Get a Rural Picnic in an Urban Home with PicNYC Table

Do you feel like going out to a picnic but your home doesn’t have a lawn? Or you want to feel the softness of the grass while you eat your favourite meal but your home is located in the middle of the city and far from a park? Well, that would no longer be a problem because with smart minds and high level of creativity, nothing is impossible. You can now bring the outdoor picnic inside your own dining room with the PicNYC table.

PicNYC table with grass table top brings the rural picnic into the urban residence. It was designed in 2011. This was conceptualized by Haiko Cornelissen who was inspired to design it by his experience living in a tiny apartment in Paris. His apartment was small that it did not have enough space for a dining table. So, whenever he has guests, he invites them out to the garden to dine with flowers and grasses around them. When Haiko left Paris, he still longed for this kind of dining. Hence, he made the PicNYC table to bring back his picnic experience in Paris.

The picNYC Table is made out of lightweight aluminum that is cut and welded in the US. It is deep enough to plant grass, herbs, and other small plants – or it can be sowed with stones or other materials for a zen garden effect. Stones are placed at the bottom, topped with soil and then a layer of sod. The sod is watered by hand which drains to the stone. The grass is cut by hand using scissors to avoid it from growing so tall. The table’s status depends on the sunlight, irrigation and interior climate. Today, the table is available from Voos Furniture in New York City. One can even order it with grass already installed if the location is just within New York. For sure, you are already very curious on how this picNYC table looks like. So, here are some images of table so you can take a glimpse of it.

Picnyc 1

A unique table that gives one the feeling of having a picnic outside. This creation is undoubtedly the result of a smart imagination.

Closer Grass

A closer look at the soil and grasses on top of the table that is remained fresh with its good maintenance. The grass is regularly cut by hands and can retain a bright green look with the use of fresh sod.

Side Picnyc

Since the table top is made of soil and grass, one can pour liquid into it without the fear of spilling since it will be absorbed by the soil and the stones.

Picnyc Picture

The table is made out of aluminum light weight materials to form a stiff framework for the top and legs. It carries the grass, soil and stone that are needed for drainage.

Closer Soup

Wine glass and other glasswares on top of the table would need coasters not to prevent ring stains but to avoid tumbling.

Horizontal Pic

Who would think that dining in a modern interior can be transformed into something with a touch of nature? One can even plant flowers, herbs and vegetables on top of it, depending on the green thumb of the owner.

Closer Glass

The grass varies in color depending on how it is cut, maintained and used. It can also be affected on the amount of sunlight it receives and the interior climate.

Picnyc Table

Dining is certainly brought to the next level especially for those who love nature. This can surely be a unique way of entertaining guests.

Picnyc in White

PicNYC table is paired with a wooden outdoor chair to give one more of the picnic experience.

Technical Drawing

This shows the technical drawing of the picNYC Table. Shown here is the top view and the elevations of the table on all sides.

When we speak of creativity and originality, this picNYC table would receive not just thumbs up but applauses. This was made possible with the brilliant mind of Haiko Cornelissen Architects. The picNYC table has received the attention of so many people due to its unique design. This was smartly conceptualized by the team and has impressed people around the globe. It even pleased those who love to have the touch of nature inside their homes. Well, picnic inside your home is no longer impossible with this picNYC table.

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