20 Gorgeous Black and Green Living Rooms

Green is a go-to color when you want to create a nature-inspired living space. Mixing and matching colors with green is actually a fun thing to do expect that sometimes, if you overdo it, the whole color scheme goes to trash. For today though, we would be showing you how the color green mixes well with black and you would learn from looking at the pictures below, how much is too much?

Below is a list of 20 Gorgeous Black and Green Living Rooms that will showcase contemporary to modern spaces that used the black and green color scheme. The color combination will somehow throw you off because despite the fact that black pretty much contrasts with green, it sure works wonders – check it out!

1. A Tiny Green Home

black green living rooms

Errikos Art Design

This is one tiny green home with tiny tidbits of black in a room filled with green walls and decors.

2. Beach Cottage, Watch Hill

living room design

Kate Jackson Design

A little green here and there and a bit of black to complete the look.

3. Charlotte Contemporary Family Room

green accent pillows

Catherine Boardman Interiors

I actually like the coffee tables and the window sills of this contemporary living room. Adding green accent pillows created a more homey approach to this space.

4. Dallas: Alicia + Adam

yellow door

Lindsay von Hagel

Green curtains, yellow door and black & white area carpet, are you still looking for anything? Haha.

5. Melbourne Residential

dark walls

Camilla Molders Design

Look at how dark the walls are! Adding a few lighter colored furniture and decor created a more homey space despite the dark wall.

6. Valley Two

living room design

Lindsay Pennington Inc.

The greens and blacks in this living room is enough for anyone to actually like each item inside the space.

7. Papermill Estate East Cobb

furniture designs

Kristin Drohan Collection and Interior Design

This home was designed by Kristin Drohan and it sure looks classy and sophisticated with all the chosen furniture and furnishings.

8. Prior Lake Custom Home

living rooms

AMEK Custom Builders

There is definitely something in this living room that makes it really fascinating – can’t quite put what it is but it has this awesome look and feel to it.

9. Project 2 in London

yellowish coffee table

Ingrid Rasmussen

Tell me you love this living room, because I know that I do. Look at the stunning chair that complements the yellowish coffee table and the awesome mantle.

10. Real Estate Assignment

black green living rooms


Hey want a green and black combo – get a sectional like this one!

11. Road to Emerald City

beautiful design

Larry Hanna

We have featured this living room a couple of times maybe, but this is really one awesome space that I’d love to feature time and time again.

12. The Sandberg Home

animal prints

Tara Bussema | The Vintage Modern

This is one beach house that I know anyone will love, not just the color combination of the space but also the design and feel of this house.

13. Wicker Park

accent wall

SuzAnn Kletzien Design

The accent wall of this home is actually catchy and pretty; this is one living room that maybe filled of all the colors you can maybe think of.

14. Alta Plaza Residence


Jennifer Weiss Architecture

This is one simple and minimalist home that sure looks expensive but really comfortable and cozy.

15. Downtown Family Home

classy design

Michaela Dodd

This living space looks kind of typical for people without kids just yet. What do you think about it? The color combination is fun and the choice of furnishings is really classy.

16. Edgewater Residence

minimal furniture

Design Filter

Interested in creating a space that is spacious and minimal furniture for more traffic? Check out this living room design.

17. Naylor Court Stables

black decors


The shade of the sectional is actually pretty, do you agree? It sure complements well with all the black decor and furnishings in this living room.

18. New Single Family Residence

homey and neat

Kindred Construction Ltd.

This living room sure is homey and neat – with the right amount of greens, blacks and whites!

19. Phoenix

masculine design

IMI Design, LLC

Trimmings of green in this masculine Phoenix living room is pretty amusing.

20. Ulrich Franzen “Castle House”

black green living rooms

Schappacher White Architecture D.P.C.

I love the furniture used in this “Castle House,” it is simple but beautiful enough to complement a lovely living space.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the awesome list of 20 Gorgeous Black and Green Living Rooms! Complete with awesome furniture designs choices, awesome furnishings and cute decors that made each living space more beautiful, pleasant and rather eye-catching! If you like, you can also check out the other living room color combos and tell us about what you think about them!