20 Contemporary Windowless Living Rooms

When I was looking at this keyword of windowless living rooms – I was a little bit confused, because ever since college, we were always taught to add ten percent of opening to any space in the house; so planning to collect photos of windowless living rooms was a little challenging for me. This list covers twenty living rooms that do not have windows.

The 20 Contemporary Windowless Living Rooms we have for today covers small spaces and others that are located in the basement wherein designers are okay with adding skylights but not necessarily windows for ventilation since these spaces already have artificial ventilation. So, here we go – let us check the list of photos below!

1. 13 Foxley St.

windowless living rooms

Ruby Studio

Though not originally in the plans, a cozy spot for hanging out as a family was added to the basement at the request of Enman’s three grown children. The space is awash in warm neutrals, with pops of sunny yellow to energize the decor.

2. Apple Blossom Thornhil

functional fabrics

ALLDECOR Home Staging & Design

Use functional fabrics. Keep the space family friendly by using practical fabrics such as dark upholstery that hides stains, or slipcovers and fabrics that are easily washed. “This ensures that the whole family, including the pets, can hang out in the space without great worry for the upholstered items,” says Hullinger.

3. Atlanta Media Room

basement living room

The Consulting House Inc.

Built out a basement and designed a media room with a reading nook and a bar.

4. Blue Dream Living Room

thick shelf

Melyssa Robert Designer

I like the thick shelf look and that it does not have a recessed toe kick.

5. Blue Pickle Loft

concrete designs

Paul Welschmeyer Architects

Interesting use of color, light, integration of concrete into the design.

6. Calgary May Renovation


Urban Abode

Love the fire place, the cabinet and the touch of purple in the decor. Actually it’s a very nice decor.

7. Canada Traditional Home with Cottage Flair

home theater

The Uncommon Law

A 1,500-square-foot basement takes up the downstairs, including a home theater with a custom built-in surrounding a large TV.

8. India Contemporary Apartment

contemporary design

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts (Bangalore)

This is one very impressive living room! I want one at home!

9. Industrial Living Room

wire coffee table

Elad Gonen

Nice use of grey and wire coffee table; I like the chairs too!

10. John Willis Custom Home

windowless living rooms

John Willis

Even light fixtures can make a difference when it comes to acoustics. Wiener suggests using fabric shades instead of glass or metal fixtures.

11. Los Angeles Contemporary Living Room

media room

Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc.

Pick a favorite movie you’ve unearthed, throw some popcorn in the microwave and pick up some Milk Duds – you’re having a movie night. Personally, I’m going to have a Darrin’s Dance Groove party.

12. Newark Contemporary Living Room

cool decors

Michael Robert Construction

Comfortable seating, cool decor and cute frames! Love the color palette of this living room too!

13. Pacific Heights

chic design

Jeffers Design Group

JDG undertook a complete transformation of this family residence, taking it from bleak to chic. The space marries custom furnishings, fabulous art and vintage pieces, showcasing them against graphic pops of pattern and color.

14. Philadelphia Lower Level Living

sliced maple panels

Princeton Design Collaborative

The panels of plain sliced maple are blueprint matched, meaning the veneer supplier took all of the wood from one tree and numbered the panels in the order they were taken off the tree so they could be placed accordingly.

15. Solaris, Vail

mid-century modern chair

Salinas Lasheras

From the toboggan and snowshoes to the gallery wall of vintage ski posters, this living area pays tribute to cold-weather sports. What I love most, though, is that the designer resisted the lodge look, taking the rest of the trappings in the opposite direction: a plush rug instead of a bearskin, a sleek sectional and mid-century modern chair, grass cloth rather than paneling.

16. Tiong Bahru Apartment

industrial designs


This living room is a little too industrial for me but I love the look of those walls and the modern coffee table!

17. United States Living Room

shelving designs

Elad Gonen

I love the shelving in this living space; cool furniture and decor too!

18. U.S. Family Room

storage area

Roy Campana

Things I like in this space are – TV off ground with storage area underneath; couch, paint color, carpet, coffee table & ottomans. How about you?

19. Willow Glen Residence

dark color

Lizette Marie Interior Design

Take a risk and paint your basement a dark color. Bold color equals a dramatic and cozy basement.

20. Gloucester Road Apartment

windowless living rooms

David Churchill

This wood paneled wall adds warmth to the room, and does not allow the television to command too much attention.

There are living room layouts with two or more focal points. This list though covers spaces with no windows intended for ventilation. This design is pretty much compatible for spaces that are cold already – how do you like the spaces above? Tell us about what you think guys!