Tour Chair: A Bicycled Inspired Seating from Alves

I know that most of us have experienced riding a bike. We are also familiar of its parts and how it works. Many people own a bike and use them not just to reach different places but also as a form of exercise. Using a bicycle isn’t just good for the health but is also good for the environment as well. But we are not going to feature a bicycle today. We are going to show you a chair that is inspired by the design of the bicycle.

Well-known designer, Rui Alves’ latest design is a chair in which the ideas were taken from the details of a bicycle. The chair cannot and will not hide its roots as we can certainly see that in the style of the armchair. The rest of the chair copies the classic road handlebar using bent wood. Even the seating is designed similar to the seat of the bicycle.

The design of the chair is indeed unique. It has that look that would standout despite its slim design.

chair The rest of the chair copies the look of the bicycle’s handlebar.

Tour Chair Even the curve of the seating is like the seat of the bicycle.

Chair design The part that looks like a handlebar is wrapped with a material that looks like fabric of some sort.

unique furniture design It used a good quality of wood that added to its beauty.

wooden texture chair The chair has that wooden texture that would fit in any type of interior.

whooden Chair The seating has is made from wood too. You can clearly see the layers of the wood here.

Tour Chair The chair isn’t just unique but also functional.

It is indeed amazing how certain furniture and objects can be designed using inspiration from existing items that we may use every day. Just like what – Qiyun Deng did to this Tour chair. The attention to details made this chair a great piece and would be an interesting addition to the home.