Tips in Choosing Living Room Furniture

The living room is the space in a home that welcomes guests. With that, homeowners make sure that it is well-designed and that it could give comfort to all- not only for guests but for homeowners as well. In designing a living room, the furniture is very important because aside from the visual appeal of the space, it also plays a vital role. Imagine a living area without furniture. Where would you sit to relax and entertain guests? Where will you lounge while watching the television?

In picking furniture pieces, make sure that quality will be considered aside from beauty. See to it also that you will arrange them according how you will use them and how your home’s architecture is done. Aside from those mentioned, there are still other things that you need to consider in choosing living room furniture. Read on the tips below:

1. Start with the basics.

Start with the basics

Before you jump into other points, you have to start from the basic in picking pieces and in considering your space. Look for the basic pieces like sofa, armchair, center table and side table. Then look around your space so you will know the right size of furniture you will need for certain functions.

2. Do the math.

Do the math

Measure your living room and draw a floor plan of it or you can create a sketch of it on a piece of paper. Then plan the traffic using your plan and draw how you will be placing your furniture in it. This will give you a good picture of the room. Also, do not forget to include comfortable and passable pathways.

3. Think of function.

Think of function

What are the activities that you will do in your living room? This has great impact on what you will be placing in the living room like the modular cabinet for the television set, storage or a place where you can place your drinks if you have guests.

4. Consider existing architecture.

Consider existing architecture

It is very important that you look at the existing architectural elements in your house. This includes columns, windows and others. With this, you can plan well while considering them because if you fail to look at them, your furniture might not look good in the space. The design of the interior will also matter for you have to make sure that the furniture you get will suit the look.

5. Create a plan.

Create a plan

We have mentioned that you need to draw a plan for your living room. It can be a formal design or you can merely do your thing on a piece of a paper. For a better view of your living room, you can request for a 3D design of it with the furniture that you like. The interior designer can also help you decide on this. Then, after getting the design and the plan, make sure that you will stick with the plan.

6. Get high quality pieces.

Get high quality pieces

Do not just get whatever type of furniture. Get those that have high quality because furniture is an investment. See to it that you will not just look at the design but you also check on how long the furniture could still be in good condition despite prolonged usage. That is why, the materials used should be one thing that you look into. But high quality pieces cost more.

7. Coordinate the pieces.

Coordinate the pieces

In choosing living room furniture, do not just look at the living room alone. You also need to make sure that it matches or it complements with the furniture in other areas of the house especially if you have an open layout where all the furniture can be seen. There has to be a coherent look in your furniture.

8. Know your theme.

Know your theme

Choose a theme for your interior. Then your furniture would jive with the theme you have chosen. If you decide to get an eclectic look, then mix and match furniture. If you want to get a modern look, then get modern pieces.

9. Fill the room with accent furniture.

Fill the room with accent furniture

Aside from the basic furniture that a living room needs, add some accent furniture like an ottoman. This can also be an additional seating area especially when you have guests. Aside from that, these can add appeal to a room. You can also add other accessories on it like throw pillows.

10. Do not overdo.

Do not overdo

As always, you should avoid overdoing the design of your living room by placing apt number of furniture in it. If you place too many furniture, you will crowd your home and the passage might be blocked.

Choosing furniture for the living room is actually a fun task because you will surely be filled with excitement to see a lovely and cozy space that will greet you when you get home each day. But no one wants to get the wrong pieces. Hence, be sure that you will check on the tips that we have above so that you will be able to grab living room furniture that looks right and feels comfortable. When you get your furniture, maintain its perfect shape all the time so it can be functional for a longer time.