The high ceiling of this Miami home makes it more ideal for chandeliers that sure are long enough for the entire length of the house. If you notice, most spaces with high ceilings really use chandeliers that drop at least half of the ceiling height.

3. 375 Kensington High Street

Kensington High

CID Interieur

This contemporary square chandelier sure looks ideal for this space because of the shape of the room itself. Take a look at the entire space and notice that a lot of things in here have corners in them – like squares and rectangles. The sectional and the area carpet in here contrast each other but sure look great!

4. Beachwood Drive Residence

Beachwood Dr

Xanadu Group

This seating area in the second floor of this Beachwood home has a close reach to the beautiful three-tiered chandelier. The windows in itself adds charm to the walls but the painting on the side is way prettier and completes the look of this stunning space.

5. Chelsea Pied-a-Terre

Hilary Mac

Hilary Mac Interiors

The charming chandelier in this living room looks vintage enough to really bring out the beauty in everything that is inside this space like the stunning furniture and the decorations. I liked the way the photos on the wall were arranged which made the wall more appealing.

6. Closter Eclectic

Closter Eclectic

Lisa Keyser Design

This eclectic living room from Lisa Keyser Design sure is funky! The use of crazy prints made it more interesting and fun! Notice the prints on the chairs, the pillows and the bean bags. I’m a bit intrigued with what’s above the fireplace.

7. Cook Fox

Cook Fox

Hilary Interiors

This seating area is somehow showing us what it would look like if you have a spare space in the house. You can definitely make it into a living area to entertain more people especially during special occasions.

8. Hampstead Hill Gardens

Hampstead Hill

Stephen Fletcher Architects

Notice how much the chandelier in this living room looks like it is a crown! Imagine that the living area is the face (which looks really beautiful even when it is simple) and the chandelier is the crown that adds charm to the face.

9. Jade Beach

Jade Beach

DKOR Interiors Inc.

A modern space is seen in this Jade beach home. The white furniture, walls, ceiling and console makes the black accent chair and decor by the window stand out! Of course, let us not forget the stunning white chandelier in the middle of the room!

10. Lucerne

Daniel Marshall

Daniel Marshall Architect

Here is another chandelier design that showcases glasses that drops from the ceiling. The color and design of the chandelier complements the one by the dining table and the color of the furniture. This home sure is blessed to have an awesome view of the outdoors.

11. Menlo Park Full Remodel

Park Full

Fiorella Design

I personally love the sunburst mirror in here, and I think that it might even be the center of attraction in this living room; but let us not forget that about the beautiful chandelier in the middle of the room. I love the way the colors were played in this space that makes it definitely classy in white!

12. Motcombe House

Motcombe House

Proctor Watts Cole Rutter

We are looking at a living room which is basically turning its back on us – yet from this angle, we know that is in fact pretty and fabulous! The chandelier duo in this living room may seem small in the scale of this space, but I would like to think that there are more lights in here than what we can see in this photo.

13. New York Living Room

NY Shakuff


This New York living room sure is classy as much as it pretty! This neutral-colored living room sure is increasing my want to actually have one of them! From furniture to decorations to the colors of the walls – truly fascinating! Look at the lighting fixtures in here too! Aren’t they just pretty?

14. Sophisticated Getaway


DKOR Interiors

As far as I know, DKOR Interiors has few of the most stunning homes I have in my history in writing, and I am always fascinated in the rooms I see that were there projects. I mean, look at this space and tell me otherwise. Awesome furniture design and wonderful decorations complete this living space.

15. South Calgary

South Calgary

Rectangle Design Inc.

This living area from Rectangle Design Inc. is a definite favorite for me! This sure does not look like the main living area in this obviously large home and it already is pretty! The seating area, the coffee table and the fluffy carpet and that awesome ball in the center of the room.

16. South Kensington House

Kensington House

Louise Jones Interiors

The design of the chandelier in here looks really unique and fascinating. I mean, in as much as chandeliers or any lighting fixture for that matter, is unique, I think this one right here sure is special. The color of the furniture in here complements that of the walls and the accents there is.

17. Sugar Bowl Residence

Sugar Bowl

John Maniscalco Architecture

Now, this is one symmetrical living room! I love how the chandelier and the coffee table sort of divided this place in a perfect half! The long sofas look really comfortable as it is stunning with the cute pillow cases.

18. The Veranda House

Veranda House

Rachel Reider Interiors

A cute chandelier is seen in this cute living space. As we can actually see, the designer of this place made sure to make the most of the area by placing seating enough for at least eight people even when the space is in fact minimal.

19. Tribeca Penthouse

Tribeca Penthouse

Marie Burgos Design

I have seen a couple of home designs from Tribeca. The spaces surely differ from one another especially that they were from different designers, but one thing that they all have in common? They all look stunning!

20. Wilton Crescent

Wilton Crescent

Louise Jones Interiors

This living room in Wilton Crescent is surely stunning as it is a classic look for a living room. The design of the furniture pieces in here is neat and the lighting fixtures sure are great additions to this wonderful living room.

This list of Glass Chandeliers in 20 Fabulous Living Areas is something that I think we should consider checking again and again for inspiration. Not only are the spaces pretty as they are, but the glass chandeliers pretty much calls our attention. Don’t you just agree? If you have seen the Glass Chandeliers in 20 Appealing Dining Areas, I think you’d think that it was fab too!